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Movie Comments

Great clothes. Especially the hustler. Terrific shoes. Would like to see more sock garters, though; they would look quite sexy.

Very erotic. Very nice. Love the shoe worshipping, i'd like to see more of that on here, socks too. Especially sheer nylon socks. The bondage aspect was a nice touch as well...

Sorry, boring as hell. Tried to be a little nicer about it but not when you're paying for a fetish SUIT AND TIE site.

Excellent! Loved the light bondage ... now, I'd like to see part two picking up right where this ended: Axel grabs Neil and the rope and ties him good ... then he uses his hustler's expertise to drive Neil right to the quivering, begging edge 7 or 8 tim

Yikes! Didn't like this one bit...

How is it that your archive contains some of the hottest scenes ever filmed, but you still come up with rubbish like this?

philio8008 10/01/2010
loved it! i really like the bondage and how he checked out the guy kinda like you would imagine that someone would have checked out a slave. pretty hot :)

sparty 10/01/2010
I think Neil should stick to his doctor roles. He didn't get his moneys worth and I sure as hell didn't either! This movie was a total bore. I kept waiting for something exciting to happen but it never did.. Didn't get the bondage thing at all. Axel didn

Loved the scene! Two extremely hot men of two different types... Personally not into bondage but the scene works for me... Hot, Hot, Hot...!!! Ready for more...

The shoe worshipping was great.....will like to see more of that after taking shoes off and working on sheer black socks (TNT)- especially sheer nylon socks. Would like to see more sock garters, though; they would look quite sexy. Many subscriber have bee

gardener 10/02/2010
Two very very hot men... but one fxxking boring story... no fire at all... Wasted the opportunity to raise the bar!! And I really don't like Axel in this hair... messy, oily... doesn't suit him at all...

Axel should have been in a suit. Concept was pretty nice, loved the bondage. Would have been natural if Axel had tied Niel up, as it didn't seem like he would have expected it.

Whenever i watch a movie i like to take the time to read what others thought about the film. So i always check out these comments. What i found with this particular film is that they were trying to please a variety of different tastes here. Shoes,socks,ki

Hmm, dividing opinion this one. The idea - paying for sex - is a good one that works well with the suit theme. Also liked the incorporation of a bit of bondage. But it might made more sense the other way round i.e. hiring a suited hustler to play with.

Dr Neil always so gorgeous.......He s so hot when I Thought He d rim the other Guy but no.......Infortunalety Neil never rim, it would be so hot then... I love Neil , and really think he would deserve a more handsome bottom , a bit too old to play a Hus

I'm not usually into licking shoes and boots but in this case, I have to make an exception. Loved the juxtaposition between Neil being the cool millionaire and Axel as the "Euro trash" hustler. I read some of the other comments and let's face it, you ca

Axel is so hot I still enjoyed this scene and got off on it, even if by rights it seems odd Neil Stevens would hire an escort who seemed older than he is.

Neil Stevens is great. He looks like a well dressed man should look. I enjoyed the movie because of Neil Stevens. I would love to see him with Lucas Knowles or Jay Roberts or Christian Alexander. I particularly liked the scene where the hustler elevates N

HOT!!! Loved the shoe licking and the bondage with the gag!

When is Neil Stevens going to do a scene with Christian Alexander already!!!

When is Neal going bottom would love to see him get fucked

When is Neal going bottom would love to see him get fucked

tiedupsuit 10/05/2010
Nice concept. Neil always looks hot in a suit. Would have been hotted had Axel turned the tables on Neil and tied him up with the rope, then fucked Neil through the suit. Next time?

The shoe service part was HOT. However, I would perfer Neil's role to be played by a more masculine looking guy like Jason Torres, Bruno Knight, Rio, etc. I think the perfect guy for that role would be Edu but he doesn't come back anymore, does he? Also,

I pay this site only to se Axel Brooks love this men is perfection.

Exquisite.. You guys are getting to be fine artists at this, while preserving the edge and eroticism. I would love to see Neil fucking Bruno Night...

Neil is always great and hot......

hello 10/09/2010
Agree,no fire at all,all in slow motion............what about the right

Niel is fuckin great - would love to have seen him being choked and fucked with the black rope as in the last shot - hot. Such a beautiful hunky guy.

Actually it is Axel that I think is really good and would live to see more of, particularly being choked and fucked as in the last shot.

The most beautiful words in the English language are, "Take off all your clothes." I enjoyed seeing Axel inspected and appraised as he stood stark naked in front of Neil Stevens. Great scene.

