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Movie Comments

stardusted 12/21/2018
Yass, robbie Rojo is back

pornboy1 12/21/2018
Robbie in Gold Toes is incredible! love

thesarmz 12/22/2018
why is the cover picture is not the included on the scene? robbie looks sexier on the cover

musclefucks 12/22/2018
Fuck me, such hot sex; thanks guys! What a pounding Robbie got, Salvador sure knows how to fuck,and he's a wild lover. Plus a big orgasm for the shoe fetishists. Feliz Navidad amigos x

brian74 12/22/2018
Excellent movie! More of both models please!!!

Hmmbear 12/22/2018
Thank-you for the 30sec. of nipple attention.

masstiehemd 12/22/2018
it starts well, it ends badly, the two boys undress, no tie and the shirt half defeat. For me it's a bad video that does not make me enjoy ..... and even the game with socks is very accessory! I'm going to repeat myself But for Christmas day or New Year's day you're not going to offer a hot session with Hector de Silva or the old and good ejaculator Harris Louis? We must hang on to continue to be faithful to this site ..... merry christmas to the team and no hard feelings

johnnyt43 12/22/2018
Yey!! Robbie is Robbie, merry christmas.. MAP

Macnbrd3 12/22/2018
Great film. Robbie is so beautiful and sexy, as is Salvador. Sheer socks need to make an occasional return, however.

jake2064 12/25/2018
Excellent stuff. Robbie looks good.. Would love to see him with Diego Reyes

keoni 12/25/2018
Yeah, more sheer OTC's. MAP are you listening? There's a lot more sheer socks on 'Just saying.

The Little Gay Boy 12/29/2018
I like this movie. I do. But why is the poster for Unwrapped, with Robbie sitting on Salvador's lap, with his butt showing in his suit pants, and Salvador's hand on his butt, not a scene in the movie!!!!???? This is, second to the nudity and sex, the hottest scene in the movie leading up to the sex, and yet it is not a scene in the movie. Hot men, with their butts bent over and tightened in suit pants, is one of the hottest and sexiest things!!!!! Well, it is really only hot if the men actually have butts.

The Little Gay Boy 12/29/2018
Salvador should have been rubbing and squeezing Robbie's butt while Robbie sat on him in the movie itself. The poster should have been a scene in the movie.

Federico69 01/20/2019
More of Robbie...don't want to wait a full year to see him...he also needs to fuck more...would love to see his LONG hard dick being used....He has grown very manly since his first you Robbie!

Trnka27 11/09/2019
wow...this one is great