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Movie Comments

abc375266731 12/12/2014
I am the first(๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

roenne 12/12/2014
t wish you would have videos where they keep clothes on longer this is men at play not strip and have sex 30 seconds into the video try having them with clothes on for play for at least half the video the quick strip scenes do not happen in reality

lon11848 12/12/2014
Adam Champ is one stunning masculine hairy guy. Yum! Don't care much for the kid _!!!

karlcocksuit 12/12/2014
. pitty he undone his trousers and belt. Love seeing a cock out of a suited hunk.

karlcocksuit 12/12/2014
Adam's got beautiful eyes.

Matt Jordan 12/12/2014
In reality thats not what happened in this video. Adam Champ remains in a suit for 14 minutes of a 24 minute film. Thats actual 58% of the video. So if were being honest and looking at the scene in terms of what actually happens and not what we imagine happens I think we can all agree that 58 is a larger percentage of the film than is devoted to the non suit section. It is precisely because we ARE Menatplay that this happens. If we were any other website the clothes would have come on off within a couple of minutes and more than likely they would have come off BEFORE sex began. You can see from this film that sex occurs, DURING the time that a suit is worn. I hope this clarifies that this film DOES CONTAIN SUIT SEX. Many thanks. Matt

suitstudda 12/12/2014
Dear Matt, Your response to roenne is right on! I have been with MenatPlay for about 10 years and watched this site grow and I am proud what you, Rico, and the whole team have done over the years. Continue with the outstanding work. By the way excellent video this week. I can wait for the Christmas gift video. I do have one question?: What happened to the Blog and Community Section?

suitstudda 12/12/2014
Dear Matt, As I watched this video, it remind me your video "Shoeshine," starring Ros Hurston and Ted Colunga 5 years ago.

colik555 12/12/2014
If the site was free, I beleive in not complaining at all. But since we do pay, I want to voice my opinion on this particular movie. It was a "scroller". I scrolled through in 25 seconds and shut it off. I think it's pretty hard making these movies as we all have very specific scenes we'd like to watch. Some of us like shoe and sock play (does nothing for me), others prefer the big suited daddy and the non-suited young twink. Then there are those who love the completed suited experience where both man get down and dirty without taking a stitch of clothing off. The scenarios go on forever. So yes I disliked this movie but have faith that Matt and Rico are trying to target everyone throughout the year. So I guess PURE SUIT is next? lol

Jon62 12/12/2014
I think, as this is a suited site, we should be able to expect suits to be predominant most of the way thru - and they normally are. if we start talking percentages, as there were two models and one never wore suit, it cuts the suited sex % to about 25% - this is way below your normal standard so, sorry, I don't think this is very good. Unless you want to start diversifying but then please say to manage expectations. Otherwise, if I didn't like the site, I would cancel. And I haven't.

jalfong 12/12/2014
Boy Adam Champ must have one of the most beautiful bodies in porn history! Mountains and mountains of hair combined with beautiful flesh, abs, and muscles. I love it when he plays the rich millionaire who wants and gets everything his sexual heart desires. I love it when he carries Allen to the sofa as he's plugging him in the ass. I loved the removal of socks at least from Allen, wouldn't have minded it from Adam too I mean they're on the sofa lounging around for goodness sake! I just of have loved for the clothes to be slowly peeled off of Adam one by one, I mean his body is so sensational I feel it needs to be revealed slowly. You get odd jump cuts in this movie where his pants are up and then they're down you can tell where things begin and end so deliberately. But that's being nitpicky...just more Adam Champ please preferably with Flex Xtremmo next time! Boy can you imagine those two going at it?

skibutt 12/12/2014
Hey Matt, It is your friend Andy in New Jersey...good retort to the complainers. I think few people know how difficult and demanding it is to come up with interesting and sexy scenarios week after week. I have some insight into that and so I do know and I do appreciate all the films. You have a touch job man and you handle it all well. Thanks for giving lots of us something to enjoy every Friday. Your fans have got your back!

abc375266731 12/13/2014
Indeed! My thoughts exactly!

Matt Jordan 12/13/2014
ha- thats because I was flicking through the site the morning of filming and thought we should do another shoe shine scene! hence the close similarities!!

