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Movie Comments

MANSMAN 02/16/2018

masstiehemd 02/16/2018
it's not the best of Men At Play. the two protagonists are not too attractive and it ends with the two naked people - I do not like that in the series MAP, when the film becomes like a banal video !!! only originality this time: the use of the silk handkerchief as the fetish object that receives sperm ... Fetishism that I did not know. I prefer when the cum shot goes on the tie ... case of taste! wait another week to see a "better" MAP

masstiehemd 02/16/2018
I have a lot to work for my English to be fair

GarryScary 02/16/2018
I actually enjoyed this. The new guy is hot little bottom. Would love to see him fucked by two guys at once. Really only issue with this was the poor writing of this piece... If you guys need a writer let me know ;p

musclefucks 02/17/2018
Poor Emir, only doing his job! But fucker or fucked, he's a great star

Adam332 02/17/2018
Pietro has a beautiful body, wow. MAP, please put him in a pool scene so we can see more of that! Maybe he’s a horny pool boy who’s eyeing the owner of the house, or something.

Rainer75 02/17/2018
A new face - in princible positive! Unfortunately, it does not fit into my type scheme. But that is my problem. I still like the movie because of Mr. Boscatto. Every movie makes him better and more attractive. Thankfully, he said goodbye to his ghetto rapper hairstyles and now looks moore masculine than ever. He has a great body, beautiful arms and even more beautiful hands - well-groomed paws! His men's bracelets underscore his sex-appeal even more. He has no problems with an iron hard erection and is an elegant fucker. Nice to watch! The story was thin and had the usual flaws but Emir saved the movie - keep him in the portfolio!!!

blotski 02/17/2018
This was cool. Emir Boscatto is one of my favourites. I know I keep repeating myself but I don't get anything from close up cumshots. I have to see the guy's face. In a lot of edits they do a close-up and then repeat it as a full body cumshot. They're the only ones I really enjoy.

kevdesu 02/18/2018
The cleaning of the cum with the pocket square was so sexy

eiswirth821 02/19/2018
I enjoyed the video despite Pietro's godawful earplug ugly and distracting. Pietro did provide a great cumshot, however, so that was in his favor. I always appreciate seeing Emir. 4/5 stars.