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Movie Comments

Nasanaz84 10/20/2017

rene1965 10/20/2017
Super Dennis, like to see him fucked or being fucked in a white shirt showing his hairy chest. Like Nasanaz84, he is amazing

musclefucks 10/20/2017
Good sex, thanks guys; hunky boy Nicholas and Denis knows his stuff

Jon62 10/20/2017
Nice to see the new guy getting his nice white shirt ripped off - haven't seen that for a while. But overall a bit tame and run of the mill, I'm afraid despite Denis being in it.

raven 10/21/2017
So what happened to the air conditioning at the MAP studio? Dennis an Nicolas are sweating too much for my comfort while young Nicolas' back side has erupted. Maybe he should see a dermatologist and/or remain covered until his outbreak clears. Aside from these distractions Nicolas has a great physique, is well endowed and seems to be more relaxed and self assured in his romp with Dennis. RAVEN

Suitman63 10/21/2017
Agreed, what's up with cooling down the studio. Vega is lovely as always but Brooks seems out of his depth.

Matt Jordan 10/21/2017
We haven't worked in a studio for over 4 years!! We can only rely on the aircon at the locations we work in . If it's too noisy we have to shut it off. In spite of air conditioning the models will always get hot working in the summer months in the south of spain which is why very often the clothes have to come off much quicker than we might want .

Rainer75 10/22/2017
Dear Matt! This explanation was plausible. But why does not the team go back to UK ore elsewhere more northern ( Ireland for example )? In the case of a move, we hopefully avoided these kitschy, tanty interiors. But I also have a question and ask politely to answer: Why do you neglect your "Photo"-section so much? This week Dennis in the suit would look fantastic and would be a great reason to subscribe to MAP. In addition, the increase would be small and easy and quick to accomplish. So I daddle myself through the blogs and Tumblrs to get the pictures. This is quit annoying...

kapukane 10/22/2017
Story line is not hot.

Sherman 10/23/2017
Enjoyed their hairy cocks and asses. Hairy bodies turns me on. Actually, boring video. Dennis could do better. Bad cum shots.

NylonOTCs 10/26/2017
Nice HOT scene!!!...great fuck job to Nicolas....mmmmmm...loved him on hands and knees getting porked!!!....would of loved to have seen those HOT OTC's on Nicolas!....darn it!!!...but great, MAP!!!!...Yummy flick....Denis could of sucked some nips on Nicolas also would of been HOT!!!...

michduncg 10/27/2017
Hot scene, could have done with a few changes of positions and bit more kissing

johnnyt43 10/28/2017
Nicolas has a great butt to explore. He is very confident and youthful, Dennis is hot but looks a bit tired.

intern2016 11/17/2017
Nice scene. Next time have Nicholas take that cock up his hot ass. Dallas Steele of Logan Moore would do a great job.

nasarudin84 01/26/2018