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Movie Comments

markbind 11/02/2018
Wow, these two are hot together. Dann is gorgeous and looks like he takes a nice cock well. : ) I like the scene and how it played out and the hot kissing prior to Dann getting some cock.

brian74 11/02/2018
Great to see Klein back! Dann is hot! Would love to see both more regularly.

Rainer75 11/02/2018
I prefer mature gentlemen in dapper suits. I got these guys - disgusting for me and a real, real turn-off.

Jon62 11/02/2018
Kevin looks super hot dressed like that. Nice white shirt and tie - shame he didn't keep them on.....

bootrac2 11/03/2018
Not bad, but I like seeing the suits getting messed up. Have the guys keep their suits on and let the suits get wet, pissed on, filled with cum, dirty, and/or ripped. Still your vids are awesome!

Suitman63 11/03/2018
I'm with you on that one

Suitman63 11/03/2018
You never listen. You (whoever runs this site these days) are endlessly told that we want regular looking guys without strange haircuts and piercings and such doing things that guys in suits do like work in offices and having sex with their suits still o

Suitman63 11/03/2018
Namely guys who look weird and uncomfortable when suited up and consequently can't wait to get them off to actually get off - what we want is stuff like Dress Code or Hector...

Rainer75 11/03/2018
I agree 100%!!! Look at these haircuts and hand-tattoes! No wonder they throw away the suits so quick - those "people" are not used to them. Halloween and carneval is over, MAP! Why the MAP-management isn't interested about the subscribers anymore???

musclefucks 11/03/2018
Mmm, thanks but ... when will this ugly fashion in haircuts end? Danni looks like a cartoon character or some sort of bird. Not your sexiest film

Ryans 11/04/2018
I agree with the haircuts . The outfits were ok. The tats I do not like but ok . Even I missed Kleins cock piercing. Thought that was very erotic for a change. But nothing better than the genuine ingredients.

Joaquin69 11/04/2018
Disgusting fingers and nails of Klenin Kerr. Please, choose better models.

Sabypierre 11/04/2018
Aucune originalité dans ce scénario vu des dizaines de fois sur le site. Seules fantaisies, les coupes de cheveux qui sont d'un ridicule achevé. Sinon, l'histoire est mince comme du papier à cigarette et comme souvent les acteurs se debarassent bien t

eiswirth821 11/05/2018
Nice body on the new guy, but a boring scene. 2/5 stars.

blotski 11/06/2018
The hair! WTF?

icewheel 11/11/2018
who thought those haircuts would be a good idea? this isn't appealing

DesertMan 11/16/2018
This video was definitely not what I expect from MAP. Who put this cast together.? Shame on you. Twinks with bizarre haircuts & tats on their fingers don't wear suits & ties unless directed to by you. These two were totally unconvincing for the roles

robicart 11/17/2018
Klein Kerr is so sexy in this; and I love the bulge in his pants. Wish his dick and balls had been out thru the fly.

robicart 11/17/2018
I look forward to the day when guys have decent haircuts again and not this silly shaved around with only a "topknot". They do look silly.