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Movie Comments

joedoe1000 07/31/2015
So hot to admire Dallas Steel fucking Logan Moore...miss to see Logan keeping shirt on and wearing long sheer socks ..but in general the theme and action was very interesting. Thanks MAP

jwspyke 07/31/2015
Yea a hot one. Especially like Logan in cotton black socks. Keep it up

germansuitguy 07/31/2015
A really great movie until abrupt nudity at 08:56. ;-)

germansuitguy 07/31/2015
A really great movie until abrupt nudity at 08:56. ;-)

hyper80 07/31/2015
more of Dallas Steel. Next time in suit

everhard12321 07/31/2015
This is one of the few times I don't mind that a Menatplay film doesn't depict lots of suit play. How could anyone knock a video that opens with Dallas Steele's Adonis physique? He's too gorgeous for words. A silver daddy is exactly what this site needs (

Loganmoore 07/31/2015
Here is my New video guys, hope you gonna like it and maybe few already know im nominated for best actor and ask for your help to vote for me at that would be awesome. Big kiss to all of you! Enjoy The movie xx LM

everhard12321 07/31/2015
Matt, can you tell us who designed the socks Logan Moore wears in this film as well as the amazing pink socks Dani Robles wore in last week's film?

Timmaness 07/31/2015
Please no more Dallas Steele. He's about as sexy as a lawn chair

sexysocks31 07/31/2015
Thank you Matt & Rico for a sensitive interaction between a young handsome guy and an older, equally handsome guy. A real bonus for me was the fact that Logan was wearing the sexiest pair of socks we have seen on this site in a long time. Watching Logan s

raven 07/31/2015
Dallas and Logan were a great summer treat to watch today. Dallas has awesome good looks and I would enjoy seeing him in action again. He and Logan performed beautifully together. I was somewhat disappointed with Dallas' climax but everything else was be

rickaaa 08/01/2015
Please we want more Dallas. HE IS FUCKIN" HOT. A beautiful silver fox

rickaaa 08/01/2015
speak just for you. I want more.

LORIS 08/01/2015
Yes, yes, yes - two of my favourite MAP men in the same movie - a real gift !! I squirted long before the hard pounding - already when Dallas took off his towel and approached Logan with his beautifully shaped hard cock ...

aljuarez12 08/01/2015
Exactly. The other guy was completely naked already from the beginning! Not fair! The tie, shirt and suit jacket are disposed of within a minute. We don't even get a good look at the suited crotch. We don't even see the shirt being unbuttoned. From one fr

aljuarez12 08/01/2015
Finally! No toilet look! (suit jacket, shirt and tie on but pants down or off). Thank you for that! ;)

olderbutsexy 08/01/2015
Wow, great sex guys, thank you. Dallas looks fab naked; Logan so pretty, takes the great cock like a champ ...

jothomp 08/01/2015
Wow - talk about aging with grace! Dallas Steele is amazing! More of him, please, and he can be naked again and again! Logan Moore was a great match for him. Hot film! Thanks!

sparty 08/01/2015
Best movie in a while. Love Dallas as he looks to be my age!

Logan5 08/02/2015
Logan Moore with a big cock in his ass is a beautiful sight to see.

Monarch53 08/02/2015
I enjoyed this very much.!

olderbutsexy 08/02/2015
Even better on the second viewing, bravo gents. These guys know how to fuck and be fucked. Given the exigencies of film making, stop start, wait and then action, get the cock hard again, it seems to me they both enjoyed what they were doing ... such a

markbound 08/03/2015
This was so hot. I love sexy silver dads and Dallas fits the bill perfectly. That body and cock!! Logan has been one of my favorites so having the two of them together was awesome. I love the set up on this one and how neighborly can Dallas be right??

Robmanc 08/03/2015
Totally agree. When do we get to see some hot tie loosening, collar unbuttoning ?

marcekeller 08/04/2015
More of Dallas Steel. Best actor ever. He in leather gear could be awesome. He should do a movie with Adam Champ, Billy Santoro or Axel.

Suitsfan 08/05/2015
I find both of these guys seriously hot; great bodies, handsome faces (and I particularly like the amount of kissing they do in this video). Personally, though, I'd have been more than happy if Dallas had wanked over Logan's face, suit & tie about 9 minu

dryopteris 08/07/2015
More Dallas Steele, his presence is palpable

bradfittler 08/15/2015

him01 09/08/2015
Using handkerchief of man, playing cock.. be fine...

marcekeller 09/29/2015
Please more of Dallas Steele. Maybe a movie with Darius or Adam Champ.

solargodtoo 10/17/2015
One of the best MAP has to offer! Dallas Steele is a gorgeous hot man. I want more of him!

Sherman 05/23/2016
Great beginning withDallas naked with his hairy body & cock. Was a good 20 minutes to enjoy & a story behind it. He may be old, but does a good job playing his part. More of him.

jboyaz 12/01/2016
Thank you Dallas and Morgan hooked up in any way because they def remind us all that a 'chance meeting' can result in such an AWESOME RESULT from HOT MALE hookup! Thee couple of 2016 just sayin! woof!

intern2016 11/26/2017
Logan Moore and Dallas Steele make for one hot pair. I would like to see both of them impaled on a double headed dildoe at the same time.

toolelover 04/25/2019
Hot daddy sex.