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Movie Comments

loosetie13 09/29/2017
I think that might be the first time I've seen Dani with his tie loose - and he looks incredible! Shame Logan wasn't one of those hipster barbers who suit up too...

loosetie13 09/29/2017
Easily the hottest video in a while - definitely a fantasy of mine :-)

Jon62 09/29/2017
Good but great shame Dani had to undress. He is much better when he gets spunked all over suited. Shame not to see Logan suited. He also seems to be happy getting wet suited.

Nasanaz84 09/29/2017
Good movie " we love menatplay

LORIS 09/29/2017
Dani and Logan are now even hotter than they have been before - especially Logan got some pounds of pure new muscles and looks gorgeous. I have paid homage to both of them and squirted all over my desk at home.

hot4suits 09/30/2017
Yes!! A good sock scene! Thank you!!

Sugarman06 09/30/2017
Thumbs up

CutawayShirt 09/30/2017
This scene is a total art work. Would have preferred Logsn Moore also suited, but it's fantastic to see the best and most attractive pornactors ever together. Logan and Dani please always stay in Menatplay.

Sherman 09/30/2017
Dani & Logan were great partners. Good size cocks. Men could have had more hair around their cocks to make them more sexy. Both men had sexy tan lines around their butt and cocks. Enjoyed. Nice haircut Dani..............

Sugarman06 09/30/2017
Does Dani request foot play in his scenes? Always seems to happen. Foot/sock fetish maybe?

mtmslg 09/30/2017
Prayers answered. Logan and another favorite Dani together. WOW. Thank you MAP!

jameslin 09/30/2017
Ruined by the ridiculous sock play. Such a turnoff. Take the socks off and let us see Dani's toes instead

robicart 10/01/2017
Dani's cum shot was great.

WestEndHunk 10/02/2017
Two Dishy Gents, Hot And Sexy Scene. Watched It Twice. That's It. Men At Play Should Go Back To The Roots And Release Some Darker, Mistery Scenes That Are More Violent Like "Ice" "The Thug" Or "The Cube". I Also Miss Orgy Scenes Like "The Game" Or "The Line Up".

Sherman 10/03/2017
Finally, a good video after the bad seven videos. Thanks Men At Play. Enjoyed the men and their large cocks. Thanks.

NylonOTCs 10/07/2017
Excellent!!! MAP!!!...Dani and Logan are so HOT!!! (call the Fire Dept!!!)...Sock Scene was so fucking good watched this again and again!!!...Now, your talking with perfect TNT's on Dani...Logan, that ass is from "Heaven"...Dam!!! that is so pretty!!! the tan, man!...Logan sucking those HOT TNT's took it over the top!!!....Just abs. Love these guys!!! what Salon can I find you at, Logan!!!....You blow so well!!!....mmmmmmmmmmm...Thanks Gents!!!

raven 10/08/2017
Dani and Logan paired in the Barber's chair is the best scenario and production by MAP in my recent memory though the quality of your work in the past few months has satisfied my appetite for creative, tasteful male porn. Your stable of healthy looking, more conventionally groomed , professionally attired and happy human beings is rather satisfying and stimulating to watch perform. Thanks for the entertainment! I feel you are giving good value for my dollar and hope you will continue to work to perfect your product and prosper. RAVEN

jeremy_hunk 10/09/2017
Two extremely hot guys that made my cock hard and cum again and again, Well done, MAP. Their bodies are just perfect - the right amount of muscles and body/facial hair. The scene in front the mirror was hot.

jeremy_hunk 10/09/2017
Yes. second that

sox1965 10/16/2017
LOVE the sock scene. Would like to see more of this in the future. So HOT!

raven 10/22/2017
Back for another viewing of this awesome production. Dani and Logan are a joy to behold. Thanks! RAVEN

Sherman 11/16/2017
Logan, you have very little hair around you beautiful cock. Do not shave it. You are a sexy man.

intern2016 11/17/2017
The reason I came back to this site is named Logan Moore.

ms60074 01/05/2018
Please do a remake of delivery xxx Logan!!! You look great in underwear and your sexy ass. That would be another one of your hot videos.

RQUEST 02/04/2018
OKAY! When you hook me up i say thanks MAP! Goodness; Logan getting down on those socks was HOT HOT HOT! YEAH! It would have been really fun too see Logan take those kicks off and then play with the socks for a few minutes. This vid is so fucking HOT! Thanks!

RQUEST 06/16/2018
Goodness! I cannot get over this vid, it is so loaded with HOT HOT HOT elements. I just realized Logan is beating Dani off while tapping that azz after playing with those sheer socks. SO HOT! THX!

RQUEST 06/16/2018
me too; this vid is so hot and I keep looking at it

robicart 03/01/2019
Loved the shot of Logan's face behind/beside Dani's at 17:30ff while he's holding him from behind and fucking. And as usual, Dani's wonderful cum shot.

rabelais 06/29/2019
Merci à Menatplay pour cette promo, je retrouve avec plaisir mes acteurs préférés, qui baisent en costard cravate, c'est un réel plaisir jouissif de se branler avec eux et de jouir avec eux, continuez dans cette voie je reviendrai en ma qualité de client annuel, je n'ai jamais trouvé rien de plus beau sur les sites gays, les mecs sont canons, les bites alléchantes, les baises de choix, j'aime particulièrement Dany, Dario, Paco...... tous les poilus c'est réel régal de se branler avec eux, Thank you I like