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Movie Comments

hatetatoos-4-2 04/18/2014
Denis Vega maketh the movie. This handsome and wonderful actor is always a joy to watch. I would love to see him with Pau Casserras. I hope to see a lot more of him. He is also great with Billy Santoro. Good job with this film.

henri1830 04/18/2014
I love the scene of socked foot worship!

Rainer75 04/18/2014
Caleb Roca!! That's the guy!! Straight? Doesn't matter - show him Scott Hunters ass and he will be in doubt. But Denis is a good starter - could there be anybody to resist his elegant chemistry....?

masstiehemd 04/18/2014
Definitely, it is necessary to want to be faithful to MAP, because it makes more than 7 or 8 videos than every episode ends in the same way : the guys are naked and they cum..... But me,what I like, what is my maximum addiction, it is when the partners st

joedoe1000 04/18/2014
Denis and Caleb did an outstanding job in this scene. Having both actors speaking their native language (castillian, one of the 4 Spanish languages) is so hot. Denis asking for more dick (polla) and deeper penetration (adentro, ahi) and Caleb following or

PeterMunich 04/18/2014
this video is so excellent. I adore masculine guys in ultra sheer nylon socks.

olderbutsexy 04/18/2014
So amazingly hot ... both guys are superstuds, Caleb fucks like there's no tomorrow

georgeroundy 04/18/2014
No Caleb, you're not gay but your boyfriend is! Seriously this is one hell of a movie Matt and co. and I'm really glad to see Caleb back so quickly. An absolute treat, and I like you too Denis !!!

NylonOTCs 04/19/2014
OMG!!!....loved it, loved it, loved it....Caleb you are so fucking HOT!...those nips, like candy chocolate stars!...and that curved cock!!!...I can't even comment it's breath taking...Denis, you got me so HOT with the mouth and foot action with those Nylo

ken4cock 04/19/2014
Dos pasadores varoniles perfectamente sincronizados.

joedoe1000 04/19/2014
I watched the movie for 2nd time. Caleb and Denis acting was a 100% full climax. Denis was so comfortable with Caleb that just keep asking for more (love when Denis says: "ahi, si, dame mas fuerte" or "dame esa verga"... that is pure seduction!. Both acto

joedoe1000 04/19/2014
La pelicula es de las mejores que he visto en MAP. Denis y Caleb son dos actors latinos con gran talent. Me encanto cuando comenzaron a hablar castellano...mucho mas excitante.

Suitsocks 04/20/2014
Wow men great movie! I have been waiting for a hot socks service scene , you made it happen! Keep it up. Thanks

joedoe1000 04/20/2014
Hoping that in part 2 Caleb services Denis'sheer socked feet, arm pits and cock.. Their suits were so hot!

joe123 04/20/2014
Sheer socks are too dreary. They are female and unsexy. Keep guy socks on!

luis2 04/22/2014
in every straight man there is a gay man awaiting for the good occasion très bon

Diveman81 04/22/2014
thanks for the movie! caleb is so fucking hot!!! wish there was everytime a shoe worship scene with this stud. hope seen much more of caleb. cant get enough ;). greetings from germany

chsbsbllsucka 04/27/2014

joedoe1000 05/01/2014
An impeccable scene...well filmed with finest clothing!

kapukane 05/23/2014
Boring. Fast forwarded through scene. The sex was one sided. Why film if one does not participate?

kapukane 05/23/2014
You mean boring as hell I think.

joedoe1000 06/14/2014
For those who are fluent in castillian (Spanish)..this movie is PERFECT...the theme, actors, clothing and action are impeccable. Denis and Caleb knows how to make a hot scene. The clothing is so European and stylish (love it). Matt...thanks/gracias/merci/

CaballeroCR 07/07/2014
There aren't many guys around who really turn me oh...but Denis Vega is definitely top of the list...and this scene is hard to top. AWESOME!!

juscruzn808 07/08/2014
solamente amigos?? jejee

joedoe1000 08/09/2014
What makes it boring for you?

qingyangguang 11/13/2014
Oh my god! I love this film because it satisfies my fetish. I love the suits and the socks they wear. marvelous!

seahbh 04/29/2015
the sex was good and beautiful if not for the fact that there had been a serious mistake; Caleb was born straight by mistake!

Albertochile69 06/05/2015
I have seduced a lot of my str8 mates, there is NO kissing and NO fucking. Maybe a little butt play, I wish movies would show that. But still...nice movie!

Getcrossed 06/12/2015
I love this film!!! It was perfect!!! I love to see Denis Vega. He is really awesome! He should be in more films. I love when he speaks Spanish.

joedoe1000 04/29/2017
Denis es un macho en ley con esas medias sheer finas y los garters. Denis is so hot in those fine sheer socks and garters. Love this guy!