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Movie Comments

actor117 10/28/2016
The socks were nice...

Rainer75 10/28/2016
No wonder Flex had to be anaesthetized bevore he could still stand the two hobby clowns in an narcotic nebula. You should not burn your best performers.

Gonzo 10/28/2016
Missed the mark again on all levels. Not much different than a free porn site. We come here for the suits, socks, shoes and gentleman look in an erotic way. There's no distinguishing difference here that I could not find on a quick search with a free site. Until next week again.

cnlnsyhp 10/28/2016
I hope they had left the gloves on

wagman22 10/28/2016
Class action with class performers. MAP you have a quality all of your own. Keep it up regardless of what others might say!

masstiehemd 10/29/2016
I have the same opinion

everhard12321 10/29/2016
From its title, "The Gloves Are Off" alludes to glove-play, a subfetish of suitsex. Gloves aren't nearly as popular among suitsex fans as socks (really, who wears gloves in 2016?), and I wish Menatplay would take note of viewers' obvious lust for socks and script an entire film around them, and dress shoes as well. This film and glove-play are both idiosyncratic to their detriment; neither of them work. "The Gloves Are Off" is an odd entry in Menatplay's catalogue, failed by a befuddled plot, zero glove-play, and a set that physically confines the models (notice there are only two camera angles in this film). Recent films such as "Bullfight" and "The Cut" present this same problem, as if the films were made in a slapdash effort to give viewers some small morsel to consume while the filmmakers crafted a more polished feature. Comme ci, comme ca. If nothing else, this film at least gives us more time with Flex, which is never a bad thing.

Matt Jordan 10/29/2016
All I would say is that generally sock fetishists shout loudest!! But Menatplay is not a sock fetish site Im afraid . To be honest we could also ask "Really , who wears knee high socks in 2016?" Its a strange obsession among sock fetishists that they believe their fetish is the one and only at the detriment to all others. We do try to include sock interest in many of our scenes as we are aware that this is of interest to many but there are other members who look for other things in movies. As always, in our 14 years of producing films for our members some films will be loved some will be hated. As far as the comments on the camera angles and the quality of the films, we'll take that on board but again i'd make the case that while producing a completely new film every week some are going to appear more polished than others just by the nature of comparison. Thanks for your comments and we hope you enjoy next week - or go look at some old stuff you'll be amazed what you've forgotten about .

everhard12321 10/29/2016
Thank you so much for your response to my post, Matt. I and others truly appreciate all the hard work you, your cast and crew do to release a new film each week, to say nothing of your wardrobe budget, which must be extraordinary. I understand the challenge of trying to satisfy so many varied tastes and interests within the realm of suitsex, and you can't please everyone. Luckily, MAP's archive offers more than enough films to satisfy, and I am grateful that Mentaplay provides viewers a fetish we just can't get from other site. Thanks again, and I'll keep watching for more of your work.

raniesuit 10/30/2016
Ehhh, what happened to the style and the suits? Yes, I can see it´s the same fabric in the jacket as in the trousers, but that´s where it stops. Seems you say goodbye to suit passion and start competing with normal boring man porn sites. Sorry guys, and sorry that a comment to this movie that I just read here "Class action with class performers" seems to be the new target group of MAP. Is this the future of this site that used to be so cool?

Suitman63 10/30/2016
For me it's not about how high gloss or not the movies are, it's whether the suit theme is believable and or made relevant. Often it would not take a lot to crank that up a little - a bit more verbal about how good you look in your suit, yeah fuck me in your suit, cum on my suit, whatever whatever and then - as I said before - trying to get back to normal again and dressed. Often the suits just come off and stay off which then renders what was believable unbelievable. I am mentioning small things but they can make a big difference.

Suitman63 10/30/2016
Agreed, the back catalogue is now so vast my biggest problem is shovelling the ones I like into some favourites folder or whatever so I can find what I want easy enough lol

NylonOTCs 11/02/2016
Nice! HOT! and juicy!....loved it. Flex is def. delicious!..taking it on both ends abs. HOT!!! .loved the socks on to fuck with!...mmmmmmmmm...shirt and jacket on Alejandro super tasty!!!!...Very Erotic, Very Sexy!!! Sergi and Alejandro are wonderful .... handsome men with nice bodies!...loved the chocolate brown sox on Alejandro....Fuck!...He is so interesting looking as he fucks ..... I loved it , MAP!...lets have a "second break in", soon!!!!

DesertMan 11/03/2016
Of course, we viewers are going to differ on how we define 'suit fetish' or what degree of it MAP should employ. To me, it needs only be a good looking mine in a great suit hungry for sex. That defines my first great anonymous encounter with a man we all thought was straight. MAP consistently takes me there. That's why I subscribe. Thanks MAP!!!

LeoMap15 11/29/2016
Oddly, this made me want to see Flex do a solo scene.

Sherman 03/29/2017
Boring and a poor video. Middle gentlemen had a. Hard time getting a hard-on. All three with small cocks and no hair around their cocks (look like skinned chickens))....not sexy.................Men At need new studs.........

ormond32 04/13/2017
Very small cumshots

marcantony2 09/21/2020
Threesome ? No double fuck? Pity, it leads up to nearly that. Next time please!!