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Movie Comments

loosetie13 11/17/2017
Incredible! What a stunning outfit Axel is wearing. If you don’t mind me asking, where’s his shirt and tie from? I think the sartorial elegance the guys are getting fucked in is what really sets MaP apart.

masstiehemd 11/17/2017
Excellent video - completed - everything is for a good enjoyment there. Partner ® are very well with one of my preferred Hector de Silva-very beautiful suits- Magnificent tie especially that of Axel Max and finally beautiful cum shot on the tie and collar of Axel as can do Hector..... Hummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Thanks the Team . We do not grow tired ........again and again.......

suitedcboy 11/17/2017
Hector never disappoints. Incredible movie. Obviously good sex for both and for the audience too. You can't watch this and not be aroused.

Suitman63 11/17/2017
You asked what we want and this is it! The suits stay on, the cum flies... I do not wish to disparage any of the others, they are all great in their own right, but Hector is in a class of his own on this site. His star is rising so reward him well.

Jon62 11/17/2017
Nice one. Good that the suits stayed on and that Axel got his suit, shirt and tie well messed up. Hector is always mighty sexy. Like it when he gets messed up too - though didn't happen so much this time. Great story line though !

musclefucks 11/17/2017
Beautiful Hector never disappoints, well done guys. I myself like more nudity myself, but the fetishists will be ecstatic!

Kaiserxx 11/18/2017
Just like those religious fanatics, hiding their their secrets behind religion.

skibutt 11/18/2017
I do like this a hell of a lot. Nothing hotter than a white shirt and tie splattered with cum. Hector and Alex sure know how to make it steamy and erotic. More, more , more!!!!

skibutt 11/18/2017
Hey Menatplay fans, This truly is an excellent film and what we suit fetishists savor. Let's show Matt and the MAP crew some love and appreciation. !!!

stardusted 11/18/2017
Hector de silva=bello

CutawayShirt 11/18/2017
That's 100 % Menatplay.

mtmslg 11/18/2017
Cheeky premise! And thank you for keeping the suits on. Not just because it was HOT but also because we didn't need to be reminded how handsome Hector has shellacked his torso with ridiculous tattoos.

Sherman 11/18/2017
Matt.....This is a “boring movie”. Hector and Axel were not exciting with Axel small cock and no hair around his cock. Bodies were not exciting as we did not be able to appreciate their bodies nude and see the muscles. Axel had a boring his cum shot was the pay attention to your recent video of”Seth & Manuel” Check in—-Check out where these two gentlemen had great “hairy” cocks and good chemistry between them. Seth had the best ass and asshole that has ever been see like this with great photography and needless to say, look at his hairy cock and great body. Well executed, JC...........You have a winner with this video, check In and Check Out. Again, this video is boring with Axel sounds as he is in pain being fucked by Hector. Hectors cock is not that large..........with all of Axels groaning....................

Suitman63 11/18/2017
Sherman shut up, you have banged on about another movie on that movie's page already and now you drag it all up again here. Besides that you are just plain wrong and obsessing over a particular model and trying to skew the whole site. Enjoy what you enjoy by all means but leave the rest of us to what we enjoy.

zulugulf 11/19/2017
A completely agree with these sentiments.

metce324 11/19/2017
another great one - suits mostly on the entire time, would love if shoes stayed on too!

raven 11/19/2017
I enjoyed the script, setting, grooming of Hector and Axel and their overall appearance. Hector truly" creamed" Axel with his stupendous climax; more potency from Axel would have been appreciated I suppose. I would have enjoyed seeing more skin showing from this pairing before Hector backed off completing his lesson with his proselytizing visitor. Overall, it was pretty interesting I thought. Thank you. RAVEN

Suitsocks 11/19/2017
WOW! Amazing I hope we see more of Axel, maybe next time he is doing the sock licking! Great Clip!

barneylincoln 11/19/2017
Another great show MAP!! I've never been lucky enough to be visited by a Christian Councillor as well dressed as Axel, let alone get him in the Missionary Position. As for complaints regarding "not enough flesh..small cocks" etc. this is Men at Play here, different suits, different men but always very sexy One last it in Hector's contract to always wear pants two sizes too small? love..Barney.

eiswirth821 11/20/2017
It's too bad Axel barely shot a drop -- quite a disappoint. Thank God Hector came through with one of his explosive cumshots. Loved the storyline and videography.

NylonOTCs 12/03/2017
Hector, is one of the best on this cite!!!...Fucks like no tomorrow!!!...want to see more of his nylon feet while fucking!....Just wondering why the guys don't take at least their shoes off when in the "heat of the moment"....could see those HOT nylon socks popping thru on Hector.!!!...Axel is a doll. nice face and smile on him. .... Thanks!!! MAP

RQUEST 01/20/2018
Business men doing each other in their suits, socks and shoes is so HOT! Thanks MAP! Hector is a staple. I enjoyed watching his videos on vacation. WHOA! ALL his videos.