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Movie Comments

brian74 06/01/2018
Where were the socks?

johnnyt43 06/02/2018
Pietro Duarte, Has a fantastic ass that needs to be explored further, Love the cum spray on the suit of the "Londoner" well done sirs.

Robmanc 06/02/2018
Not seen any tie loosening for a while. Some missed opportunities during recent movies. In this one surely Pietro could have loosened Gabriel's tie for him ? Are there too few of us that like this sort of thing ?

sockswpb 06/02/2018
nowhere to be seen, that's why is in the 60's hot scale. with socks probably would have been over 80...

Suitman63 06/05/2018
I do appreciate the increasing willingness to splatter suits with cum - would be even hotter if the models said something about it like "cum on my jacket" or "do your jacket up I am gonna cum on it" so it seems more intentional and dirtier.

Frits600 06/06/2018
I love the cum on the jacket!! But it would be awsome to see the lining inside the jacket covered with cum!! Maybe the next video??

loosetie13 06/08/2018
I'm with you Robmanc! Always the hottest part of any video for me - whether the guys loosen their own ties, or loosen their partners, it's always better than if they just remove them leaving their shirt buttoned up!

Richie2675 08/15/2018
The socks are missing meh

robicart 10/10/2018
Gabriel is hot. His "suit" is not. I did love his pulling out his beautiful dick through the fly. Pietro is handsome but would be better with shorter beard.