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Movie Comments

hatetatoos-4-2 07/04/2014
This is one of the sexiest films I have ever seen. The kissing and love making in the shower are stimulating. It reminded me of one of my favorite films with Dan Vega and Jeb Wilcox. I loved the way Misha and Dani groomed themselves before they met. The e

pinstripexec10 07/04/2014
Bloody Amazing Wet Action ! Reminded me of the good old days pre MAP when Matt Jordan was in the saddle! Thank you so much.........I know Matt was involved in this one too lol.

joedoe1000 07/04/2014
.this scene was IMPRESSIVE.. I have to forget my fetish when I said these words to you (you know me well). Thanks a lot Misha, you know what means the word SEDUCTION. We need to see you in the future wearing garters and long plain sheer socks - you are o

Matt Jordan 07/04/2014
Haha actually this one was all Ricos idea!! But I was very happy to go along with it obviously

masstiehemd 07/04/2014
I have leave a comment this morning and I d'nt found it.... I send another time : EXCELLENT - for me it is a movie 4 * (stars) to all that I like in the fetishism of the suit and tie is in this sequence: 2 beautiful guys, pleasant and well-dressed. The c

olderbutsexy 07/04/2014
Lovely sex, very cute guys, well done to cast and crew

olderbutsexy 07/04/2014
Lovely sex, very cute guys, well done to cast and crew

Suitsfan 07/04/2014
Joyously sensuous; a masterwork! Two gorgeous, beautifully suited men engaging in loving, teasing, erotic and kinky wet love-making that manages to be joyously happy and sexually arousing in equal measure. Dante and Robles are terrific; my thanks to the

Jon62 07/04/2014
A real winner, this movie. Well done. Great set up and chemistry. More of same please.

NYCfan 07/05/2014
I want to say this in a constructive manner. I know that everyone responds to different types of men/people. MAP seems to be taking a direction where hairy faces and bodies, really hairy everything is taking over. Please know that I LIKE body hair on me

michael28 07/05/2014
fantastic movie. more of this please

elcoyon2000 07/05/2014
all the time the same

azzaro69 07/05/2014

johnnymuscle 07/05/2014
There are a lot of things I like about this scene and about the models. They're both hot, and they seem to have genuine chemistry. The end was a little too messy for me, however. There's sometimes a fine line between sexy, smutty and that which is indecor

sacalumni 07/05/2014
I don't get the whole water and suites thing. No socks... again. :-( The cum scenes where hot. Did I mention no socks? Maybe next week.

NylonOTCs 07/05/2014
Matt and Rico you were superb!...I love the penetration scene..HOT...Both men are beautiful ... next time take off your shoes and suck some HOT nylon socks in all that shower water. Well done, MAP as always!....same comment s as "sacalumni" states here...

coxnsox 07/05/2014
handsome guys, great kissing, but the shower part was a wash out for me - lost all interest when they got wet.

coxnsox 07/05/2014
I agree - you really summed up how I've felt about the last few movies. I joined MAP because they focused on the esoteric side of sexy rather than the common, more trashy side found on countless other sites. I like when they explore business casual and/

moby17 07/05/2014
One of the best in 10 years! Why? They don't act like actors, they don't act like porn "stars", they act like MEN! Authentic as hell, and SENSUAL as heaven! And hey, these two men make me forget about all the others (which is quite an achievement)! And t

masstiehemd 07/05/2014
I have an idea: you can send the making off that session (in the summer it's an economic plan then you have only doing a new editing!!!) and for us - the fans - it's will be another great moment!!!!

suitedattitude 07/05/2014
A pox on the whiners! This is what MAP is about and the best thing since Pure Suit (in fact this seems like Pure Suit 3), deeply sensual and sexy.

soakingwet4life 07/05/2014
Absoluely the best you guys have done in MONTHS. Please post more like this! Loved seeing both get soaked in their smart suits, especially the fact that they stayed wet and fully clothed (for the most part) the entire time. SO HOT! The only thing that wou

tweee 07/05/2014
OMG what a great way to spend a sunny Saturday afternoon, catching up on what MAP does best! This video is one of your all time best in my opinion. Hot looking guys, fantastic make out and groping session while fully suited and the change of pace with t

Suitsfan 07/05/2014
I couldn't agree more! This is classic MAP at its best - and it's what has kept me subscribing since the site's launch, as well. The setting is deceptively simple, but the suits, shirts, ties and shoes look great, the guys are gorgeous, and the sexual i

cactusman26 07/06/2014
Handsome men, convincing action but practically fully clothed; not for me MAP..

jmchc68000 07/06/2014
Very hot but I would have seen them more wet...