The most beautiful words in the English language are, "Take off all your clothes." I enjoyed seeing Axel inspected and appraised as he stood stark naked in front of Neil Stevens. Great scene.

pour moi c'est une fabrique de film porno que l'on voit partout. Et pour élargir la clientèle on met de plus en plus de nus. Les acteurs ont des tatouages partout et j'ai horreur de ça.... S'il vous plat Matt revenait aux fondamentaux. Je ne me lasse p

the music was perfect, but the guys were not my favorites .

the music was perfect, but the guys were not my favorites .

O combien je suis d'accord. Depuis quelques temps MAP est devenu on ne peut plus vulgaire. Fabrique de serie qu'on peut voir a tous les coins de rues. Tandis que d'autres essaient justement a imiter ce qu'ils faisait dans le temps. Il est vrai que les tem

Zacharie 10/31/2010
Too short, not that hot. I'm not really into the boot (shoe) licking thing, but maybe someone else will get off on it. The guys were cool. Neil Stevens never disappoints. This is my first experience with Axel Brooks, he takes good dick-tation, and mov

wehosox 11/03/2010
sleeper.......would have liked him to take off the shoe and see some sock action.

I think Neil Steven is sooooooo hot even if it were a short video. The intensity in his expressions & body movement were of its own class. We love you Neil Stevens! Axel Brooks, you sold that part man lol. You know I had to give a shout out too lol!

tiedupsuit 11/05/2010
Will we ever see the tables turned on Neil? I think it is long overdue. Hope he is up for that

alex123 11/08/2010
loved the bondage scene in this movie, beautifully done

alex123 11/08/2010
loved the bondage scene in this, beautifully done.

This film is quite splendid. The intense erotic charge and the high end settings are excellent. Maybe the roles could have been reversed but Neil was unbelievably cool and sexual.. of course in a blue suit. The shoe action was inspired. Do it all! Axel,


This is an amazingly hot scene. Axel and Neil are a great match!

!Joder Axel, que bueno estás!. Tu interpretación de chapero es excelente. Tienes un culazo que vale un Perú; no me impota que seas catalán, parece que lo vives.

!Vale, catalán. Estäs tan bueno que te lo mereces.

Very hot! Love Neil, a great Dom. Would have liked to see more shoe & OTC sock action and objectification but still great. More like this please!

Drewtex 04/22/2011
Neil is great dom!! Thought I was going to cream when Axel was licking his shoes!!

Superb! Super! Delicious. Both men possess awesome bodies and cocks. Love Axel's very meaty ass. Intensely sexual. Would love to get a taste of both men. Grr.

Love the shoe worship and love the light bondage!

Any time I see classes clash, foot/shoe worship, ink, fucking through the pants -- Thank you for all the fetishes. And two very hot men, though I agree -- Neil need to GET PLOWED SOON!

incredibly hot. best moments for me were when Neil milked Axel's meat from behind and his huge balls were so vulnerable. Also when he put on the condom and Axel looked really worried. Closest to a rape fantasy I've seen on here - mmmmmm....

klaus 05/16/2012

An Oscar + five extra stars to Axel Brooks!

Please repeat this shoe fetish scenes.... they are just awesome..., you have forgotten.

gw_losangeles 10/25/2012
hot. would love to find an escort like that in los angeles.

more of these hairy guys with stipp dicks

neil is a damn good boss. he commands respect!!!!

Okay 05/06/2013
Still dont like the spoiler in the beginning. They should both have suits, but Nice hairyCock revealed in the beginning, so Nice too see it is not hard right away. I like the exploring when the first is naked. Focus on his body, he is there to please. Lik


It was ok. Neil's good as always, but that's just Neil. Axel... hmmm... actually his look (the hairdo, the clothes, and the cow-like chewing) was a big turn off. Oh, and that ridiculous chain on his neck. The shoe licking's not for me (I always think, wha

olderbutsexy 02/04/2015
Funny how opinions differ .... for me, Axel was very convincing as a rent piece, common and mercenary and kind of taking his medicine, while Neil is always hogh class; and what a cock! Great work, congrats to all concerned

gnisriw 04/30/2016
Loved the slow pace. Had it all

makelake 03/05/2017
Reminded me a vintage movie named 'Italian Style'. Maybe it's because of the background music or the slow pace of the scene. Nevertheless, I fuckin' loved this so much.. It is perfect.. Thank you.