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Movie Comments

Sherman 04/14/2017
Hector, you have a.beautiful cock, do not shave around your cock. You need a thick bush to be sexy.. Xavi, you needed to expose your cock to see if you had a bush around. Your cock...other words, drop your pants. We did not get to enjoy your body. You were clothed. Handsome men. Disappointed.

Farman69 04/14/2017
Fuck thats hot

Nasanaz84 04/15/2017
The best

suitedcboy 04/15/2017
This site's theme is mostly suited men. The gay male porn offerings are FULL of nude guys.

kevdesu 04/15/2017
Hector should've cummed on his tie more.

LORIS 04/15/2017
Excellent work ! Love to see Hector and Javier again - both true MAP men who know how to wear suit&tie. This is the movie I expect on this site - fully suited, tied up guys from the beginning to the end kissing, sucking, licking and fucking...

Rainer75 04/15/2017
Most costumer fight and beg for suits staying on up to the end with Matt and Rico. Most of us get satisfied of a nasty guy doing nasty things inside his suit. Sure we know the delights of a beautiful body, but for us the most beautiful body becomes an exciting sensation covered with silky, shimmering fabric of a suit. The fetish is called suit, Sherman! Please go to hundreds of other sites where they show you naked flesh without any secrets, please!

mtmslg 04/15/2017
Much, much better. Little kinkier, little messier. Keep it cumming. Thank you.

musclefucks 04/15/2017
Such beautiful men, being suitably kinky :) Good to see Hector taking Zavi's excellent cock, and Zavi is so sensual ... not to mention the pleasure for the suit and sock fetishists

hot4suits 04/17/2017
Loved seeing Xavi cum on Hector's dress socks. So hot!! Definitely been loving all the extra attention that has been given to dress socks. Keep it cumming!

Robmanc 04/17/2017
Ties stayed tight the whole time. When can we see the guys loosening each other's ties ? Not seen this for a long while.

lanadelbert 04/18/2017
More dress sock worshiping please. Love to see more licking and cumming on sheer socks!

joedoe1000 04/22/2017
If Hector DeSilva was wearing thing sheer socks and garters this scene will have been a perfect 10!

stardusted 04/28/2017
Xavi is to hot for that suit, looks like he's going to church, he needs to show more ass and socks.

joedoe1000 04/29/2017
Hector was wearing cheap Chinese socks, terrible!

robertoromano60 05/03/2017
Oh, please, please, please, show us Xavi Duran in sheer socks!!! Hi is the best, this man! Thank you

Sherman 05/19/2017
Does. Xavi have any hair around his cock. Hector should exposed him.

carter_ross72 11/10/2017
Loved seeing Xavi cum on Hector's dress socks. So hot!! Definitely been loving all the extra attention that has been given to dress socks. Keep it cumming!

sayyaygp 12/23/2017
Imagine if Xavi had been the one who bottoms, that would have been awesome. Hector hot as usual

aidenzhang 05/31/2018
This is really sexy! Thanks guys!

robicart 06/16/2019
These two guys together...WOW! Hector loved to be fucked by Xavi!