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Movie Comments

suitstudda 12/19/2014

loosetie13 12/19/2014
Very sexy! Loved him getting roughed up in his suit and the loose tie at the end. Hot!

masstiehemd 12/19/2014
The more that goes and the less OK!!!! I loathe guys to dress in military dress. this Men At Play's session begin very badly!!! Fortunately, the guy in suit is rather good and the bit extra, he keeps his tie up to the end and the thug cum above. Finally a good opus!!!!

colik555 12/19/2014
I LOVE the face fucking!!! Especially the sounds of him gagging. Beautiful three piece on a beautiful man. More of him. I wish the jacket was torn off and the vest and shirt was left done up with his tie tightened but again...that's my taste. Bravo...good film.

olderbutsexy 12/19/2014
Sexual violence is not really my thing ... that said, this is very sexy. Ronnie does so well - and, let's face it, who doesn't want to get fucked by a hunky thug with a large cock? ;)

olderbutsexy 12/19/2014
(And I bet he gave the code after all that!)

Phaerim 12/19/2014
Best. Movie. Ever.

skibutt 12/19/2014
Wow Matt! Excellent! Love the cum shot! Hey from me sometime! Andy

hugo2014 12/20/2014
Very sexy. Loved when he swung his leg up onto the truck for more intense face-fucking. Bet that cock hurt SO good....

ken4cock 12/20/2014
"Straight!?" No such; we're all bisexual. Not much sense to this, other than to showcase Bonanova's hung meat. Well, it's worth the price of admission to watch him in action. For me the best shot is the 'di sotto in su' rear view of the tightly stretched camo fatigues displaying the size and power of Bonanova's butt, calves and thighs as he pounds Tobias.

abc375266731 12/20/2014
If only Ronnie was wearing suit as well, that would be perfect! Malek looks super hot, wish to see more of him!

NylonOTCs 12/20/2014
Fantastic! guys...Tobias is most certainly a dish to pass! would of liked to have seen his hot legs and feet in some nylon TNT's, sexy long otc's!, but just great shots all the way through!...Ronnie Rock's!....Fucking Cum Machine!!!....LOVED IT, MAP!!!

peleth 12/20/2014
Sorry to disagree, but this is DULL. The set-up leads us to believe there will be "mind games" involved to try and extract that code (never mentioned again after the opening seconds) but the action plummets into a straightforward rogering. Come on, boys, give us some STORYLINES as well as physical action.

tiedupsuit 12/20/2014
Great movie! Love the seeing a handsome suit getting face fucked hard, and hearing him gag. Total turn on!

loosecollarntie 12/21/2014
Now that's what I call hot!!! best one for ages!! loves the ripping of suit and shirt, keeping it on, and of course the loose tie was a bonus for me!!! Then the cum drenching, fantastic guys.

suitedattitude 12/22/2014
Oh my gosh, this has to be one of the most brutal movies that MAP has ever done - treating a suited guy like a total piece of dirt with two holes to mercilessly use, ruining his suit with ripping and spunk, and not a hint of consideration of his pleasure whatsoever. In other words, fucking brilliant!

johnny5 12/22/2014
No doubt one of your best flicks and that's saying something! Love seeing a suited man's ensemble getting trashed during the throes of rough passion....a winner!! Ronnie and Tobias were well suited for their roles, no pun intended! Mr. Matt has to have been a driving force behind this gem, well done!!

Matt Jordan 12/23/2014
This one was actually directed by Rico so you can thank him :)

suitstudda 12/26/2014
Glad hear that Rico producing good videos. Thank Rico!

academy74 12/28/2014
Best. Movie. Ever.

bootlover 12/28/2014
what a great movie and nice to see as a shoe lover something other than laces more please

stardusted 12/31/2014
More suit sex

Suited33 01/02/2015
Another amazing movie with lots of suit lining being shown. It cant get any better than that

kapukane 01/30/2015
wow that was boring. the dark haired guy did nothing. One sided sex is not interesting.

joedoe1000 01/31/2015
Striaght Ronnie needs to be more creative and natural in his scenes. We understand that he is straight but needs to loose more. He has a lot of milk to share with gay actors.

joedoe1000 01/31/2015
Careful with editing...that was a drastic jump from 10:26 to 10:27 without showing suited actor taking off shoes.

kapukane 01/31/2015
He is not straight. He is bisexual. Straight men do not have sex with other men. He obviously has bisexuality in his orientation. He is enjoying it. Many men (and women) are bisexual.

kapukane 01/31/2015
sorry I don't know why my previous comment was submitted 5 times! I love this site but one sided sex is very boring. If the model doesn't reciprocate why cast him? Not interesting. He is obviously not straight so what's the deal, he need to let his inhibitions go.

dylanross1969 02/17/2015
Totally agree...extremely hot film. The leather gloved hands holding his head so he can't get away from the throat-fucking...and yeah, the gagging was a hot touch. Loved the suit shirt and tie, ripping the pants for the fuck...very sexy.

actor117 03/26/2015
MAP penchant towards more and more violence is a bit frightening..

seahbh 04/30/2015
sex with bondage is very erotic, and makes u cum like the actors themselves

Marky176201284 06/15/2015

Dragonice 07/01/2015
hi,guys,is there sb. like Chinese boy?

Dragonice 07/01/2015
hi,guys,is there sb. like Chinese boy?

chocolatecakes 12/03/2018
This is hot!

musclefucks 12/08/2018
Such a big boy Ronnie, great long slim cock .. and Malek is the perfect suffering bottom