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Movie Comments

musclefucks 04/21/2017
Wow! What a great film! Gabriel is a god, Alex a superstar; what's not to worship? Huge thanks to all concerned

hugo2014 04/22/2017
so good!!! Love how he worships the Spanish Adonis. So damn sexy!

Sherman 04/22/2017
Boring again............nothing for me to say. Boring cocks and no hair around their motors. Not sexy. Boring video...........

LeoMap15 04/22/2017
It was still hot. You must watch A LOT of porn to be so jaded.

LeoMap15 04/22/2017
I liked this video a lot. I like seeing Alex Mecum bottom more than top, but he was hot to look at. Gabriel Lunna is...nice. I am a fan of a passionate make out session, so this could have needed a bit less lust, and a bit more connection. They were hot though.

NylonOTCs 04/22/2017
Terrific job, Guys!!!...I loved it. WOW!!!...Alex nibbling sucking on those HOT nips of Gabriel's ....Magnificent job Alex has the right name, "Me Cum" LOL!!! nipples sucked on, licked devoured like Alex lunched out on!!!...Nice good looking guys....Hot Sex, Socks and Cocks!!!....mmmmmmmmmm..Juicy Triple Decker!!!....Thanks! MAP!!...Give us more of Alex and Gabriel please!!!

everhard12321 04/22/2017
When Menatplay gets it right they get it SO right. Flawless, untatted bodies; shoe worship; flip fucking; a believable plot--"Undisclosed" gets everything right and randy. I would trade places with Gabriel Lunna (check out that gaping booty hole!) or Alex Mecum in a second. Matt Jordan and his partners seem to be listening to our collective requests and criticisms. Anyone who can't come hard to this film needs to cancel their subscription. Ten out of ten!

Sherman 04/22/2017
Tried watching it again, sucking of cocks, just a lot of fucking, no hair around their cocks, not sexy men. Poor video.

joedoe1000 04/22/2017
The scene is kind of complex and have pros and cons. PROS: Alex Mecum is great in the art of seduction. I was surpirsed on how he works on nipples, ass and socked feet CONS: the socks were terrible, MAP needs to go back to elegant sheer socks and garters. PROS: Gabriel is a very strong masculine man CONS: Gabriel and Alex needs to stop shaving hair. Hair is something so attractive and drive us crazy to watch on chest, arm pits and ass. PROS: It was good to see comfortable furniture in this scene so actors can perform doggy position without hurting their knees. CONS: The place is overdecorated and distracted our eyes from the action. Same thing with camera view, we really want to see action in color and not thru the eye of a camera. PROS: The positions assumed by actors were great and hot CONS: They don't have big dicks (as other actors) in order to have a super performance. Anyway, Thanks MAP for this scene!

Hmmbear 04/25/2017
So perfect! Finally. The men, the scene, nipples. Hmmm! Thank-you.

stevenh83 04/26/2017
wish he would have deepthoated the cum out of alex then sucked him dry

raven 04/27/2017
Pretty hot sex performed by gorgeous looking men. The only thing I found a bit nauseating was Alex licking the bottom of Gabriel's shoe! Alex and Gabriel are enjoyable to watch without reservations. Would like to see them again. RAVEN

robertoromano60 05/04/2017
Great!!! Gabriel needs to stop shaving hair. Alex is great in the art of seduction, especially when he works on socked feet. More scenes like that, please!

rickdick 09/18/2017
LOVE that black socks/ shoe licking smelling kissing scene best,,, we need many more of those!!

shinysho 11/08/2017
Very hot, especially the dress shoe licking :)

soxpower55 11/12/2017
Wish the shoe and sock worship would have gone to foot worship.

rickdick 12/07/2017
Those blacks socks are amazing!! soooo hot to see the sock and shoe smelling/worship! we need to see more :)

actor117 08/05/2018
I've never been an Alex Mecum fan- until he went down on those socks and shoes--I might have to change my mind!