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Movie Comments

505cents 08/28/2015

505cents 08/28/2015

tvforeverus 08/28/2015
Okay the plot was a little light here, thankfully Denis Vega's hairy body is here to save the day. Welcome Emir Bosca to the MAP family, please feel free to grow a little hair on the body next time. I hope you'll be bottoming soon on MAP. This scene could

aguscba3 08/28/2015
Grande cordobés!!! Espectacular, excelente debut, espero que sigas haciendo mas películas!!

markbound 08/28/2015
Fucking hot. Denis has been one of my favorites and now adding new sexy hottie Emir to the mix is even better. These two go together like two nice fitted gloves. Love the concept of two friends who both suddenly discover they've had hot bodies and cock

olderbutsexy 08/28/2015
Good sex guys, thank you, also for the great bodies

joedoe1000 08/28/2015
Denis and Emir performance was spectacular. I like the theme Denis in long sheer tnt socks was super elegant and the fact of having a dialogue while doing sex is so hot. Drunk Emir is sexy and tasted Denis from head to! It is a well balanced sc

NYCfan 08/28/2015
can I ask why there are only bearded performers and no one who is clean shaven? I would appreciate a respectful and serious answer

NylonOTCs 08/29/2015
MAP!!!...You went over the top with this one, man!...This has to be the hottest fuck scene I have looked at in a LONG!!! Time. You have totally made my day/night!...Emir is beautiful WOW / WHOA!!!...Denis sucking on that gorgeous cock (vice versa!) the ho

Mookdb243 08/29/2015
Denis got closer the more he licked his feet. I wonder if that was a request!

hugo2014 08/29/2015

Matt Jordan 08/29/2015
Ive answered this one many times. We don't have control over the models grooming habits

air4711 08/29/2015
excellent - specially the "sock part" ;-) GREAT !

NylonOTCs 08/30/2015
I had to watch this again it was so fucking HOT!!! Not sure who? / if? someone asked Emir to suck the heavenly toes on Denis. I don't think so is my opinion. Who would not want to suck those fine feet in nylon sexy cap toe and heel style, OTC socks in the

Robmanc 08/30/2015
Very hot scene. Emir's collar was loose at the start of the video. Shame we couldn't have seen Denis loosen Emir's collar for him or vice versa. When will we see some hot collar play ? Haven't included it in your videos for a while. Many of us like to see

Matt Jordan 08/30/2015
Review by John Tegan of the "Men at Play premieres Emir with supremely hot Spanish star Denis Vega in a bit of inspired casting for The Male Bond. So how does the muscled Argentinian reality star do before a porn camera? Very, very

Suitsfan 09/01/2015
Both guys are VERY good-looking, with great bodies, loads of passion and hot chemistry between them. However, as far as 'suit sex' is concerned, The Male Bond falls firmly at the 'Hurry up and get yer kit off - I want a naked fuck' end of the spectrum.

explorer310 09/01/2015
Two masculine, sexy, hot guys without any tattoos. Kudos MAP...finally 2 hot models without any unnecessary ink on their bodies. Emir is hot and the kissing scene is fabulous. Denis Vega again proves why he is a top notch star and he always gives a great

loosetie13 09/03/2015
Emir's loose tie was super hot - I'm with you though, would have loved to have seen Denis loosen his tie up too. Always hot when it's done (and there are many, many videos here that do it well), always a shame when a tie just comes off.

tinos 09/04/2015
very hot!!!! well done once again guys!

Getcrossed 09/05/2015
Nice video! Denis vega shows he is the best one! However, I would like more imagination. Denis vega can do anything. He has an awesome body, beautiful face and a nice ass, you could have done better; maybe a threesome; Landon Conrad, Colby Keller, Jarec W

NYCfan 09/10/2015
Thank you, I understand that. You have not featured a clean shaven man in a very long time, not one. Even people that are only attracted to men with facial hair have commented on this, As people who pay for this site, I would like to know if this is like

vdane77 10/05/2015
â–ºI HATE socks being worn during sex; TAKE THEM OFF!!!â—„

Jgland24 10/08/2015
LOVE socks during sex!

Jgland24 10/08/2015
LOVE socks during sex!

Thick85 10/14/2015
Two of my favorite men from this site and together they are nothing but fire!! Passion, lustful, daring and sexy, I love everything about this video.

salvadorb 10/29/2015

georoundy 01/19/2016
this is a great video.emir's foreplay and kissing technique are incredible. i usually have to turn the sound down when mr.vega is inolved in anything, very noisy fella, but from the moment emir's tongue appeared i was completly gone.a very leisurely fuck

leogreg 02/15/2016
very hot tongue kissing.

leogreg 02/15/2016
very hot and very horny gay sex. my cock was very hard like a rock.

Sherman 05/22/2016
Two great men in a sexy scenery. Good job, great video

anthr123 09/09/2016
This sceneis so hot. Got to say that Emir licking Denis socks was so hot. Would love to know where the studio gets the socks for the guys.

duckbod 08/22/2017
I'm fed up with coming across files on here that wont load . This is one of them .

gundyFox1 11/19/2017
What an incredibly hot video!