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Movie Comments

Maddog123 04/26/2013
such a hot and sexy man!

Rainer75 04/26/2013
What a vain, handsome man! There is nothing to suspend him. This "older" guy really rocks MAP's! Also the camerawork - every nice aspect worth to be seen is to be seen. Great. So: There is more to explore in Sweden than Ikea!

hatetatoos-4-2 04/26/2013
I guess one cannot expect Woody Fox and Jason Harris every week. One must assume some of the members will enjoy this movie and some may find Tomas Brand attractive. I am going to have a single malt scotch and watch "Pure Suit" again.

LORIS 04/26/2013
Awesome body, handsome face - both ooze pure masculinity ! Great solo - love it! Bravo Tomas, greetings to your beautiful country !

Fantastic. I usually am not one for solo scenes but he nails it. What I wouldn't give to have his beautiful cock in my mouth.

otc_socks 04/26/2013
Finally at the last shots you could see some masculine socks but they were brown not black like a masculine man would wear

Tomas Brand is proof that the mature man can be just as attractive and sexy as the 20-somethings. Wow! Handsome face and a body to die for. He is in awesome shape; perfectly sculpted chest and abs; beautiful legs. I'll end now, I'm starting to drool.

WeHoDad 04/27/2013
Great ass Tom and well kept body - thanks for sharing.

olderbutsexy 04/27/2013
Very hot man, very sexy, shredded body. Great to see

Mcleader 04/27/2013
Amazing and very hot. Not usually interested in the solo scenes but this was amazing. More of this guy please ...

suitedattitude 04/27/2013
Another toilet scene, admittedly a bit more believable than last week as it can be hot to risk being caught stripped and wanking (as opposed to two guys having it off stripped which is step too far). I appreciate there is a "market" for this kind of beef

joedoe1000 04/27/2013
Tomas Brand is gorgeous! He has the perfect combination of roughness and softness. Matt/Nacho, you guys selected nice clothing (jacket, tie, blue shirt, pants, brown plain sheer socks and shoes). It was great to see back a full suited actor getting naked

chrispee 04/27/2013
Love this man so much. Hope to see more his videos

maggeo 04/27/2013
Please invest in some new shoes for the models. The ugly pair of brown shoes Thomas Brand is wearing in ths film has been worn by about 20 different models in various films. Also, please use those patten leather boots ONLY in films that involve formal a

I bet he's the Ghost Rider

raven 04/28/2013
T.B. has a simply awsome physique and comes without all the body grafitti, but his solo performance pleasuring himself was somewhat boring. Would enjoy it all the more seeing him perform with another equally stunning model as a bottom or a top. He was sui

joedoe1000 04/28/2013
It will be so hot to see Tomas Brand, Antonio Aguilera and Trenton Ducati in a threesome. All wearing tuxedos, nice knot/butterfly tie, long plain sheer socks (black and gray). All the action in a hotel room on a white linen bed (so sexy). All actors will

axt93smx 04/29/2013
Tomas Brand has got to be the hottest guy around. Damn he is gorgeous. Menatplay need to put him with Woody Fox. That be a real treat. Tomas and Woody be the hottest video put together..

Okay 04/29/2013
Love the way the tie flirt with his dick, only a shame there is no hair there! Thats the only exiting part

Han er grunnen at jeg abonnerte medlemskap igjen! Fantastisk kropp! Han gjør solo så godt! Bare en ting Tomas, hvor er din pen giftering? Jeg har lyst å se han og hans mann igjen med mer rumpe aksjon! Takk så mycket!

jizzlebomb 05/07/2013
This is why the world loves Sweden.

Fantastic. Tomas is amazing. I like his solo better than the other film he did. Just a beautiful, perfectly shaped mature man.

axt93smx 05/19/2013
Tom is the hottest guy in porn. Damn he is gorgeous,,That cock is friggin to die for..

Lucas43 10/31/2013
Perfect man!!! Love his sheer socks!!!

Happyfella 01/29/2014
Sexiest man on the planet ... makes me spunk a load every time ...

arpiefordham 02/22/2014
So fucking sexy!

seahbh 04/27/2015
one helluva hot guy. sharp and sleek looks, 'treacherous' blue eyes and body oozing with sex, i just can't get my eyes off him!! you wish he was naked in bed, waiting for u every night!

chocolatecakes 12/02/2018
Tomas is hot and sexy. I would lick and suck every part of his masculine body, from his toes up to his sexy mouth. I would drop to my knees for him. He is on my bucket list. Yeah buddy!!

stefan 08/25/2022
SEXI- GUT.... :-)