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Movie Comments

masstiehemd 06/17/2016
¨I do not like this movie. Even if the beginning is rather exciting between the dressed guy and the other one almost naked but the end does not please me - as soon as the partners are naked - it is not any more my fetishism suit and tie; that becomes a porn classic movie, it is not Men At Play's trademark thus I am patient and I wait next Friday

stardusted 06/17/2016
the only thing good in this movie, is xavi duran, he is fucking hot in that suit and those socks, more xavi in nylon socks

LORIS 06/17/2016
Who cares about suit & tie if we have dark handsome Xavi and super sexy Darius who has the hottest body ex aequo with Carter Dane, oh yeah ! My dick was dripping with precum as soon as Xavi started rimming Darius beautiful plump ass. Pure delight from the beginning to the end for my taste just because of these two guys.

murciano 06/17/2016
OMG this is one of your best videos EVER, I just wish we had see Darrius on his back, but I LOVE IT

bootjack 06/18/2016
Darius is just amazing to watch. he could just sit around naked and that would be enough. The locale where they filmed looked great.!

olderbutsexy 06/18/2016
Glorious stuff guys :) Xavi is a dreamboat and one hell of a fucker. As for Darius, he has never looked so good - all the work on the body, superb. Great hair too. Thanks again to all concerned x

suitboy116235 06/19/2016
agree with shawnx11..not enough suitsex.thats the reason I joined this site.becoming too run of the mill porn, what about more exciting in the ' game' group film. also guys becoming naked too soon,,do they have to always get naked anyway. KEEP suits on.that includes trousers. very horny guys, though,but I joined this for clothed suited sex.

everhard12321 06/19/2016
I find it a bit ironic that this film is titled "Supernatural" yet it is one of the least imaginative or creative films Menatplay has produced in some time. I always champion Menatplay's attempts to broaden the suitsex fetish, but this film is an example of the fetish being tossed out altogether. This week's film just recycles an old Menatplay plot (see "Guest Service" with Alex Marte) and doesn't try hard enough to bring something new to it save the models. In spite of this, the sex between the models smolders, and Darius Ferdynand, with his sinuous muscles and Nordic good looks, stands out. The sight of him on all fours with his sculpted booty in the air getting his pussy licked and fingered is worth viewing this film.

branz74 06/19/2016
I have to say, Darius is just so uber sexy he could be wearing a clown outfit and it'd still get me going. Just saying ;)

Suitsfan 06/19/2016
Darius looks more fabulous than ever, and Xavi is hot in his fine suit & tie! All is very promising indeed as Darius is stripped and his beautiful arse is passionately licked - but when Xavi then removes and discards his smart clothes to reveal those truly awful tats, my cock quickly drooped in disappointment. We were into a classic naked gay porn fuck scene - albeit with Darius raising the bar with a wonderful (tat free) body to lust over. To top it all off, even the spunk was wasted at the end - left untouched on bare flesh. 'Fetish' barely comes into it; this is classic gay porn from the 70's & 80's. It's well produced, featuring very good-looking guys, but IMHO it's not really MAP at its best.

suitedcboy 06/20/2016
How about a re-shoot with Hector? He can leave his suit on and have sex and be SO HOT while he is at it. Those two would be a clash of the MAP Titans pairing.

petermaxxx 06/27/2016
Shoot with Darius as often as you can!!! #blondgod

notyetexec 07/03/2016
While I like lots of things about this one, I think my favorite part is the upshot of Darius' cock right at the end. Gorgeous piece of a super hot man.

Alann11 07/23/2016
Wonderful scene with the beautiful Darius! It's great that both guys were naked by the last position fuckin! What's the sense of having beautiful guys fucking, if you don't get to see their bodies?

uncledaddy 09/24/2016
very HOT

musclefucks 01/27/2018
One of your very best films. Xavi and Darius both lovely, great sex. Darius a star bottom and at the peak of physical perfection.

doaBayman 03/17/2020
Can we have more of Xavi? I fantasize a lot about him.