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Movie Comments

joedoe1000 01/10/2014
Matt, I thoughtt Jake Genesis retired from porn he back or this was filmed before his retirement?

hatetatoos-4-2 01/10/2014
WOW! What a fantastic way to start 2014. No wonder that Jake Generis left the business after the sexual workout he received. I fully expected not to like this movie because of all the men with tatoos. However, it is truly a remarkable film. Congratulation

masstiehemd 01/10/2014
EXCELLENT very very good idea, and well staged. Very exciting,Very interesting that the team gets dressed with shirt and tie and which so stays a large part of the session a great moment. GOOD GOOD.....

neiljarm 01/10/2014
have to say that I'm really disappointed. story is good but it's a real turn off for me when the guys in a scene don't get hard ons.

Fuckboot 01/10/2014
Just amazing. A dream cum true! Such gay gods together. I'd have luvd other items of course but it's probably not relevant for this site. Multiple orgasms all round!

Frankr0d 01/10/2014
Wilfried Knight passed away.

Matt Jordan 01/10/2014
yes this was filmed in late 2012

Jon62 01/10/2014
Great scenario. Great start. But trashing of the manager happened SO quickly and in first 4 mins. Would have liked it drawn out for longer - gradual humiliation... That was a bit of an anti-climax and quite quickly. Nice to see so many of your top stars

edfries 01/10/2014

joedoe1000 01/11/2014
Thanks Matt for your feedback. Nacho still working with u guys?

joedoe1000 01/11/2014
This movie was directed in a brilliant way. Love how a tie was used to hold Genesis hands. The ass sucking was superb and switching between Isaac and Morgan to finger Genesis ass while sucking dick was fantastic. Dilating Genesis's ass is my favorite part

tiedupsuit 01/11/2014
Looks like Genesis really took a beating in this movie. I bet he could not sit down for a week.

suitedattitude 01/11/2014
Tend to agree with this too though it is hot as hades until the suits fly off for the fucking

suitedattitude 01/11/2014
and I did like the way the team all had matching blazers and ties and all that, dead horny

topsuitedgam 01/11/2014
Nice movie but sad to see them suits off...... Wish their suits still on till the end of the movie....

raven 01/11/2014
What a great way to build team morale! Loved the group sex with passed and present stars ! Nice to mix the group sex in with your usual format,variety being the spice of life.What a team to have played on. Don't put off producing more of your group endea

senatormls 01/11/2014
Finally some group sex / orgy action! The team needed to keep the trainer tied up longer and jerk him off till orgasm! So sorry to hear about Wilfried. He was in so many of my favorite group scenes. He died so young. My deepest sympathies to his family an

senatormls 01/11/2014
On another note, it's great to see real men with scars, wrinkles and my favorite.. gray hair ( and thinning as well!)!

Okay 01/11/2014
Liked best the guy that had his necktie on the Whole time

smoothpete 01/12/2014
Superb love it

DFWTailor 01/12/2014
Did I miss the ripping part?

cactusman26 01/12/2014
Sad and unbelievable to learn Wilfried is no longer with us, Thanks Wilfried. You have excelled yourself MAP and team. What a turn on!

rogervic 01/12/2014
rogervic just read the sad news about Wilfried, thank you ..... for your beautifull body and much more

luis2 01/12/2014
great movie to see 5 beautiful men sexy having great sex

ajdamen 01/12/2014
I agree. I prefer seeing men, not boys.

suitedattitude 01/13/2014
Regarding Wilfred, I think this has been handled the right way - to have a delay to allow some time to grieve - and then release the film as a tribute to him. I am sure his friends and fans would agree with that. We thank you and him for what he has pro

Suitsfan 01/15/2014
I agree that you've handled Wilfred's loss appropriately, guys - well done on that. And the video's a good one - hot mess & rip at the start, and horny group action following! (Glad to see a couple more shirts had their buttons ripped off in due course!

NylonOTCs 01/18/2014
This defines "Erotic"....Whoa! Your all five plus!....Thanks guys, What a great time!...Jake your amazing!....Keep the boys happy!, "Pretty Boy"!!!

aerograham 01/22/2014
Would love to be a part of this

egyptman1982 03/20/2014
Very bad technically,very slow and bad playback quality

juanpadilla 04/02/2014
All i want is to see Samuel Colts huge body and hyper-masculine face

Juraguy 08/01/2014
Loved the way the studs started kissing each other - shame it did not continue to sucking each other's dicks!

robert399 08/09/2014
Great one, was great to see the guys stripping wilfried. nice ending with his legs and socked feet up in the air, would have been even greater if somebody had sucked a bit on his feet also :-)

I080415 08/21/2014
Very hot

neilboi 05/10/2015
This scene is soooo hot. Especially when those four hot guys are stripping Jake off and holding him down and fingering his hole.

jwspyke 08/03/2015

rickis75 06/13/2016
one of my favorite scenes. this was the perfect scene for at least one facial, however.

DragonairQuest 06/30/2022
dang, this is my bottom fantasy

manicmaniac 11/17/2022
Very hot scene! Morgan Black has been close to the top of my favorites list for a long time, and Samuel Colt isn't much further down on that list. If it had been bareback it would be close to being perfect.