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Movie Comments

Suitman63 02/15/2019
This goes some of the way of other glory hole/sex club movies but not far enough - Hector got splattered in cum before even getting down to the suit on fucking and in the Sling the trousers were suitably ripped open - it's as if Emir could not really get turned on enough here. Nice mess at the end though.

colik 02/15/2019
Best movie in months. Finally a man power dressed and used hard. Love the turning of the tables.

masstiehemd 02/15/2019
I like it when the action happens in a crusing, with this gloomy athmosphere, little enlightened. we look in the cabins cock in action, those already masturbate, voyeurs, we slip the hand on the buttocks available .... good atmosphere! and when by chance we meet another suit and tie it will be the foot !!! because the Cosume and Tie in these glaucous places are rare! luckily Men At Play goes beyond our fantasies and makes us live a good sequence! even though I have reservations about the other partner with his multiple tattoos !. There have been on Map very good videos on this theme ... Another weakness, the jets sperm are not fantastic, where we expect to get splattered in cum on the tie and we see that the the gentleman with suit and tie expects more

masstiehemd 02/15/2019
but the guys, currently, do not have wonderful jets of cum ... where is my favorite actor Hector da Silva ???? will we see him again one day

Jo2chris4 02/15/2019
I have been missing Mr. Hector de Silva too. He looks so hot and perfeckt in a well dressed Suit and Tie. And he is a great F*cker. I always loved his action at MAP. And by the way, the movie this week is not bad. Mr. Boscatto is very well dressed and nice drenched in cum. Thanks MAP.

mtmslg 02/16/2019
Not for me. Too tattoo-ey and not nearly messy enough.

musclefucks 02/16/2019
REAL hot sex, lovely guys ... Emir is the real miracle

admin 02/16/2019
Yes we miss Hector too but unfortunately for now he has decided not to do any more porn work. We hope he will change his mind. Rico

Rainer75 02/17/2019
Men and no twinks, thank you. Realistic setting and realistic plot - that happens every day in every business city. One feels familiar and well. I hope one day a hunk like Emir would appear in a Hamburg darkroom! Simply his veiny paws are worth every sin. A real jack-off material. Very well done!

eiswirth821 02/18/2019
Too many godawful tattoos and not enough cum. One star.

Jo2chris4 02/22/2019
Dear Rico, thanks for your reply answer. Keep up your good work on MAP. We wish Mr. Hecor de Silva all the best and love to watch the movies with him. It is always a big pleasure to watch a movie with him. :-) Mr. de Silva, the MAP-Familiy thank you for your good work here. Jo from Gemany