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Movie Comments

suitstudda 12/26/2014
Dear Matt and Rico, I hope to see Will iden in more upcoming videos. I also love the solo, that slowly left me stroking along with Will. When I watch most videos like this there is always two or more participating. This video make you think what you will be missing as a bachelor.

abc375266731 12/26/2014
I prefer a smarter suit but this one is nice too.

pascha2 12/26/2014
Can we give a chance to this new very beautiful guy, very pleasant for our eyes ... beautiful body, a new model was again in a duo as you know so well surprise us ... Thanks to Dear Matt and Rico from we also show beautiful shoes that are part of the accessory we love in MAP. Happy New year to all the MAP team.

everhard12321 12/26/2014

olderbutsexy 12/26/2014
A good-looking boy with a lovely cock - thanks gents. Looking forward to seeing him in action, one way or the other ;)

Rainer75 12/27/2014
Love these slow, sensual, smooth jack-off vids very much. Lot of time to enjoy every detail inclusive these well groomed veiny hands. Every man knows best what he needs in these moments... Will Iden is a handsome guy with a lot of potential becoming more mature - so please don't let him go. He's a gem and so is all the vid. Bravo! Well, I always loved masturbating very soft and slowly and most hunks turn crazy when climaxing with my helping hand the same way. But: this guy urgently should see the doctor because of it's severe phimosis. How to take the active part otherwise?

mtmslg 12/27/2014
Solo??? Yawn.

sexysocks31 12/27/2014
Thank you Matt and Rico for a real treat. Thank you Will for letting me share a very beautiful and sensitive moment with you. A very handsome and gentle Gentleman. Loved the black socks - thankfully not thin sheers! I have some black sock garters I would love to e you wearing but unfortunately don't know where to send them for you (maybe Matt or Rico could email me privately with an address as you will have my details in your accounts)?! Thank you for a very special Christmas gift and one which I will enjoy well into the New Year.

raniesuit 12/27/2014
Never forget that this sensuality that is shared here is what MAP is all about. A very fine Christmas present this was!!!

Okay 12/27/2014
Perfect, wish I could see more after he cums :)

34mtwhy5 12/29/2014
hot damn he is a major cutie. hook him up with somebody please. they all say str8 until they enjoy being sucked by another hot stud. then next you know they want to rim a guy's hole and pound the shit out of the other guy.

roddaily 12/29/2014
A new Model is GREAT,but he has foreskin-narrowing ? he does not push a single time completely on the back acorn ?

Rainer75 12/30/2014
It's really an annoying thing! Yesterday I found by chance advertising pictures by Will Iden in the web. Pics are absolutly awesome and breathtaking. Only now the physical size and masculine elegance is really expressed. This are masterpieces of erotic photography! But I'm just came by chance in the enjoyment. I miss this damm blog!!! Is it really so much work and requires overtime to give us this pleasure? Pornographic blogs are not allowed anymore? Show us your guys just in a suit, no penis peek-a-boo required. It will be sexy enough to make your audience happy! Or why not using your section "Galleries"? This is totally neglected! Beloved guys at MAP's: Please start to improve your side again and remember your own rules and range of supply like "Galleries", "Castings" or "Behind the scenes" - they are nearly gone and not worth mentioning anymore the last year. What a pity, what a shame! The best porn production in the world falls asleep slowly! Nevertheless I wish everybody a Happy New Year!

NylonOTCs 12/31/2014
Will is handsome and great savvy going on here with his very sexy long delicious legs! and low profile demeanor!. (get this hunk into some HOT! thick n thins!!!).....I too, can't wait to see him in action with a few others on this magnificent cite!...Thanks! MAP ... "Happy Holiday's" and I think you do a wonderful job! I so look forward to "2015" and another year with the ..."MenatPlay"!!!

Jumpbi 12/31/2014
I would love to give him a hand, i know to be good to str8 men, especially in uniform

loosetie13 01/05/2015
What a fine way to end the year! Will looks super hot as he's loosening his tie and wanking his cock - would love to see more from him in his dishevelled suit this year please!

raven 01/10/2015
Seems like he has a moderately severe phimosis and ought to see a urologist for probable circumcision which would be better now than later as his stricture progresses. Raven

karlcocksuit 01/11/2015
Theres nothing wrong with his foreskin! Perfect hot sexy big cock. Nice load of spunk

jmchc68000 01/11/2015
Would love to see this guy in a wet suit

bailey02 01/24/2015
Fuck. I would suck his dick and let him fuck me all day.

joedoe1000 01/31/2015
I like the fact that MAP showed in this video in a natural way how the actor take off his shoes and pants. This is the kind of things that will love to see in action scenes. Please do this more often! Thanks

mikemizanin729 02/17/2015
He is gorgeous.

mikemizanin729 02/17/2015
He is gorgeous.

limerick 03/19/2015
When will Mr. Iden return to do more videos? he is a very handsome man!!

limerick 03/20/2015
Mr. Iden is a joy! He needs to come back to MAP and use a dildo, a fleshjack, and a penis pump! He is an Adonis!!

limerick 04/13/2015
Will Iden, must return to Men At Play--he is an Adonis, and he has so much to offer!!

limerick 09/13/2015
Are we to never see this very handsome, classy, sexy man again??

rickis75 12/05/2015
would have liked to see his ass, but he is handsome

gartenzaun 12/13/2015
wow wow wow, so beautiful

limerick 01/16/2016
It has been over a year now, and he has not lost his attraction. Will he ever work for Menatplay Again?? I sure hope so, for he is a major league Adonis!!

limerick 08/22/2016
Will takes my breath away. It does not look like he will ever reappear at MAP! So sad!!

robicart 10/15/2016

TomHHCity 01/16/2017
Can we have a nice vid of him? Also a solo scene would be great!

robicart 04/27/2018
So magnificent. How I wish Will Iden had chosen to play more at MAP.

robicart 03/28/2019
Yes, so many of the "actors" pale in comparison to Will Iden.

WHITE UNDIES 01/06/2024
Please put some cum in his undies..