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Movie Comments

tiedupsuit 01/27/2017
How dirty did the suit jacket get after being thrown onto the garage floor? Love it when the suit gets messed up.

Rainer75 01/27/2017
Sorry, but I'm bored of always the same spanish actors.

Matt Jordan 01/27/2017
You don't like spanish people?

Rainer75 01/27/2017
I love them! I love their culture, their hospitality, their food and architecture, their breathtaking cities and imprerssive landscapes. I love to have warm-hearted friends in Madrid and Malaga, I own a signature graphic from Picasso. They got the most handsome Royal of all Europe and the friendliest open gay scene of the world (La Chueca, for example). I adore the latin machismo sex-appeal and the men's flaming eyes - love how to wear thick black hair on their chests, heads and veiny hands and even the taste of their "leche"!!! And it was A X E L, who made me a MAP-consumer from the beginning of MAP. There never has been a more erotic stallion in your stable - and he is spanish! But I don't like week after week the same interchangeable guys doing always the same: A half-hearted compulsion, a bit kissing, lots of rimming and a final fuck! In this turn. And with spanish actors getting their bread of charity - all that in a decoration of a (spanish) fotonovela! And no - I don't wait for firework out of your actors asses! I wait for better stories and more diversity of men! That's all. And I'm absolutly sure you have the power to arrange that and you will get more and more winning prices in the future. Just try harder and sometimes listen to the subscribers.

musclefucks 01/27/2017
Good sex, good chemistry, thanks guys ... KK is a fucking machine and Sunny takes cock like a star, so responsive and both such passionate kissers. Lovely stuff, but yes, a blond or two would be fun ;)

Sherman 01/28/2017
WOW, each have a large, long cock that we enjoyed seeing. However, became very boring as all we did was fuck his ass. Give us more of a story like. You have done in the pass. Nothing to exciting with the cum scene with their long cocks.

ScuffedShoes 01/28/2017
Wow, and not in a good way. What could have been a very interesting and sexy scene at the beginning went right for the suck and fuck in less than 2 minutes. Getting tired of seeing the same scenes played out over and over and over again. Even the draw of the well suited man is being ignored. It's all about how quickly you can get them undressed and down to business. Beautiful men, boring presentation.

505map 01/28/2017
Is MAP a spanish site now?

HERBST08 01/28/2017
love the man's white socks.

Matt Jordan 01/28/2017
now? Yes mainly. Well for the past 3 years since we moved to Spain

Matt Jordan 01/28/2017
Enzo Rimenez is French, Dato Foland is Russian, Mike de Marco is American, Kayden Gray is Polish, Sunny Colucci has only appeared on Menatplay 3 times, and Sebastian Reiss is a brand new model. All these models appeared on Menatplay in the last Month. We have diversity of Men and diversity of story lines; A doctor taking advantage of a junior doctor only to have the tables turned on him, Enzo RImenez who's always been a total top on Menatplay finally gets fucked by Dato Foland, A fetish film about obsession with a guys clothes in CTRL+C . Again, this diversity of scenarios and storylines within the last month. We do listen to subscribers but only if their argument is based on fact.

Suitsocks 01/28/2017
Hot ! Would have been better to see Sunny with a mouth full of Kleins sock feet, maybe we will see some sock service soon?

505map 01/28/2017
:( Enzo and Hector are more attractive than those Spanish guys who don't fit in those suits. I am agree with Rainer75.

skibutt 01/28/2017
Hey Matt, It is Andy from the U.S....long time no chat. Just wanted to say that you are doing a terrific job. The site is one of the best in the world and we have you and your partners/crew to thank for that. I am one of your biggest fans and always will be. Enough said!

sparty 01/28/2017
Totally agree. Love the kissing. Great video.Thanks Matt.

sockswpb 01/28/2017
just ok. could have been better

hornymancholudo 01/29/2017
Wow what a great scene, two of the best sensual models, I came three times in a row, more scenes of that type, adore the kisses at the end before they came, loved that everything that kissed his armpits, congratulations definitely a burning scene, but so please . I hope someday even if there was a scene of men in thong

hornymancholudo 01/29/2017
and Matt you are doing an excellent job, keep going, Congratulatios

pamelanil 01/30/2017
i love klein 's underwear and suit..what brand?

abc123123 01/31/2017
how to cancel my id?i use credit card

joedoe1000 02/05/2017
Up a Gear is a terrible not even 10% of AUTOFORNICATION with Dani Robles and Denis Vega.

joedoe1000 02/05/2017
Go to Support at the bottom of the screen and look for cancel subscription. Hope sheer socks are back at MAP soon!

joedoe1000 02/05/2017
I thought this was a site dedicated to suited men....not to sports

joedoe1000 02/05/2017
Spanish actors are hot in long Spanish sheer socks from Corte Ingles!

harvey 02/06/2017
I don't get all the complaints. I thought this video was outstanding. It was passionate and there was a strong connection between the two men. I thought Klein and Sunny were very well matched. Enjoyed all the kissing and I especially enjoyed the final scene where Klein is on top of Sunny and they are kissing passionately. As usual MAP, great job!

Sherman 03/11/2017
Boring with small cocks & no pubic hair... No theme is this video.

Sherman 03/11/2017
Boring with small cocks & no pubic hair... No theme is this video.

robicart 05/07/2017
Klein Kerr and Sunny Colucci are both hot, hot, hot; but this scene doesn't measure up to the potential.

Tristram20 06/19/2017
I agree, it was a perfect video

robicart 10/10/2018
Two hot guys, but camera work could have been better.

ROBICART 08/30/2019
It just doesn't get much better than having two of the hottest guys having sex.

Trnka27 11/17/2019
Love guys with large, masculine noses and both of these dudes have needs more seduction.....the action starts too to have a build up...but these are two very hot men

ROBICART 05/22/2020
Two of the greatest guys, ever. Such a well done movie, also.