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Movie Comments

everhard12321 01/01/2016
Voyeurism is an excellent way to start the new year, especially when Flex and Enzo Rimenez are doing the gazing. I wish there had been more suit play here but the sensuality between Flex and Enzo--the reverse cowboy in particular--makes up for it. Both men look fine as hell: Flex's butt is always a pleasure to view as are his and Enzo's mountainous pecs. Good work.

Thick85 01/01/2016
Very sexy way to start the new year. Beautiful men enjoying each other, nicely done MAP!!!

jeremy_hunk 01/01/2016
Absolutely agree.

alexwag5 01/01/2016
Thanks MAP for demonstrating why you are a site that stands apart from the rest. All the best for 2016 to everyone!

Craig65 01/01/2016
Horrible scene- no suits or chemistry or turn on. Flex is a boring bottom.

olderbutsexy 01/01/2016
Gracias gents - great work, great to start 2016 with, bravo. And Enzo has to be the new star ... sensitive lover, great fucker with his curved cock, empathetic, great ass and nipples/aureoles to die for ...

dynasty100 01/01/2016
Flex is a hunk and a half

muddysuit 01/02/2016
Isn't it kind of a boring start in 2016... quite disappointed actually: no plot; few scenes with suits; no surprise at all to conclude

pamelanil 01/02/2016
horrible indeed

Rainer75 01/02/2016
What a fulminant start into 2016! Flex is always a stunner with all his masculinity and dark appearance, but Enzo is a real find! He looks so elegant, so sophisticated with his well groomed hands and beard His body is one of the most toned one in the industry! I'm so full and thick of heavy-muscled- and inked steroid-monsters! This guy knows the balance - he's the one who is the absolutly star! Please MAP: I urgently wish a gallery and a one-to-one sequel with Enzo, please!

raven 01/02/2016
You're off to a great start with Flex and Enzo 's 5 star performance today! Thanks and Happy New Year to you all at MAP. RAVEN

LORIS 01/02/2016
Fantastic idea to pair Flex and Enzo - and the idea of telescope... so hot ! Thank you very much, MAP, y very happy 2016 to all ! Loris

bigtoephilly 01/02/2016
The men are hot but the sex is very mechanical. No sensuality. Flex can do so much better than that. They do not even kiss... Not bad but i have seen much better from MP.

bigtoephilly 01/02/2016
The men are hot but the sex is very mechanical. No sensuality. Flex can do so much better than that. They do not even kiss... Not bad but i have seen much better from MP.

robicart 01/02/2016
Why are so many of MAP scenes "one=sided"?

stardusted 01/03/2016
What happen with holiday theme, no tuxedos this past year.

suitedsex100 01/05/2016
More suits please!!! Suits suits suits

menrock 01/05/2016
not enough of the fucking.. wayy too much side fucking/coverage... WOuld like to see more than 5 seconds of the full on penetration...

hotnuts 01/06/2016
there is little to no chemistry between the leads.sure it got me off but only cuz his ass was so hot.

NylonOTCs 01/07/2016
When it comes to "beef" you have two great guys, hands down!...Flex has a beautiful ass and agree that Enzo has pure class going on especially with that HOT curved thick dick! Whoa!!!.... I would of loved to have seen more of Enzo "loose the shoes" and show us some of those hot legs and nylon socks!. Wonder if they were nylon TnT's??? This was good just needed some more showing on Enzo's nice toned body. The theme is great!...No doubt I liked it!...Just needed some extra erotic lower body from Enzo here! Thanks! Map!...Nice Job and love the cite! "Happy New Year's to 2016, MAP!!!, ///... "NylonOTC's"

germansuitguy 01/07/2016

Rainer75 01/07/2016
Yeah! So I wrote earlier. We need a special one to one video with all the delicious things Enzo has to offer - including a long passage wearing his dark suit... mmmh...

coxnsox 01/08/2016
I always enjoysex scenes that inclyde aspects of voyeurism and/or exhibitionism. Given the scene circumstances, I thought the chemistry between these two hot guys was spot on. For me it would have been more erotic if Flex didn't get naked so quickly. Kept hoping Enzo would tear open a hole in the sweats and work Flex over wearing ripped sweats (like MAP did with suits in some of the older movies). My inner sock pig always hopes for the jock/blue collar guy in these mixed scenes to keep his dark colored boot/athletic socks on as well (like in #1209_pt_4526 and 1401_deliver_4150) but I recognize that's a more esoteric fetish desire. Happy New Year to all.

robicart 01/19/2016
Really like Enzo Rimenez. Would like to see him in more movies.

kenetha65 11/20/2016
OMG. These two have such awesome nips. Would love to see them again with a lot more nipple sucking. Yum

robicart 10/03/2018
A really hot moment is when Enzo takes out his dick. Most of the rest is ho hum.