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Movie Comments

joedoe1000 07/19/2013
I like this movie, Adam did an excellent performance with Adrian Toledo. Both wearing nice suits coordinated with accessories (sheer socks were awesome). Also, some additional fetishes were present which added some spice to the scene. Will love to see Ada

suitedattitude 07/19/2013
I like this and I want to see more of Adam (phwoar). It's a great set up and you can tell Matt directed it. It's just such a let down when Adam's suit cums off for the final fuck - would have been so hot if he'd just kept it on, used his sub, zipped up

hatetatoos-4-2 07/19/2013
What a wonderful film! Adam Wirthmore is a sexy and exciting model. Congratulations for finding him. I love a man in a grey suit wearing black shoes and OTC socks. Adam fulfills this desire very well. I would like to see him with Justin Harris. Unfortunat

sexysocks31 07/19/2013
Sorry guys - another fantasy film spoiled by sheer socks. Sheers do nothing for me. Used to look forward to Fridays but the persistent use of sheers has killed this site for me. Thanks for all the good times but it's time for me to cancel my subscription.

Okay 07/19/2013
Sexy talk, just love it. Surprising start. Good surprise! Love the necktie as I almost always do. And when he gets to work on the shoes, I really get turned on. Love it when he hits the penis against the tie, WOW Spanking, LOVE spanking!! Sexy when he shu

PeterMunich 07/19/2013
I adore guys in very sheer socks. This is the reason why I have subscribed to this page today.

hsw1023 07/19/2013
love the shoes play! more please!

matthewrx 07/19/2013
Yeah not a fan of sheers either- they remind me too much of women's pantyhose. I like OTC black/grey/tan or patterned socks. Still thought it was an insanely hot scene :-D

ken4cock 07/20/2013
Great S/M movie--pushed all the hot buttons. Luscious cum climax: both guys at the peak of their prowess, bringing it all on! Let's have more like this.

ManEater 07/20/2013
Two exceptionally handsome man with totally awesome bodies. Would love to see Adam fucking from the rear. Looks like he has a totally sweet ass. Grr. Adrian has a magnificent muscle butt. WOOF! And ALL that cum. Really liked watching Adam drink Adri

avm212 07/20/2013
Hotttttttt.....holy shit, when Adam uses his foot to push in the dildo....crazy! More of Adam Wirthmore, Dario Beck, Dato Foland, Leo Domenico, and especially Tomas Brand. Less of Trenton Ducati and Harley Everett. Actually, make that no more Trenton Duca

raven 07/20/2013
EXPLAIN TO ME wHAT IS EROTIC ABOUT LICKING ANOTHER 'S SHOES. Adam and Adrian have beautiful bodies although Adrian's inking is an unfortunate distraction. Why try to improve on something so perfect? I loved the intensity with which Adrian and Adam kissed

Suitsfan 07/20/2013
Few erotic fetishes can be 'explained', Raven; either you share them or you don't. Challenging someone to explain why they're aroused by something is to demean the validity of their experience and sensations vs your own. Better to just accept that we ar

romanitkerii1 07/20/2013
One of the graetest movies you ever done

centurion 07/20/2013
oh yes. Not watched it yet but the first 80 seconds is enough to press all my buttons. An incredibly handsome young cunt in a stupendous suit with his thighs wide, his cock out and getting sucked. All in close-up. MAP is never afraid to get in there,

cactusman26 07/20/2013
Boot licking not for me! The reminder top class! Sñ. Toledo you have a wonderful most lovely lindo cuerpo y cara. A delight to view, Gracias todos.

cactusman26 07/20/2013
Boot licking not for me! The reminder top class! Sñ. Toledo you have a wonderful most lovely lindo cuerpo y cara. A delight to view, Gracias todos.

cintawonn 07/21/2013
More shoes licking please!!!!!

cintawonn 07/21/2013
More shoes licking please!!!!!

Matt Jordan 07/21/2013
Exactly! Well put suits fan. Its like saying, "can someone explain to me why you get off on men and not women. " It doesn't need explanation

77mojito 07/21/2013

centurion 07/21/2013
there are just too many good things in this vid to list. I got off on a freeze-frame of Wirthmore's handsome mug early on when he's still jacketed, whilst playing on a loop the bit around 23.07 on the headphones, where he's saying `coming in` Horny as

LORIS 07/21/2013
Loved this extraordinary video very much ! Shoes licking is not for my taste but I m always happy to know that there are men very much into it. Adam is all in all just superb. I would prefer Adrian without tatooes, but O.K. Dildo scene drove me wild and y

shinysho 07/22/2013
So hot, especially the shoe play! What a pity, none of the gents was wearing some sleek, shiny patent leather shoes ;) More please!

