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Movie Comments

olderbutsexy 03/06/2015
Denis is SO beautiful; and such a star performer, just as superb when he's getting fucked. Very hot sex, gracias, congrats guys x

loosetie13 03/06/2015
Mateo's something else, isn't he? Smoking hot (especially in that loose tie and crisp white shirt). Loving the white shirts with spread collars at the moment - where are they coming from?

ken4cock 03/07/2015
City slickers have a real hankering for country things, especially king-size cocks on muscular farm dudes to fuck the shit out of 'em. Mateo isn't lost; he's found--his true love who knows how to take good care of him. Great body on Denis, who projects his earthy virility with super passion. Lusty pleasure all around + & - / - & + a pair meant for each other.

explorer310 03/07/2015
Denis is one of the best models/stars on Men At Play - he never fails to give a great performance. Superb physique, luscious cock, and like always a great cumshot to punctuate his performance. Thank you and more Denis Vega please.......

tiedupsuit 03/07/2015
Love the scenerio. Next time, could we see Mateo, or any of your many handsome studs, fully suited during the movie, getting a little dirty or even muddy. Thanks. Looking forward to next Friday

NylonOTCs 03/08/2015
Denis and Mateo are both fantastic!..Denis really knows how to dig that hole!!!....The cum shot from Denis and the awesome round rump on Mateo make a truly good fuck perfomance! Excellent gentlemen!!!....Love the outdoors here! Never ceases to amaze me as to what you will think of next!...Wonder if I got lost in the woods some afternoon if I would be so "fucking" lucky!!! (Thx!).

everhard12321 03/08/2015
Looks like Denis Vega has been pumping some serious iron lately. Those swollen arms and shoulders give him blue collar swagger; he's beginning to grow on me. The scenario doesn't really work for me (no real suit play; no suit at all, actually) but Denis and Mateo generate real heat here. To me this video was really a screen test for Mateo Stanford, and he definitely passes. With that bubble butt and a wide, inviting manpussy I'm sure he'll become a fixture on this site.

ilst 03/25/2015
Super stud Denis Vega alone merits 6****** stars!!!

seahbh 04/29/2015
2 spanish guys met.1 lost in lonely road and the other a well-hung sexually turbo-charged stud. the result: sex, of course. in anticipation of this, before the sucking commences, i 'suffered' a jerk-off. After the fucking, Mateo gotta thank denis for the lesson in GPS, with the sexual extra! denis' cock is not just scimitar in shape, it is also scimitar in size and hardness!!

LeoMap15 06/21/2015
It was hot until the sex, but the sex wasn't bad. It just wasn't a turn on. May just be my personal tastes. It is nice when one has on clothes but is showing their body and the ripped one is naked.

menrock 12/29/2015

bdw71967 05/04/2017
One of he best facials I have ever seen.

raven 10/11/2018
Interesting blue collar-white collar scenario performed by two well-hung men. Denis always delivers in his diverse roles while Mateo was a welcome addition to the Men at Play cast of performers. Well done and I enjoyed the encore viewing! Thank you. RAVEN