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Movie Comments

haven't seen it yet but am totally excited to.

suitstudda 02/18/2011
What a take. I like this one. Can't wait for the continuation of the Scandal. When is that coming Matt Jordan or Rico?

nice movie... but i like Scandal more then Entry

Rainer75 02/18/2011
The "Oral Office"! First Monica Lewinsky and now MAP! Sometimes porn can be funny !

I LOVE the concept's originality!!! When it comes to porn, you guys EXCEL in plots and storylines.....I LOVE IT!! Keep up the good work with the sock close the clarity and attention to detail!!!! Oh, last but not least, ALEX MARTE is the SHIT!

Send Alex to my place next! Lucky Ben!

Screenplay was boring. Next time: Alex should keep shirt on (tattoo is annoying), slow down scene transition, Ben should wear better socks (not the regular gold toe old fashion ones). Don't get me wrong, Ben and Alex are awesome, but this movie was not fo

Matt Jordan 02/19/2011
basically the socks were wrong so you didnt like it

tiedupsuit 02/19/2011
Great movie. Ben probably couldn't sit for a week after that pounding.

There have been some great movies of late but this is not one of them - the idea is sort of ok and it plays to Axel's strengths (being a monosyllabic fuck machine) but it's too fantastical to believe and compared with the likes of Conner and Dean who do t

Some of us are getting sick to death of Alex, surely there must be some more tops to go round.

Anything with Alex Marte is great as far as I'm concerned - the guy is absofuckinlutely gorgeous! So beautiful and sexy and hunky and - what can I say - bring it on Alex - you can do no wrong boy. (What an arse!) Please stay hairy Alex - don't shave any m

sparty 02/19/2011
The guy is a sock freak.

is ben also top?

Matt Jordan 02/19/2011
no one else seems to complain about Alex.

nice butts too!

wow two of my 3 favorites together in one movie!, (Damien Crosse being the other one- where is he these days?) I don't agree with the comments about the tattoos, i love them! I find the comments about socks really annoying - why don't you guys join a

My criticism wants constructive thus explanatory and risks to be long. Your last opus is very well and every "fetishist" can meet the nude and the guy in suit there, socks, shoes, developed the muscle, slave-master .. There are two aspects on which I want

Brilliant. you guys are artists of porn. My fantasy vis a vis your genius: best bottoms (they love to get fucked, they are hungry for good cock and know how to show it and enjoy it): Marco Blaze and Ben Brown. Champion bottoms. Champion tops: Julian Vince

MAP statisfy many fetish desires (suits, tie, socks, shoes, and even tattoos..which you like). Each "fetish" member can provide suggestions on how to improve the films. Matt is a mature guys and accepts criticism. I already know about the other sock fetis

Rainer75 02/20/2011
And I wish somebody would stuff a sock into his mouth and we would have a little bit time of peace and silence! He gets on my nerves!


I second that! Alex...stay hairy....totally the hottest on here. There is a uncanny resemblance to Ricky Martin...!

I would love to see the guys in there underwear as well as the suits, socks, ties, shirts. Seeing Ben Browns ass confined in a nice pair of black aussie bum briefs could make me cum with anticipation.

a m a z i n g

Awesome! Two of my favorite MAP models.


Rainer75 02/23/2011
... and Angela Merkel!

Alex is a God and Ben is really growing on me fast. Alex not a big dick but who cares when he fucks hard. Ben came loads. So good. Love Italians! and I am starting to see English as sexy.

Pleeeeease keep the socks on.more...Ben looks so good getting fucked in Black socks...cheers guys..

Great acting by handsome actors! Alex's way of dominating is really amazing. All in all a stunning exciting film!

llewmike 03/04/2011
Come on guys! We know Ben Brown is a fantastic bottom but Alex Marte is beautiful but no top! Get him back on the bottom with a huge cock up his ass where it belongs!

I've been a member here for about 6 months or so now and this site has always kept me entertained and in awe of how exciting good looking sexy men can be. Recently i have hit a low point in my life. I found out a patch of skin on my face near my eye and n

I am sure everyone on here will wish you well with the treatment fbhwes - I had something similar 5 years ago and now you cannot tell I had surgery.

Rainer75 03/06/2011
To be sexy doesn't mean to be " handsome" and having a virgin like face. Doesn't matter how it looks like afterwards - main point is you are well again! Real importance has your personality, your repercussion, your humour and quickness at repartee - every

Thanks for that i really appreciate the encouragement

I will Rainer75 each day my situation gets a little better and when folks like you take time to wish me well it makes it that much better. So, thank you

This whole site is a fetish site--primarily for suits, but also for ties,socks etc. You say you like tatoos--bit of a fetish right there. So why get so bothered by those who like the socks ??

And this is worse than a suit freak ???

There are many, many men - including some on this site - that are not "conventionally handsome" but are tremendously sexy ! Sexiness has to do with the whole person, not just some sort of "movie star" face. And a sexy man with some sort of scar or blemish

Hot- would love to see Alex spank Ben OTK until his ass is bright red and then fuck him. These guys are HOT together.

Alex is the hottest guy on the web....... Would surrender to him in an instant....

HOT HOT!! Another great Alex Marte film!! Ben is a sexy man too :-)

Ben no longer has a model profile. Is he no longer affiliated with Men At Play ? Has his commitment been fufilled ? I sure hope we see him somewhere again. Whatever he goes on to i wish him well ! I really liked and admired that young man.

Can't go wrong with someone as hot as Alex. Love it when he tops!

great movie

And, who wouldn't want to top Ben's ass. The man has a GORGEOUS butt, ready to be eaten, devoured and dominated.

This one is even HOTTER the second time around! Ben Brown is so devilish in the way he toys with Alex Marte. Alex plays a great role as the stoic trying-to-be-disinterested security officer until Ben finally pushes all the right buttons. Alex fucks like

Alex Marte does have a body of the gods and he plays a great stoic security officer. Ben Brown teases the officer til he finally has enough and fucks Ben Brown like an animal. I would love to be in line to be the next one Alex Marte fucks. Great Scene and

I would agree with bigbadbuelah this is HOT, HOT and two sexy too boot!

beautiful42 10/04/2011
Ben +Alex are so hot in that scene that I loved them anyway..............

Very sensual beginning (that is when ben starts toying with alex)!

Don't get why this is so highly rated?

Alex's facial expression and deep breathing as he resist Ben's advances while having to stand still as guard is soooo.... EPIC! I love it.


olderbutsexy 08/18/2012
Alex is the ultimate, the hottest performer you have, and pairing him with Ben Brown is a stroke of genius

i would like to have a bodyguard, n get fucked everyday, so horny....

why arent the videos loading?

Ben Brown has the sweetest little ass in porn..

Okay 03/09/2013
Great work Ben, your moaning and small outburst make it more exiting. A shame you lost the necktie

rckurr 04/10/2014
Some good hard fucking with two hot men. I wish the camera could have gotten a closeup of the penetration.

luther5 04/19/2015
Loved the beginning of this film. I was hoping that Ben would have undressed hunk security guard Alex and the way down to his dress shoes and stockings....that would have been hot, Alex standing stocially as all his clothes were removed. Perhaps this co

Paul351 06/17/2018
I agree with Luther. Slowly strip him and jerk him off while he just stood there