jbuechel 07/06/2014
More wet and messy fully clothed and suited please

raven 07/07/2014
TURN ON with Misha and Dani is a 5 star production in my opinion. The men are well groomed with business haircuts , trimmed beards, manicured nails.Dani has a subtle ear piercing; his tats are concealed .I'm confused about Misha's natural hair color but h

eiswirth821 07/07/2014
Ridiculously hot; a favorite for sure. Love the wet clothes fantasy. More of that and Dani, please.

suitstudda 07/07/2014
There is not much to say, but outstanding. What a beautiful combination. Keep up the Good Work! What way to celebrate 12 years.

joedoe1000 07/07/2014
I m sure MAP will bring back both and Dani wil have the oppportunity of taking Misha's best asset.

joedoe1000 07/07/2014 time for socks!

joedoe1000 07/07/2014
Pure sensuality,,,so well done!

moby17 07/08/2014
It's so obvious that Dani is THE man to bring the next months/years. He looks sensually innocent while still being 10x more male than all the rest. Do you need any ideas to exploit this innocent male side of him? Why not putting both together in a monaste

stardusted 07/08/2014
More dani,needed to see brown shoes and socks more close ups.

slowdive 07/08/2014
pure sensuality!

Parkinson 07/09/2014
Misha is so incredibly hot. He's driving me crazy here.

Suitsfan 07/09/2014
(PS: I can't help wondering whether, after the filming stopped, sexy MAP founder Matt got pulled into the shower for a soaking as well?!? It would certainly have been more than deserved, as a reward for 12 glorious years of MAP - and the production of on

ilst 07/10/2014
What a turn on! After a minute or two it is clear how appropriately titled this movie is. The slow kissing and grabbing is incredibly sensual and for the rest I totally agree with "Suitsfan". Congratulations to this absolute masterpiece and kudos to two e

kbmack1 07/10/2014
sexy! but is it too much to ask for a shot panned out so we could appreciate his slacks around his ankle and OTC's to his knees?

bryanroger 07/28/2014

raven 08/07/2014
Always a pleasure to return to Misha and Dani in Turn On again and again! Raven

suit77 08/09/2014
This is your stuff, guys!! Moooooooooooooooore!!! Shame you only feature hot wet/messy vids once a month or even less.... Just look at the comments, it says it all:)

joedoe1000 08/24/2014
I can imagine Dani Robles and DEnis Vega as the priest wearing black gowns and sheer socks with nice black shoes helping stressed manager Misha looking for answers to his life.

flagstaf 10/02/2014
Wonderful oral/facials.

robicart 12/03/2014
Way too much face sucking!

raven 12/30/2014
Misha and Dani enjoying each other in the shower is one of your hottest and most passionate pairings of the past year! I would definitely enjoy seeing them together again in 2016. HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone at MAP! Raven

raven 12/30/2014
Misha and Dani enjoying each other in the shower is one of your hottest and most passionate pairings of the past year! I would definitely enjoy seeing them together again in 2016. HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone at MAP! Raven

southerngent29 08/25/2015
Love everything about it. Need more underwear, though. And a more thorough wetting from the shower.

Sherman 11/29/2015
Shower the best...need more shower action in other series. A turn on.

toolelover 12/05/2015
Great! Loved the cum eating at the end by two very sexy men. Just wish we could have seen their hairy chests a little.

raven 05/02/2016
it has been more than a year since we had the highly erotic pairing of Misha and Dante performing in the shower suited up to perfection and giving their all to each other. Couldn't you have them back for an encore performance at your studio. They were a h

raven 10/26/2016
Great to view Misha and Dani in the shower enjoying one another and giving each other great facials. They are so sensual soaked in their well tailored business attire. Please keep on inviting them back for an encore performance! RAVEN

joedoe1000 11/27/2016
shower scene as lame and common....I think was exciting and unique!

makelake 03/04/2017
This scene is the best. Dani and Misha... It's the perfect match.! Loveee it..

tom210963 12/17/2017
richtig goil, wenn die beiden abspritzen, komme dann selbst

raniesuit 01/21/2018
Fantastic, sensual, slow, cool, stylish, sexy.....

loveinsuits 01/28/2018
Need more like this! oh it got me so horny

Richie2675 08/15/2018
Dani and Misha are very hot but hated this scence

raven 11/07/2018
Quite enjoyable to watch one of MAP's best pairing of hot,well groomed and well endowed models pleasure each other with awesome facials in the shower again. Misha's presence is greatly missed and it is great to see Dani work opposite an equally groomed

robicart 06/11/2019
Dani is so hot. And he loves dick. And I love to watch him suck dick and get fucked. I love Dani.