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Movie Comments

mattific 07/15/2016
Johan is hot! I hope he comes back for more. He seems a bit bored here..

everhard12321 07/15/2016
I've defended Menatplay through its various interpretations of suitsex, but "Straight Swap" completely subtracts any suits from the scenario. Despite the sexiness of the models, this is a violation I can't abide.

Suitsfan 07/15/2016
Sadly, I think I have to agree. Nice money shot to Vega's handsome face - and his own copious load is impressive - but the scenario could have been produced by more or less any gay porn studio. I look forward to next week! :-)

suitboy116235 07/15/2016
Johan Kane a very sexy guy,,spoilt by the lack of suit content

belgrad 07/15/2016
Johan looked great being tucked. Agree could be even hotter with suits.

Alann11 07/16/2016
Hot scene! It's fine if they start out in suits, but I want them totally nude by the last position, they fuck in.

explorer310 07/16/2016
I am with you. I want them to be totally nude towards the end.

Rainer75 07/16/2016
The MAP team, it seems to have become tired of paying homage to the suit fetish. But the members do not. Both sides now have a problem. Incidentally, the new model is quite interesting. I wished him a better start.

bootjack 07/16/2016
MORE Johan Kane!!! please!

manchesterlad34 07/16/2016
Hot scene love the no tie shirt look

Sherman 07/16/2016
This is the worst video you produced.

suitboy116235 07/16/2016
lets hope the next film is dedicated to the fetish that the majority of members are interested suit and tie sex

ken4cock 07/16/2016
Great find, Johan. Great show. Screw the suits, I like the more flexible MAP. BTW is Edu Boxer still in your stable? The best stallion of all time.

suitboy116235 07/16/2016
not sure why my comment came up three times. only entered once.,, appologies

DesertMan 07/17/2016
Denis Vega, as always, is A+ in body, in looks, and at sex. Johan Kane, A+ looks, C body, D at sex. He seemed contrived & bored. But, they both earned an A+ for their cum shots. Ah, to be 28 again.

limerick 07/17/2016
Johan Kane is amazingly sexy! Joyful, Ornery, Handsome, Awesome, Naughty, Kinky, Adorable, Nude, & Energetic. MAP, please get him into a tux or a kilt for a solo scene soon!! Bravo, Mr. Kane! TY, MAP!!

Suitman63 07/17/2016
Agreed, this movie does not belong here

Keith_Lincs 07/18/2016
/Loved the nipplesucking and armpit licking - pity it didn't start through a nieces smart business shirt then go topless, /the blond model looked totally uninterested in the whole episode - not a great movie

Thick85 07/19/2016
Denis is lovely as always. However, Johan didn't seem to enjoy anything and that really bothered me. I can't enjoy something if I see that someone making/doing something doesn't enjoy what they are doing. Please, lets not look for hot men that just need a pay check cus thats not how I wanna spend mine.

Thick85 07/19/2016
Are you seeing things I'm not? Of you just like to throw words out to make yourself sounds good? Joyful, awesome and energetic? Hmm, I'm sure I'm not the only one that didn't see any of those 3 things.

shawnx11 07/19/2016
I agree!! For those who like it casual or dressed down.......should go and see regular porn on another site and leave MAP do its magic with hot men in suits!

shawnx11 07/19/2016
What??? What is going on MAP!

masstiehemd 07/19/2016
It's not a good movie for the fetish man as me ... Only one in shirt, without tie! We look for the next week

michduncg 07/19/2016
While its always nice to see a new model, and one that is as sexy looking as Johan, I chose MAP because there is usually a passion for gay sex. Johan didn't show that. He was a bit of a starfish, just lying there and letting stuff being done to him. He also looked a bit distracted n I was wondering if he was having to rely on str8 porn being shown to him off camera as used by some of your competitors. For me, the comments about MAPs formula are less important. I come to MAP because I don't want to see the usual American cheesy gay for pay stuff. You have great European models, I do like seeing the suits on, but also love it when they come off! The socks thing isn't big for me but I respect the views of others who do like this sort of thing too!

limerick 07/19/2016
It would be great, MAP, to have stats on the handsome Johan Kane. Too, next time have him strip out of a tux or kilt and display his beautiful body. and then have him Jerk OFF! I think he has quite a future with MAP! TY!

suitboy116235 07/19/2016
yes. really looking forward to seeing Johan in a sleek looking suit, with tight arse hugging trousers,and some views of his trousered arse as he does his stuff.

NylonOTCs 07/20/2016
Johan Kane is HOT!!!...fantastic ass!!!..(nice like "Logan's" ass)...would of loved to have seen more on those nylon dark blue OTC's he was sporting there!!!...hmmmm???....Yes , put this guy in a Tuxedo for sure HOT tits, ass, legs face and loved Denis pullling on his pony tail !!!....YUMMY! guys...I liked it, MAP!!!...just more legs, socks and foot loving!!! will do it.

lili1966 07/20/2016
Johan has an amazing face, body and his ass. Yum!! He just looks bored and abit stiff. Hopefully that will pass.

limerick 07/20/2016
Johan is amazingly handsome! He is comparable to Steve Hooper, David Bathory, Neil Stevens, etc.

SuitguyGermany 08/02/2016

SuitguyGermany 08/02/2016

cumchum 08/27/2016
Denis Vega is hot but to pair him with this long haired guy?!? Why?!? He does nothing for me at all. He doesn't even seem interested in fucking Denis. His body ain't even that special either. Disappointed. Denis deserves better. Perhaps give him Rogan next. Now we're talking!

goonlad 09/02/2016
Amazing film. Johan Kane is HOT that's all that matters.

DesertMan 09/03/2016
Watched this a second time. Yeah, it starts off too slow. BUT, Denis is so fucking hot he carries the entire film. Love the story line. Maybe Kane's character is supposed to be detached & bored because he's supposedly straight and nervous. Denis makes the story AND Kane cook. Love Denis pressing his thick hot meat against Kane's leg while jerking him off. Great cum shower finale, too. And Denis just keeps workin' it with his tongue after climaxing.. Damn, he's hot. .

musclefucks 09/07/2016
Lovely stuff, boys. Welcome Johan, who got what he was wanting ... and Denis is, of course, a sex machine. And what a lot of cum too ;)

Nasanaz84 03/19/2017
The best

Nasanaz84 03/19/2017
The best