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Movie Comments

bxlchris 01/25/2013
Great movie, as you said in the best MAP tradition, love Johnny keeping his suit on all the way through!

tiedupsuit 01/25/2013
I second bxlchris's comment. The guys should leave their suits on more often. Great cum shot from Leo. Too bad only about half of it landed on the suit.

Leo's cumshot was hot. Both are excellent good looking actors. I am happy that MAP bring back hot action scenes to BED! Next time keep passive at least with tie around neck and wearing long sheer plain socks or mid calf sheer socks with garters. The socks

Suitsfan 01/25/2013
Fantastic! Just as I was thinking (again) about leaving MAP, you pull a video like this out of the bag! Johnny looks seriously hot in his three-piece suit, and the interplay at the outset is arousingly well handled. A BIG thank you for keeping Johnny i

Hot movie, but why the same set so soon after The Big Day?

Got to agree with Suitsfan, EVERYTHING about this film is just great. Lovely Leo's antics tickle me in a way I like... this young man is seriously sexy, get his profile listed soon please. I love his not too muscular bod, his veiny cock and discreet tatto

klaus 01/25/2013
wow ... geil

sparty 01/25/2013
If Leo had shot in Johnny's mouth, there would be no cleaning bill !! Just sayin' !

Mick4984 01/25/2013
Brilliant clip, yet again MAP. Its hard to get the balance between too rough and too soft but the way Jonny is rough but fair just drives me mad, taking his shirt off with just the right amount of force, brilliant and sexy clip keep it up!

Bluedog 01/25/2013
I was logging in tonight expecting a boring solo ... but hey I was pleasantly surprised to see some great man on man action. Yes Rico & Matt - a brilliant movie, Leo's excellent here (shame he lost his suit so early!) but Johhny Hazzard's a revelation!!

miguelpro 01/26/2013
Really liked Leo's huge load. But why waste so much good spunk?!

ManEater 01/26/2013
WOW! Excellent! LOVE Leo's uncut cock. The man can CUM in quarts. :) Johnny is a handsome, handsome man. Leo can bring room service to me anytime. Grrr.


That's the way - aha aha - I like it ... Shot on collar and tie. Great!

LORIS 01/26/2013
Johnny Hazzard is so special, so distinctively handsome - he looks like a French aristocrate from the beginning of the 20th century, baron de Charlus in the new, hot gay version of Marcel Proust"s masterpiece " Search for lost time" and cute Leo could be

Rainer75 01/27/2013
Hallelujah! There must come a Yank showing the MAP-team that one can quiet easily ( and without to dehydrate ) fuck a guy wearing a suit all time long. I myself have practised it like that for decades with great passion, fun and satisfaction. It has been

olderbutsexy 01/27/2013
SO hot, thanks guys. And do so relate to Leo's great enjoyment of being f*cked :)

Hazzard is so handsome, and i LOVE the fact he kept his suit on; I'd like to see more of that. Domenico is a sex god: handsome, hung, incredible body and big cumshots (nothing more disappointing than a hot model who barely shoots a drop). Great pairing.

masstiehemd 01/28/2013
yesss I m ok with that!!!!!

masstiehemd 01/28/2013
Hello, Matt and Rico. I wand to say you a very great THANKS because, finally, I found my means to be Men At Play's complete member. Thank you again; furthermore for a sequence Great! in the big tradition of MAP: sperm on the tie and the suit...

Waiting excited for the new scene...hope it brings a threesome wearing brown suits with brown long sheer socks....or back to gray suits with long plain sheer socks. I am crossing my fingers!

Really great scene with Leo. More please.

This was hot, really handsome guys, great suits shirts and ties, and great suit action - more please.

suitedattitude 02/06/2013
Agree with most of the comments here and loved the mess (though would have been even messier if he had stood in front of him not sideways on), more of this filth please and would love to see more golden showers.

i like the suit worn by johnny..does anyone from where is it and what material?

i like the suit worn by johnny..does anyone from where is it and what material?

Matt Jordan 03/07/2013
Hi johnnys suit was bought from marks and Spencer in London.

77mojito 03/07/2013
WoW ! this LEO is simply adorable. very sexy and handsome. He bottoms very well. excellent fucking pair.

77mojito 03/25/2013
awesome this Leo, very sexy, great body nice cock AND could he bottom! Johnny is nice fucker too. nice pair nice video !

cumshot on face, suit, shirt and tie.... this is exactly what men at play do!!! more please!

awesome! awesome! Another one of my favourites!


tweee 07/05/2013
"I told you I had some dry cleaning for you"! Well done gentlemen from behind the scenes as well as Johnny & Leo!

yagstock 12/05/2023
so hot using white briefs under the suits