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Movie Comments

Patrik is my favourite model. He´s so hot. His mouth and his cock are amazing. And those hands.....I want them all over my body

nathan is my favourite model too, he is very hot.

perry 02/01/2010
Nathan was my favorite here. He has a great body, especially great legs and feet. I also loved his cock. The chemistry between these two guys was good. Again Nathan really enjoys it when he climaxes. Perry

patrik has something that i think would be attractive to any man. he has sex written all over him.

where is Patrick from?

chuck20 04/27/2010
Patrick is absolutely hot.. is a beautiful man... I love him

ysmccool 05/02/2010
I've got to go with Nathan here. There's something about him that makes you want to smack that ass and then kiss it to make it better just before you throw him over the nearest piece of furniture that has a slight chance of survival.

Spad1 06/20/2010
Nathan's good but Patrik is absolutely fantastic. I want to sink to my knees and worship Patrik. What handsome looks! What a superlative body. And this barman fantasy is a real turn-on. Well directed.

totally hot, these two are incrediable together, where is this pub???? I'll be jerking off to this one for some time...thanks...MAP

tmr1307 08/25/2010
like to see a guy with a wedding band. leaves room for even more fantasy.

Two very hot men & they certainly enjoy each other. Both are good-looking, have nice bodies, gorgeous asses & great cocks! Can I set up a date with them???!!!

Nathan is fantastic! What happened to his solo movie in a tux? When can we expect his next appearance?

Not only do I typically enjoy your sex scenes with models wearing OTC socks, but would love to see more close-ups of the socks!!! And if you're gonna allow the models to take the socks off, please capture it on film so we can see them undress out of them.

Patrik is a great fucker! Lucky Nathan!

Love Nathan's cock!

wish Nathan could fuck me into oblivioun

Nathan's the one - bring him back, keep on using him.

Nathan has a terrific ass and is a very good cock sucker. Patrik. Hell, I've been in love with that lad since I first set eyes on him. God! That body, that ass, that cock with such a gorgeous cock slit. I only wish Patrik were a bit less laid back /

bongo34 08/02/2013
Patrick is great