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Movie Comments

PMC111 09/08/2017

505map 09/08/2017

Rainer75 09/08/2017
What an interesting film with several surprises! The bulky stallion Gabriel Lunna gives total service to two men. One of them, Christian Sam has problems with his erection ( his harness doesn't help him! ) but fucks like a rattle-snake. Is all the loud slap-slap pounding Gabriels ass a fake? So what - nice details make this film one of the best this year, Like the wiping with the silk-handkerchief to get the man's smell - love the face expression of Mr. Lunna after he is done - priceless! Love the fact both tie and shirt are not proper enough for the next meeting after these locker visiting.. Please who is the stage manager and why did you choose the old intro with the split up wall ?

suitedcboy 09/08/2017
Downloaded, watched a few bits and deleted. Substandard for the usual quality of this site.

Sugarman06 09/09/2017
No screen caps???

stardusted 09/09/2017
Xavi no suit,why.

robicart 09/09/2017
Very poor lighting.

mtmslg 09/09/2017
Oh dear, not good. Not good at all. Very hit and miss lately. But this is just bad. Lighting, scenario, bulky models and lack of chemistry. On to next week . . .

musclefucks 09/09/2017
This is the Real Stuff :) Thanks guys

hollandsuit 09/10/2017
Well, that shirt is what I call very professionally strarched. Well done. Any chance to lay hands on the cum stained tie????

hollandsuit 09/10/2017
PS: by the way, will there be any screencaps uploaded?

loveinsuits 09/10/2017
Yeah, wasted opportunity.

Suitman63 09/11/2017
Like the sleazy angle here but surely the tumbling member ratings are cause for concern and redress...

Sherman 09/12/2017
This is the worst vide. As well as the last four video's. Matt, you going to loose members with these kind of video's.

DesertMan 09/12/2017
Jayzuz!!! Gimme a break! Bad lighting? No suit? I don't get it. Have some of you become over exposed & desensitized? I s'pose we all have different triggers, but I loved the way Duran seems to get off on watching Lunna's face while he's getting fucked. And yes, Lunna's dazed, sleepy expression after cumming nails the after-glow feeling. And, as someone said, Sam DOES fuck like a rattlesnake, but as far as the harness goes, eh!. The video is hot. But then, I'm aware I'm watching Matt's best efforts at porno and not Scorsese or Spielberg.

blotski 09/13/2017
Shit direction and camera work. No idea.

Sherman 09/14/2017
Just a bad video, Men At Play, you can do better than this.

masstiehemd 09/16/2017
no screen caps?????

hollandsuit 09/16/2017
There are screencaps now - thanx guys - however: unfortunately, the screencaps download button doesn't work....

masstiehemd 09/16/2017
NOT ANYWAY no screen caps

Sherman 09/17/2017
This is the worst video

Sherman 10/26/2017
I tried again. This is the worst video and the scene was bad and poor actors. Men At Play.... you can do better than this video.

sayyaygp 12/23/2017
Somebody has to break Xavi's ass. That would be a great movie

blotski 02/05/2018
Nice models. Yet again your cameramen let you down. They're clueless. Take a step back fellas, let's actually see the action.