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Movie Comments

Lucky Axel gets so well fucked by horny, hung Harry! Axel likely felt a draft after taking Harry's Huge Shaft! Hot scene!

masstiehemd 03/30/2012
Very, very good indeed! Both men keep their shirts and their ties till the end of the sequence. Men at Play as we prefer it!!! And now close-up of the sperm and the shoot one's load on the tie knot. I like very much the look and the action of Harris Louis

Sharp shooter Harry:p

ManEater 03/30/2012
Harry Louis is such a HOTTIE! I love his and Axel's uncut cocks. Would love to dock my tongue in each one of them. Axel's ass is awesome. Let's see some more of Harry's sweet ass!

Rainer75 03/31/2012
Well, look at this one! The sexy suits remained almost until the end - shirt and tie until orgasm. Both models got due the heat no vascular collapse - on the contrary: they seemed to have enjoyed the action very much. They looked super-sharp, and that the

HOT!...looks like the pics we took on our lunch hour!..LOL

stardusted 04/01/2012
really really hot vid this week, harry should get a rim job the brown shoes,nice that axel kept the shirt and tie on.

Wow! These guys were really into each other, I'd love to see them do another. I especially liked the soft smiles, very intimate, and not easy to do in front of cameras.

Nacho/Matt/Rico....a threesome for this coming Friday?

come on... we want to see some shoe licking for shoe fetishers...

ariesboy 04/02/2012
Another winner. Love Harry's cumshot. Axel is always fantastic. Brilliant!

Rainer75 04/02/2012
Where are the promotional pics Matt wanted to put in the blog in future? No time yet? Waiting for them urgently!

Harry Louis is fucking amazing - so erotic the to have some time with este chicitito...mmmmm!

nachosilva 04/03/2012
Hey Rainier, the promotional pictures are already in the blog, sorry for the late reply but we have been really busy filming last week and yesterday and doing some really hot new scenes with new models that Im sure you all will love them...

Rainer75 04/04/2012
No problem! Thank you very much, Nacho! PS: Pics are extraordinary fantastic!!!

Suitsfan 04/06/2012
The Shaft Room is an erotic delight! I loved seeing the shirts & ties stay on throughout, and the sexy, soft smiles and oral play between Harry & Axel is a real turn-on. I especially enjoyed seeing Axel spit and drool heavily over his own cock, just bef

Woot wonder if Harry will bring his boyfriend, Marc Jacobs, to the set... woaah!

rabelais 04/12/2012
very nice its better

Excellent scene. I love the sweat on shirts and leather sole shoes. Will be great to see Harry Louis in next threesome scene just wearing light blue, shirt, tie and OTC plain semi-sheer socks (no shoes) while getting fuck by Kyle King and Junior Stellano.

yeah and I want to see more than two movies in a decade where suits get pissed on, but you shoe fetishists and sock lovers just never shut the hell up about it.

Harry Harry Harry, gawd help us all... he'd probably look hot in a bin bag but then he carries a suit well and then on top of that, is so well hung he practically breaks his zipper, and then he fucks like a trojan and shoots cum like a fireman's hose...

Rainer75 04/14/2012
Well Joedoe - and now Harry is in love with Marc Jacobs ( just google it, if you don't know who he is! ). I'm afraid it's the end with porn movies with glorious Harry. Marc will change his life and probably will let him earn money on his catwalk... From p

juicer 04/15/2012
Axel is such a hunky hottie, love him, all of him

Yea, Harry is one of my fav+ pornstars and i am so happy Marc Jacobs picked him :D May he shines brightly in the fashion world!

I wonder.... but MARC JACOBS is a freaking hot guy himself too!

When Harry Louis will do a bottom scene at MAP? He have done bottom with other film companies...why not at MAP? Harry give us that gift!

rafter63 05/18/2012
What a nice way to start your day! And i love the fact they were not completely naked after 5 minutes. Loved it!

love tab collar shirts and collar studs need more off those

very exiting!

Rainer75 06/09/2012
Ya! That would be the big hit of the millenium! Marc Jacobs screws Harry Louis! Better than Queen's jubilee and the Olympics together!

In addition to his many other fine qualtiies, Harry has the most beautiful eyes--end eye-lashes--in the business. But why does Axel have to shave his balls? Hot scene.

it this a good movie to see

Harry is way sexy as noted by all others-pretty eyes-and impressive squirting distance-he must have been turned on-

another fantsatic movie I can watch over and over again; certainly listed as one of my favorites!

another fantsatic movie I can watch over and over again; certainly listed as one of my favorites!

1939skipper 02/28/2013
Incendiary! Where do I sign up?

1939skipper 02/28/2013
Incendiary! Where do I sign up?

1939skipper 02/28/2013
Incendiary! Where do I sign up?

1939skipper 02/28/2013
Incendiary! Where do I sign up?

Okay 05/22/2013
Great neckties, and that they stay on.

THOMAS52 05/22/2014

woodyalert 07/18/2014
The more I see Axel Brooks, the more I want to see Axel Brooks.