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Movie Comments

masstiehemd 05/04/2018
Poor week, the long awaited video of Men At Play is quite disappointing for me. Bad point a naked man and the other in a tie ... but the one in the suit takes off his tie and of course there will be no juice on the tie - what I love above all if the cumshot is beautiful we see little about the suit or the shirt; disappointed so see you next week !!! and we'll see again our darling suit tie, elegance and super cumshot !!! I want to name Hugo

loosetie13 05/04/2018
Sexy scenario - who hasn’t thought about what teams get up to between matches? Would love to see more in this vein, especially with suited teams turning up for a match all horny. Loved the tie loosening bit too, and the sexy tie removal.

Suitman63 05/04/2018
I agree, if the full suit had stayed on this would have been great, but nope it goes the usual way and is just meh...

Jon62 05/04/2018
Great scenario. Sexy suited football manager getting taken advantage off is always a turn on - especially when dressed, like Teddy, in tight dark suit, white shirt and sexy tie. Good sex too. It was a great shame, though, for him to then remove his tie and open his shirt right near the end just in time for the climax. Why didn't you leave him all tied and buttoned up to get the load all over his fully suited top ? It's very disappointing to be honest. There aren't enough movies where they stay suited right to the end (some, yes, but not many) and therefore it's frustrating when it gets so near end and suddenly key items are undone/come off. If jacket and shirt are to stay on (thankfully) why not leave tie on and shirt done up too ? So could have been brilliant but ultimately a bit of a disappointment, I'm afraid - given expectations at the start. For me, a missed opportunity.

musclefucks 05/04/2018
Great sex guys, Diego is one wild fucker bot :) Thanks to all concerned

musclefucks 05/04/2018
fucker BOY! (He's no bot)

johancj 05/04/2018
Pitty that underpants and trouser play disappeared

Rainer75 05/04/2018
I agree! Or targeting the face and hit both lips and tieknot. ( And later kiss it clean - it's HIV-safe because of own cum! ).

kevdesu 05/05/2018
Still sexy with the cum on the suit

empotrame39 05/07/2018

Hmmbear 05/08/2018
is it me..or to the guys look like twins. Not enough nipple play.

Richie2675 08/14/2018
My god this hot Teddy in half suit with his socks on and Diego in footie socks I came buckets .100/100 MAP loved it

Interpretação totalmente perfeita, atração nítida entre os atores.

SquirtWithMe 06/11/2019
All that I am going to say.... f^&^.. IF ONLY

robicart 06/11/2019
The first part was not exciting but when Manager Teddy made love to Diego's hard dick in his shorts was great and then sucking it when it was out the shorts leg. Wow!