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Movie Comments

pascha2 08/31/2018
Yes good connoisseurs of good sex as we like.I always look forward to Friday ... The beautiful Dani Robles is still magical and thank you for showing us his beautiful shoes and more ... Thank you.

brian74 08/31/2018
Wish Dante would have taken his trousers off so we could see his OTC calves and shoes

stardusted 08/31/2018
More dante, more socks

musclefucks 08/31/2018
Dante is such a cutie!

markbind 09/01/2018
Hot!!!! These two are a good match. Dante, one of my new favorites. Damn I want him to fuck me as hard as he gave it to Dani.

Rainer75 09/01/2018
Dani Robles. How many times Dani has presented to us now? Feels 1000 times! Every sigh, every moaning, every turning of the eye is predictable - but he can not be critisized. The reservoir of gestures and expressions is just finite. That's why we gays are mostly polygamous and not monogamous. Nevertheless, it's enough now, it's boring, "cold coffee" as one says in Germany. Dante Colle obviously has many fans - for me he can not trigger any fantasies, especially not at the fade plot. Sorry. The very high heat in Europe is ebbing away - MAP has to work again...

Godot 09/04/2018
I agree with Rainier75. The video definite does have its moments, but I did not rate the video either hot or not (maybe a five star system would work better.) I realize that there is not much time in a twenty minute video for much plot development, but the set-up for the majority of these videos is a flimsy prelude to get on with the standard MAP sex routine.

eiswirth821 09/04/2018
One of your best of late, with two of my favorites. Great job.

suit77 09/04/2018

CutawayShirt 09/08/2018
I don’t agree. Dani Robles does a great job in all his movies, he is sexy and he obviously likes suits not only for play-acting. You can rediscover his preference for suits again and again in every new movie, he is the best of all. When a new movie with him comes out I know it will be a good one. Please go on Dani, I’m your fan.

raven 09/24/2018
Dani's facial is the best yet on MAP! Well done. Please get a haircut... RAVEN

toolelover 04/27/2019
Nothing better than Dani enjoying Dante's big cock in his mouth and ass and then seeing the fruits of his labor in his mouth and beard!

icewheel 08/24/2019