alltights 07/23/2013
An incredibly hot scenario!! These guys are gorgeous!! The only thing I can think of to have perfected it would, since it is entitled " the subservient", if Adam had pissed all over Adrian in his fine suit...

olderbutsexy 07/26/2013
Great sex guys, bravo! Adrian is so good, he makes one want to spanked, dominated! :)


Suitsfan 07/28/2013
An excellent video; as usual, you've done a fine job as a director, Matt! The guys are genuinely handsome-hot, and the clothing (while it stayed on, which in Adam's case was for most of the video) was sexy, too. I loved the extended kissing, the rimming


rafter63 08/17/2013
What a great movie! I was not sure I would like it when I saw the title. I am not really into domination. But the first good surprise, the top is having a blow job while on the phone. Then the shoe licking...humm... shoe fetish here, own 30 pairs of dress

admin 09/11/2013

Jockassbuddy 09/20/2013
Is anyone else having trouble watching vids?

liuns 09/26/2013
I can't watching the vids! What happen?

jhayden 09/27/2013

Bluetucum2 10/19/2013
Tes, I am. I never used to have any trouble watching Men at Play but sure am today. The buffering took areal long time and I used to not have much buffering time. I wonder what is going on?.

RCLO12345 10/21/2013
Same issue here....buffering and slow.... not good

joe123 10/25/2013
Sheer is female

Sabypierre 11/16/2013
The two actors are awsomes but my prefered one is Adam Wirthmore whom is my kind of men.

hermann 11/21/2013
Where can i buy the map made clothes. I love them so much.

hermann 11/21/2013
I love adam wirthmore +1.

smartguy 12/22/2013
Adam is Great in this. My fantasy Man!

smartguy 04/05/2014
Love the kissing when Fucking. Great Chemistry.

NYCfan 05/11/2014
One of the hottest movies MAP has ever made. Love watching these butch suit men eat out a guys manpussy

NylonOTCs 05/16/2014
Totally Fucking HOT!...WOW!!!...those cum shots are to die for!....and those HOT Socks chocolate brown socks....Whoa!...MAP you out did yourselves on this one!...just put more nylon foot action in the next one...wish I could of seen more erotic nylon feet

smartguy 07/01/2014
This is Menatplay at its Best.:-) Great all around!

juscruzn808 07/08/2014
being a hot bottom, adam knows how to be a great top! very erotic scene, great chemistry. awesome cum shots !!

Suitguysaresplendid 09/12/2014
It's great to see some spanking at last with men in shirts and ties. It would be nice to see the cane being used in future movies too. It would add to the sexploits no end! The caning could be done at full force with a proper flexible cane with curved han

Suitguysaresplendid 09/12/2014
I think the ties should never come off and definately the collars should stay buttoned all the time the shirt is being worn, after all shirts are about smart male discipline which is very attractive. If the men undress entirely they could still keep on th

mascmuscle37 11/07/2014
Hot hot

saucr 11/15/2014
does anybody have trouble with download this video? both links are broken shown with "404" so sad!

peleth 12/19/2014
Cum licking is so sexy

taylorgrant116 12/19/2014
More spanking! More spanking! More spanking! So hot!

olderbutsexy 03/06/2015
Wow! Fabulous movie. Not into subservience myself, but Adam and Adrian make it look so cool ... lovely stiff cock from Adrian when the dildo goes in. Real and exciting sex, bravo gents :)

frankar2 03/29/2015
yes;Until last year I got full screen on my 29" moniitor; now there is 2" short at the top and 2" at the bottom; The old movies 2006 and 2007 are still quits full screen; such a pity to lose more action on screen. can MAP do anything about this or do ot

LeatherBlue 04/23/2015
Horny fuckers and such a big cummer too. Wish I could find such a horny sub for myself !

cgrandrew 06/24/2016
like it when the sperm is abundant mm

RQUEST 07/29/2018
Okay!! Adrian is phine as shyt! Adam is Hot Fun with the shoe play and toy in Adrian.

dougspanked 09/05/2018
This movie is so fucking hot! Between Adam and Adrian's chemistry, the brief line showing under trousers, the paddle sequence, the amazing wonderful hot fuck, this is one of MAP's finest movies. Super great job from director. Let's have more of these!

MRgaymer 11/24/2020
I like this movie a lot! It's so so hot and sexy! It's just amazing! Also, Adam Wirthmore is so handsome and charming and so sexy! It is one of the hottest and sexiest porn movies I have ever seen.