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Movie Comments

BlackTie2006 12/30/2016
I love the striped tie and suit, very hot to see his Windsor Knot slip loose but not come off. Would be great if we had the three piece suited chef too.

Rainer75 12/30/2016
Delicious steamed red peppers and vegetable onions were the highlight of the film - not the overly pimply back of the "chef".

JAHA49 12/30/2016
For me, with his appealing face and amazing body (those pecs!), Diego Reyes replaces my favorite model Jake Genesis, who left porn some time ago. What I like about this video is the focusing on the kissing (the amazing kissing) and the fact that Frank Valencia doesn't get undressed. What i like even more is how Valencia plays with Reyes nipples two times in the video. Though, the video would've been even better if Valencia had taken more time to worship those heavenly pecs of Reyes. Valencia turning Reyes around after some nipple playing is such a shame. But my impression of this movie all in one is that it's the greatest MAP-movie in a long time. Thanks!

michduncg 12/30/2016
Sexy guys, stunning newcomer with good sized dick, would have been nice to see some variety in positions, seeing Diego's swollen member bouncing while being fucked would have been amazing

brisgay 12/31/2016
He left the gas on! Highly dangerous!

raven 12/31/2016
Your new model needs to get his acne under control before you show him off again! Perhaps he is taking too much testosterone to enhance his musculature... He is unquestionably muscle- bound and handsome, but the zits across has back are a turn-off for me. Nevertheless, Happy New Year! Raven

Rainer75 12/31/2016
I agree, Raven. I'm sure Raven and me have times we are suffered from pimples, too. But we don't model for underwear or do porn these times! By the way: A few less spanish models and more others like british, french, scandinavian, arabian or german would be most welcome!!!

Rainer75 12/31/2016
...and hasn't seasoned the meal with his spunk! What a pity!

musclefucks 01/01/2017
Gracias hombres, great sex :) Spain has a seemingly endless supply of studs ... what a bubble butt on Mr Diego too ... just a detail, maybe next time a little body make-up for the back?

Sherman 01/01/2017
Boring video. Diego needs to have a tan on his body. His ass is boring with no hair on his body. Back back with pimples. Men At Play can do better. Let's start out the new year with some Dario, Mike and Jean............

SaberEgo 01/01/2017
You really have high stander :(

mtmslg 01/01/2017
This is not up to your usual standards at all! Achne? Serious turn off. Videos have been pretty vanilla as of late. But this one is just unacceptable. I've been a member FOREVER (way back since Messy Men days . . . Miss that!) and have noticed a decline in the creativity of the site. What's going on?

LeoMap15 01/02/2017
The comments of anyone who didn't like this video are useless. This is a nice simple video to show off a new actor, and well done in its simplicity. It doesn't need to be elaborate. He is a sexy bottom, and they got the job job with a level of heat and passion that MAP is known for. Hot video!

NylonOTCs 01/02/2017
I liked it, MAP!!!...Diego is HOT!!!...Yeh, some acne on the back but his handsome face, chunky cheeky ass got me so turned on!!!...Frank knew just how to stuff those buns too!!!....mmmmmmmm!!!....Diego;s beef cake pecs with two hard nips pointed out is so sexy!...Different guys, but still good and "Chef Diego" in between some old fashioned sheets would be a nice "Hot Dog sandwich" to nibble and snack on all night long!!!...Thx! wonder what he looks like in some hot TnT OTC's???....nice thick calfs ...double yummy!!!

Keith_Lincs 01/02/2017
Totally un exciting - tattoos down the neck is not executive - and an actor with acne is a turn off - considering whether to stay with this site - why can't we see some hot sex with shirted guys and a bit of imagination?

kapukane 01/03/2017
Please no boyfriend/lover stories. Turn off. Had to shut it off.

johnjo456 01/03/2017
This is hot!!!! more of the young guy please, he is so hot!!!!! But, show more a little finger in the hole. Cheers!

WpgBear 01/04/2017
No the comments of people who didn't like the video are useless. People pay for this site and there opinions are no less valid than yours. We pay the same money. I pay for this site because it is a fetish site but this video and the last one were generic and could have been on any site, nothing really MAP about them. Yours is not the only opinion that matters.

WpgBear 01/04/2017
This movie and the last one really have me rethinking my subscription. Just not for me.

masstiehemd 01/05/2017
YES You are right; I agree your opinion ! but Since one certain times it seems that the opinion of the former subscribers does not matter a lot .... EXCESS OF UN TOO MUCH FINAL OR THE ACTORS ARE NAKED. THIS N4EST NOT THE PURPOSE OF THIS SITE. I ask myself the question to leave MAP

lunar010 01/17/2017
Diego is hot.

joedoe1000 01/22/2017
Awful performance and theme. So feminine to see Diego with that apron.

joedoe1000 02/05/2017
NylonOTC: MAP doesn't have the intention of using sheer socks and garters in the future because some members complained stating that those socks are "feminine". Sheer socks have been used by executives and men with purchasing power for many decades and specially for formal attire. Many artists and even Royal families used sheer socksas an an accessory to complement their suits and shoes. In the other hands, more feminine than sheer socks is to see actors playing the role of a naked chef wearing an apron, or actors with fine eyebrows or completely depilated, even anal sex is feminine (but I understand that is the feminine side of gay sex but by nature necessary for the scene), or having actors with fine voices or mannerism which is super feminine. I never complain about those things before because the idea of menatplay is to keep a portfolio to please all tastes and fetishes. But it seems that I was wrong all this time.

Sherman 03/09/2017 theme with this fat chef. &. Frank has small cock with little hair around his cock. Diego does not have an exciting body. Hhe does have a nice size cock but do not see much of his motor. I give this video a very low rating on Men at Play.m

Sherman 03/11/2017
Fucking boring. The worst video.

paul9999 06/10/2017
More Diego please! Hot beefy ass.