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Movie Comments

Mick4984 09/01/2017
These boss/employee videos are absolutely fantastic and are built for Men at Play. A suited boss and a submissive employee make for some hot viewing but the last few videos like this the boss hasn't been dominant enough. Someone like Jean Carlos or Rogan or Dato would make an ideal sexy boss!

masstiehemd 09/01/2017

sockswpb 09/01/2017
Hot video, hot guys

musclefucks 09/01/2017
Hot fucking :) Thanks guys

raven 09/02/2017
Rather boring sex this week! Klein's haircut and beard make him look puerile while James' ink job covering his backside doesn't afford the officer manager any gravitas. The boys come well equipped but they need a better script and coaching from my standpoint anyway. Raven

Rainer75 09/02/2017
I agree 100%, Raven.

MANSMAN 09/02/2017

Mcleader 09/04/2017
James is perfection in a suit and Klein is hot as ever.

Dan1762 09/07/2017
Yeah! Nice spark between these two. Lovely to see Klein K working up such a sweat in that shirt and tie. Can I buy his unwashed shirt :)

DesertMan 09/07/2017
Yup, the haircut & beard belong in an ally-bar & James' tats on his back are a real turn-off on an otherwise pretty body.. Will we EVER get through this tattoo phase? The rest of the video was very hot. I especially appreciated the over the shoulder camera angle looking down on James working so expertly on that lovely dick.

stardusted 09/09/2017
About time, more James, he was made to wear suits....

Sherman 09/12/2017
Another bad video. You guys at Men At Play are going to loose members unless you bring back some older guys, like Mike, Deno, Jean, Enzo etc. this is boring.

barneylincoln 09/27/2017
These two are very sexy together, they look as if they are really enjoying the session.And of course the costuming is great as usual, but I'd like to see a narrower ties on these boys, this is 2017 you know. I might have to get used to James' "new" look ; fortunately his cock is still as lovely as ever! Barney.

jbaikal12 03/20/2018
please more james castle bottoming. Hes one of the most attractive guys in your site.