Matt Jordan 12/13/2014
hey Andy! (just so everyone knows Andy is a very sharp dresser !) Hope you're well. I understand there will always becomplaints ,mainly because Ive been reading them for the 12 years that Menatplay has been running. Its funny how people seem to have this idealised view of how Menatplay USED to be. And yet all I seem to remember is that the complaints every year, since the beginning, have been about how we are not being 'MENATPLAY enough '. i don't expect people not to complain, but I do hope they can try be subjective in their complaints and not exaggerate claims that 'suits don't stay on long enough' ' socks aren't the right type' ' models are too old' models are too young' ' not enough story' ' too much story ' ' shoes should come off, socks must stay on' ' why don't socks come off' ' ' whats with the ugly brown shoes' ' both men should be suited ' ' neither men should be suited' ' we don't do enough solo' ' drop the solos ' ' ' more office based scenarios' ' more outside scenarios ' ' go back to the old days' ' move on from the old formula ' ' you see my dilemma? Some people have asked why don't they see myself or 'Rico' responding to comments anymore. Well its really cause its a bit futile as everyone has their own entirely conflicting opinions. However, these opinions do get through to us and during filming they're swimming around in our heads and we try to adhere to requests that have come up recently. This might not always seem to coincide with comments of the previous week because we film 5 or 6 weeks in advance. Some members have noted that there has been a lot, maybe too much , emphasis on the sock fetish. To be honest this is only because the sock fetishists seemed to shout loudest and most persistently for a period of time so that was constantly on our minds. We do try to mix up each week and we go in to each filming day with the best intentions to carry through on certain ideas/ fetishes/ requests but for a myriad or reasons and variables the outcome moves away somewhat from the original idea. I find that every time we film we are adapting to some unforeseen circumstance. To answer the questions about the blog . Firstly i have to say, "you miss it? really? why?" The blog only showed previews for the movies which you could see on the site anyway, if you just log out. the blog seemed superfluous to us but the truth is the decision to keep it was taken from us when the new UK porn crack down came in on December the first. Since we can no longer show hardcore previews due to new UK porn laws, we had to make a quick decision to loose the blog. If you are a member this really should not affect you? but let us know why you are missing out on the blog and we will take on board anything we may have missed Ok so i hope that answered a few questions. And have a great weekend. Matt

olderbutsexy 12/13/2014
Superb! Great film, heartiest congrats to cast and crew. The iconic Adam doesn't disappoint - pure beef - and Allan is sensational, the best bottom on the channel :)

johnnymuscle 12/13/2014
I just want to put my "2 cents in" to support what you're doing. This is my favorite website. Obviously, I'm a fan of sexy men wearing beautiful suits, and I think you do an admirable job of delivering hot scenarios on a consistent basis. You can't please everybody all the time completely, but you do a good job of keeping your fans VERY satisfied! I would say to you that even the naysayers' negative comments are a reflection on how well you're doing. The one thing you can be sure of is that you are having an impact, because nobody in these forums is indifferent to your efforts! Keep up the good work. And remember, as long as you've got people dialoguing about what you do, you're doing something right!

raniesuit 12/13/2014
Where´s the sensuality.....a little robot like...... where are the sexy guys gone......

masstiehemd 12/14/2014
it's a very right It is an opinion very true and written well, in moderation. I agree with this expression. We wait next Friday to see finally why we are subscribed So I guess PURE SUIT is next? lol

blackotc 12/15/2014
Matt -- I loved Shoe Shine and am glad you were inspired to let us see Adam get a great shine from Allen. Super hot men and great scene!

Rainer75 12/15/2014
Dearest Matt! It was you, the owner, who made the blog dispensable. If you publish the trailer from the next week on friday the same day with the new film it's uninteresting. If you would publish it on maybe wednesday it's interesting because it increases the anticipation. No hardcore allowed in future? Doesn't matter - just show us the actors from that film in their suits and most of us will get a boner in our pants! In earlier times you showed us pics from the latest films - most of them you send obviously as advertisment to other bloggers. I was able to persuade you showing them also the MAP-audience in your own blog. That was a feast! I loved the pics! ( No comparsion with the blurred screenpics!) I loved all information about newest items of your shop ( I've got every book etc.), informations about events and parties, meetings and memorable days. I miss them. I also think it was necessary to inform us about suicides from beloved actors of your side and the next step it would be to report about more enjoyable facts. Why not going on one step further and tell about birthdays of actors or marriages with their buddies or retirements? Jake Genesis retirement story has been very memorable! Would be also nice to see you and Rico in a swimtrunk bathing at a spanish beach during your holidays - why not? It wouldn't violate your privacy! Your cat is ill? Inform us! It helps to improve the very precious community of MAP! It's about you to make a blog interesting or crap. Map and the MAP-users are something special. No other side is sworn so much like "ours" and we stay together. No discordance ever could make me quitting my subscription! Never ever! But we need a B L O G !!!!

Phaerim 12/17/2014
I really get what you are saying, Matt. I am however interested in knowing if - by the new laws - we can't see anymore new MAP movies with bondage scenarios, as you have made several times earlier. These scenarios made me join in the first place, and I think it would be sad if those scenarios have become outright illegal to make. Regards,

socksheer 12/18/2014
Bad continuity. In opening scenes, the top has sheer socks on; later on he has plain black ones. Bad news for sheer sock members who come to this site because so many porn actors wear sheer socks in them.

plmk12 12/23/2014

miviro 01/02/2015
I don't know where you see sheer socks. Maybe you need a lens adjustment.

robicart 02/19/2015
One place where pairing opposites works extremely well. Both are outstanding and Allen King is "over the top".

bamboo 06/13/2015
two of the best and hottest porn stars ever in gay porn

robicart 06/18/2015
More of Allen King please. He knows how to please a man!

suitstudda 09/16/2016
I agree, more of Allen King Matt and Rico. What happened to many of the past actors, like, Woody Fox, Patty O'Brien, and others?

loveinsuits 01/28/2018
I'd rather prefer plain black socks which they used already.

Richie2675 08/14/2018
More furry men please , this was hot

robicart 06/11/2019
Allen King really knows how to make love to a big dick.

ROBICART 10/11/2019
What a great video. Both Robbie and Adam are great.