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Movie Comments

great film love to see more of this

vayzata 07/18/2011
When will this be available to watch on mobile (ipod, ipad)? We paid....but cant watch

A bit slow to get underway - Loved seeing him use his crisp white shirt as a cum rag after he shot that nice load. Awesome that he stayed half clothed until after the money shot - but brilliant to see him strip naked after the baby juice was on him

Okay 05/22/2013
Hot, would like screenshots

masstiehemd 03/04/2016
tres belle cravate bordeaux à pois! très belle visa pas de jus sur la belle cravate à pois.... mais que fait le photographe? il y a une suite sûrement Very beautiful red polka tie! Very beautiful house.but no juice on the beautiful polka-dot tie but what makes the photographer? There is a suite certainly

LORIS 03/04/2016
OMG, Enzo Rimenez is back - always so fucking hot without jacket unbuttoning his plain crisp white shirt and showing off his perfect body. And yes - loose tie, sooner or later in the movie which has become his trade mark. For me the sexiest man on MAP site with loose tie for sure. Kevin Kerr on the contrary does nor convince me - his repetitive moaning is irritating. But I give five stars nevertheless to "The Stalker" because of Enzo. Big plus in this movie - polka dots neckties, mmmmm....

Suitsocks 03/04/2016
Great Work MAP ! This is fantastic work !

robicart 03/04/2016
Enzo Rimenez a 5 star. Klein Kerr a 5 star. Scenario 4 star. Camera work 3 star.

Dan1762 03/05/2016
One of your hottest pairs in a long time!! Love these two guys together. Now I want to see KK return the favor sometime, and top Enzo. Thanks MAP.

olderbutsexy 03/05/2016
Fuck me, what a sexy movie :) Denis is your star performer on MAP (especially when he gets fucked) but without a doubt, Enzo is the current star of MAP. Butch without losing his sensitivity, beautiful, passionate - such a fucker, hard and fast - considerate and dominant ... with great bonus point like his fabulous nipples. KK copes well with the onslaught. Thanks guys, for this outstanding work

NylonOTCs 03/05/2016
WOW!!!...super HOT, guys!...wtih those HOT legs in nylon socks in the air!....give us a little tantelizing foot licking!..(something to do while porking wild!!!)....LOL!!! only comment. was great, Gents!!!

Timmaness 03/05/2016

bear990 03/05/2016
the was hot tho. but them getting naked all the time is starting to get very boring. its supposed to be a site where suit fetish comes in the the picture but the guys in these scenes getting naked is be coming a 'ZZZZ' fest. come on menatplay lets get some suit stuff happening and keep one guy suited and the other naked or something. like the early work you guys have done.

trombone1988 03/06/2016
I completely agree

admin 03/06/2016
@Bear990 - Im convinced that some of you either have a serious short term memory problem, or you just like to complain for the hell of it. Since the beginning of this year no less than 4 scenes have had at least 1 suited man all the way through. Including two fully suited scenes - 'Score' & 'And thensome'. So I dont really know what you are talking about bear990. What we CANNOT DO is do the same week in week out, THAT would be 'zzzzzz'. Not only for our members, but also for us as producers / directors. So please just think before you type your remarks. Enjoy the rest of your weekend guys Rico

Matt Jordan 03/06/2016
can you remind me of 'the early work' where guys didn't get naked? I think you look at the past through rose tinted spectacles

Westcott79 03/10/2016
Both of these guys are gorgeous and the chemistry was great. Not sure how to find other videos of theirs though, as the search capabilities seem limited.

alexwag5 03/10/2016
I have been a member in one form or another for a long time. I think you get better and better, keep it coming you are a class apart from the rest as this video shows.

suitboy116235 07/27/2016
A really hot duo,,realistic, good suited shots aswell..

Richie2675 08/14/2018

robicart 02/15/2019
Hot because of the two men. Disappointed that Klein taking out Enzo's big dick was only through the glass in the door.

chrismerrill 12/29/2020
Quality ass eating/licking scene near the middle. This guy really knows what he was doing. Nice technique.