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Movie Comments

abc375266731 02/13/2015
Glad to see Logan again!

colik555 02/13/2015
Ugh!!!!! The top was so well dressed! Why didn't he keep that collar done up and tie done up tight? I thought Logan would have straddle him and shot a big juicy load all over that shirt and tie.

loosecollarntie 02/13/2015
So much cum! would of loved to see that sprayed all over a shirt and tie!!!! Hot though.

loosetie13 02/13/2015
Sexy beards!

loosetie13 02/13/2015
Oh and so good to see Logan once again - hope to see him again soon.

masstiehemd 02/13/2015

masstiehemd 02/13/2015
ok with you

sparty 02/13/2015
Nice scene Matt. Those two must have been holding back for weeks. Nice big cum shots. Happy Valentines Day!

natek 02/14/2015
Really like jalil jafar!!!!!!!!

NYCfan 02/14/2015
Great, but please occasionally occasionally could we have a guy with no facial hair

dodger37 02/14/2015
Amen. How about no body hair at all. Darius is nice and unlike most twinks, he has some muscle on him. Certainly, the Brits can find another. England is fully of wankers. Visit any soccer field!

KIRK 02/14/2015
Can someone please fix this video, the pixelation is really bad.

smartguy 02/14/2015
Excellent Movie with two fit guys, great cum shots. Highly Enjoyable. I actually love the Facial Hair grr.

mtmslg 02/14/2015
Wow! Logan, would you be my Valentine?

stardusted 02/15/2015
Hey guys this vid, won't play for me.

gouppie 02/15/2015
I too am not able to view the movie. Disappointed for I have tried several times and downloading is not working either.

NylonOTCs 02/15/2015
Same here MAP...I could not get this video to work for me??? So I guess it was not just me!...

LORIS 02/15/2015
Great news - Logan Moore is back !!! I couldn't see the movie as I couldn't see any movie this year (I don't know what is wrong) but I enjoyed screencaps very much. What made me especiallly horny is the tightness and stiffness of Jalil's shirt collar.

explorer310 02/15/2015
Great, huge cumshots.....wish Jalil Jafar was in all his naked glory though towards the end of the vid. Waste of a hairy body/torso to not expose it. How about some vids where the guy really loves eating cum?

olderbutsexy 02/16/2015
O poop! Mine not downloading either ....

NylonOTCs 02/17/2015
Today the down loading went off without a hitch!...thanks!...Logan is so fucking HOT! that ass is so sweet! nice round juicy buns!..Jalil is so good with his fucking Logan. Very nice. love the film. Wish more time could of been spent checking out those HOT! nylon TnT's of Logan's. I have to just say it again, Logan's ass gets me so hot and so off watching him squirm and take Jalils' pretty cock! mmmmm...Thanks gentlemen!...One of the best yet!

robicart 02/17/2015
Logan is much sexier with a much shorter beard!

ljg09030755 02/19/2015
ido not

suitstudda 02/20/2015
Great video! I do have a question Matt or Rico? When will we see Landon Conrad, Patty O'Brien, and other pat guys in upcoming videos.

olderbutsexy 02/20/2015
Glad to have finally seen this - good film, good sex, congrats to cast and crew. As for those buckets of cum ...

Loganmoore 05/29/2015
Thnx guys and sorry to hear that many had problems watching this movie. But yes first time my beard was big like this. I prefer shorter too but you have to look different in time to time, no?☺️

neilboi 06/04/2015
Wow, Jalil Jafar has to do more videos. That part where you see his beautiful hairy chest from overhead as he fucks Logan is one of the hottest things I've ever seen!

jimbo104 07/25/2015
More Jalil, please. He is gorgeous and looks great in a suit.

Mookdb243 10/30/2015
More sock play

Ryans 11/21/2015
What a great team . Jafar is so great in his suit . Please make more films with him?

jeremy_hunk 04/29/2017
Went back to see this scene again after a while ... Jalil is so hot. MAP, can we bring him back?

barneylincoln 07/11/2017
Fabulous cum shots from 2 fabulous men, although in this case Jamil is the man for me. mainly because we don't see enough of him!! I just love his "company director" costume. very sexy!

intern2016 01/13/2018
Logan Moore as always makes the scene. That man really knows how to fuck.

Trnka27 10/27/2019
when filming in front of a working clock, watch the time...the clock goes from 6:16 to 6:40 in the time it takes to set up the kiss scene!! But loved the vid