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Movie Comments

y'en a marre!!! toujours les cravates trop vite défaites, les chemises envolées.... si c'est pour voir des hommes nus qui baisent ensemble pas besoin de Men at play.... et toujours des tatouages... je ne sais pas si je vais continuer mon abonnement....

whtcollm 06/18/2010
This video would have been so much hotter if the barber gave him him oral sex in that HOT SHIRT and tie, love that collar

Marox 06/18/2010
In my opinion, I never have enough of the barber saga and I specially enjoyed this one because it is MESSY, WET and HOT. I loved when he was rubbing his brush all over his chest and at the end how he spreads the cum on his face as it was moisturizing crea

suitstudda 06/18/2010
I agree with Marco that the video and screencaps are super, but I also agree with berns_tie and whtcollm that more time should be spent with suit/shirt/ties on the individuals instead of rushing to take them off. The whole purpose of MenAtPlay is give us

I agree with the rest of the comments here. The start was great and the wet/messy angle was really very horny but then everything flew off again and we were back to standard porn movie stuff. Would have loved to see the barber empty the bowl over him, m

charles 06/18/2010
great movie and i agree with some of the others that the barber sequences are HOT... i always anticipate what the barber will be up to next. that said in this amazing hot scenario, i also agree that the shirts, ties and suits come off WAY too fast. i tota

I was very aroused to begin with, but the moment the tie came undone I stopped watching.

businessguy1 06/19/2010
Matt and Rico you guys are on fire! First Dillon Buck was back to impale Junior and now Axel takes it up the ass. It's like Santa Claus came early. I can't wait to see what you do with Jason Torres... Keep it up guys!

yes yes yes, I'm OK with your opinion. Please Matt and Rico, listen us your faithful

tiedupsuit 06/19/2010
Great movie! Loved seeing Axel take it from behind. The wet scene was wonderful too, as I am one who enjoys the messy. Was waiting for the barber to pour or drip water on his suited crotch, but it didn't happen. Axel looked very handsome in his suit.

Ooh no this is just horrible,too mucky all that shaving foam everywhere is a real turn off for me.

The scene was hot.....the turn off are those regular gold toe socks.....Men at Play, please use OTC Black sheer socks for your more sexy and fashionable.

Rainer75 06/19/2010
Axel Brooks is really a highlight for watching. Seldom seen such an amount of masculinity and manly personality. Even I understand why he want's to show his beautiful body - yes, he is in an excellent shape. But his sexy face is the main point and as a

To whom it may concern: it seems that the recent videos can't be play on iPhone. Pls tell me how can I watch it via iPhone?

You are right. They do not play on iPhones. But you can convert them easily. Just choose the column between Store and Windows (sorry I do have german iTunes, so I don't know how it's called). There you can choose between converting for iPad or iPhone.

Love the red socks wish he kept them on

Two fine looking men in what could be a great scene .... Alas the suits,shirts and ties all come off way too early .... c'mon chaps, give us more suit sex ... Isn't that what MAP's all about ?

At what mark was that? damn I must have missed it

dont mean to dish a fellow sock guy...I didnt catch that they were goldtoes, but looked like OTC dress socks nonetheless!

Holzer 08/03/2010
super guys, super bodys, super cocks - super actions, its a pleasure to watch.

Holzer 08/03/2010
super guys, super bodys, super cocks - super actions, its a pleasure to watch.

tmr1307 08/16/2010
i like to see two hot guys with nice cocks flip-flop. that way they both get to enjoy a good hard pounding.

You have many great videos but this one ranks the top or next to the top. This portrays not only two beauyiful men eith great bodies but also with nice bodies , great asses but outstanding cocks' It was most enjoyable & extremly enjoyable.

More, more, more of him please.

One of my favorite vids--Axel really cleans up beautifully. He is such a stud, and the messiness in the beginning shots is such a sexy surprise.

One of my favorite vids--Axel really cleans up beautifully. He is such a stud, and the messiness in the beginning shots is such a sexy surprise.

phxduck 10/09/2010
Great Clips need some lessons in haircutting from the Barber. I love this guy. Axel is no slouch either. A hot video.

Love the men, love the suits and love the cum action!!!

Boy, I bet this was a fun shoot, Axel needing a shave is a complete misnomer but as usual he is GREAT in this, in such a passive role.Very sexy in the brown suit and red tie. Nathan's barber garb is hot too, silver arm bands two tone shoes: who would trus

If I could bury my face in Axel's ass , I could skip breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Only thing better would be to have him sit on my face 24/7.

Axel not only has a beautiful ass, he has a sweet hole and a nice cock. The barber is hot. They should lick each other's cock after they cum. Slurp.

That's quite a "barber's pole"...All he's missing are the red and white stripes on it!

Beautiful big, puckered asshole on Axel.

would love to see axel with a very hairy hole

beautiful42 09/13/2011
You are the one for fucking every moment AXEL. So horny that make me W E T ......

Love all of the barber vids but the Lucky Daniels one is my favorite.

I need a haircut !!!