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Movie Comments

jeremy_hunk 07/06/2018
Fantastic! Jonas is very hot (all those body hair and muscle) and it is always great to see him again. The way he caressed Max's thick cock was sensual. Well done, JC

raven 07/07/2018
Pretty damn BORING! Perhaps MAP needs some new writers. The male models are well groomed,well dressed and well endowed, but "SUBMIT" really tanked in my opinion.I hope you will present something better next week. RAVEN

masstiehemd 07/07/2018
ok with you

masstiehemd 07/07/2018
I found that the "discovery" sequence of the partners was quite exciting. Especially with the games of the tip of the tie on the dick .... But when they undress, everything collapses .... We say it again MAP is a site for fetish suit and tie and when the partners become naked, it's a banal porn movie -nothing to do with our taste of well dressed and at the end well sprinkled with cum !!!! for the scenario, it's true that the stories are repeated! but it's secondary! I like it when it happens - as in this sequence - in a "crusing". But there have been better videos in these kinds of places.

masstiehemd 07/07/2018
références meilleures : 11-25 PADDY GLORY ++. / 5-27 IN THE SHADOWS +. /. 12-2 FOR THE GLORY++

jsambas 07/07/2018
More Jonas!!!

rktemple 07/07/2018
Yes! More Jonas!

rktemple 07/07/2018
Two of the hottest guys in one video -- Jonas and Max. Loved the blindfold scene. HOTTT

brisgay 07/08/2018
WOW. So much suited butt action with their trousers on! This is what I love!

musclefucks 07/10/2018
Wow gents, sexy stuff ... great details, like rubbing the tip of Max's cock with the wet palm of the hand. As for Jonas, sexy, chunky boy, che gran bel culo ... thanks to cast and crew

Sugarman06 07/14/2018
Agreed. The following week is boring too. The Drop failed

Rico1218 07/14/2018

RQUEST 07/22/2018
WTF???!! What is up with the gold toe. Most of your followers like Flat sheer and TNT, undies and suits. Get with the program please. And don't tell me to delete my membership. I have been a member for too long. Since 2003 & 2004. Hook Us Up! Get On Your Job MAP -Please! Thanks! Your Veteran fans since 2003-2004 need much more on these videos. Give us sheers and shoes and suits and undies. Thanks!

Richie2675 08/15/2018
Jonas is really sexy if fact they both are .... but guys if you are hairy please stop over trimming let’s see the fur please .... nice chest hair and furry legs in sock is perfection

Richie2675 08/15/2018

robicart 02/13/2019
Love Max's hairy chest and stomach to go with that big dick. And glad to see he love's sucking dick, and is good at it.

Trnka27 11/03/2019
seeing that brawny butt on Jonas is worth a king's ransom....he is the best