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Movie Comments

loveinsuits 08/18/2017
Never knew Johan would be so hot, love the new haircut.

marosatin 08/18/2017

Suitman63 08/18/2017
It's the right idea but then the execution lets it down. Needs more verbal from the boss, threats of humiliation, forced spunking and performing, etc. The guys are hot but the chemistry is lacking. As is so often the case, the idea never gets followed through beyond the first few minutes.

musclefucks 08/18/2017
Mmmmm - not really quite up to your usual standard. Nice long cock for fucking on Manuel though

LORIS 08/18/2017
The title is misleading - I don't find this boss a tyrant; he does everything to please his employee...

barneylincoln 08/18/2017
Jesus H. Johan, I only told you to wash your hair, not get scalped! what a mess! Mr. Skye is a new name to me, a bit of a sexy dad, lovely bod, unfortunately he seems to be doing all the work here, but I do like the necktie on the penis trick!! and of course the condom stretched on a large dick always pleases me. Pair him with Carter or Flex next time please!

stagboi23 08/19/2017
This has got Denis Vega written all over it again...shit editing! Zero story line! Terrible title as the boss has zero tyranny in him - Jesus I've seen more tyranny from a stray cat or a sock...I mean ya man gives himself up with no questions or the boss asserting dominance at all! The guys get out of their suits faaaaaaar to quick! I mean I genuinely just scrolled through as it's so boring that I didn't even get hard! It's just poor quality on everything and as we've all come to learn at this point anything this bad has to come from one director wannabe and we have asked you numerous times NOT TO ALLOW HIM TO DIRECT MOVIES ON THIS SITE ANYMORE - unless your plan is to loose all subscribers and go broke!!! Terribly disappointing!!! JUST AWFUL!!!!

topsuitedgam 08/19/2017
Why unbutton and suit off?

mtmslg 08/19/2017
Bad, real bad.

everhard12321 08/19/2017
I agree. It seems Johan makes poor hairstyle choices. He either looks like a stoner or a neo-Nazi.

Sherman 08/19/2017
This is "now" the worst video and not to much expression from either of them. No chemistry between them........just a fucking bad video...................................THIS IS A BAD VIDEO.........................................".......................................................................NOT ATTRACTIVE MEN.

Rainer75 08/19/2017
For me Mr. Kane has been the most unattractive guy at MAP's ever - no matter with long fatty hair or showings his pimples with nazi-style. Sorry Mr. Kane, you might be the nicest hunk on earth but you belong to an kinkier site! Mr. Skye is hot to watch - like his nasty molfes-eyes. Hope he will stay longer in your stable... A pity he couldn't "save" the vid. The film for me has been a desaster. Plot, camera, chemistry - everything. Seems you really run off of ideas and inspiration. Rico, you can invite me now to leave this site but I'm a member sinse the beginning. The only target I have is to make MAP survive! Do you want any Ideas - just let me know - you have my webmail.

tavuna08 08/19/2017
Bad. no kiss. no socks. no shoes.

NylonOTCs 08/19/2017
Loose the shoes, NOT!!! the socks, man!!!! ... Good looking guys no doubt!..And nice head from Manuel with his hot suck action for sure on Johan. mmmmmmmmm!!!

Nasanaz84 08/20/2017
The Best

myfyp2 08/20/2017
Manuel Skye is hot!

actor117 08/20/2017
This is quite possibly the worst video you have produced in quite a while. It seemed as if were a throw back to the age of bad, uninspired gay porn. You know the knock at the door, 'hey I'm the plumber you called I'm here to snake your drain' variety....Truly bad acting-they're too many adult performers who can act, don't give lines to those who can't (unless your aim is to make them look bad). Painful the whole thing.

Sherman 08/20/2017
THIS IS THE "WORST" VIDEO YOU ALL HAVE MADE FOR has such bad performers............. Zero rating.

zulugulf 08/22/2017
I liked the scenario but it did not feel like the boss was all that tyrannical. The suits were both nice but there was no sexual chemistry between the models.

Bauer_ 08/22/2017
suits are OK at best. While I don't expect Glen plaid, (much too too to) much or heavens Prince of Wales check, some beyond the super 100s, super 180s cumrag might turn a meh shoot into something a little, how shall I say, something less demcratic? Cheers boys!

stardusted 08/24/2017
Johan looks better, but no socks suck.

Sherman 08/26/2017
This is still the "worst" more to say..