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Movie Comments

505cents 08/07/2015

everhard12321 08/07/2015
Gorgeous suits and equally gorgeous men. This has been a summer full of new talent for Menatplay. Each model is devastatingly handsome and wears a suit well. "Upgraded", in particular, lights my fire. Though it comes across like an deleted scene from a Te

everhard12321 08/07/2015
One more thing: I love how Flex is a part of this film even though he isn't in it. Just goes to show the impact he has made on this site, gay porn, and the alternative reality Menatplay has created over the years.

olderbutsexy 08/07/2015
Great movie, gents, gracias! Massimo with the tan looks exquisite in that suit. Out of it, he gives great culo, and Hector is a star fucker ... definitely a keeper ... really good sex :)

joedoe1000 08/07/2015
Scene proves that Massimo is better as a bottom than top. Great casting finding Hector, he is an excellent top performer. Otherwise I miss long sheer sock on Massimo or Hector (but that is something that I don't have control) and will be great if actors d

LORIS 08/07/2015
What happened with sound this time ? It disappears after 6 minutes and is back again but only after 10 minutes ! It's a pity as porn without sound is like food without salt.

Matt Jordan 08/07/2015
We are not getting any loss of sound here? Is this when you play the streaming version or a download? Matt

Frankr0d 08/08/2015
How cool there is a choice of Full HD for MAP scenes?

jsalzr15 08/08/2015
Hot- I'll see this again!

raven 08/08/2015
Performing with Hector de Silva in" Upgraded" Massimo Piano is the best of his three appearances with MAP. Let us now have Massimo giving and receiving with an equally handsome and versatile player.. Nice set, suits, well groomed men . Hector's ear ring

NylonOTCs 08/08/2015
Really "really", good, MAP!!!...Just PERFECT!!!.....This has to be one of the hottest sex scenes I have seen on here!...Hector and Massimo are truly HOT HOT (and I will say it again!) "HOT" MEN AT PLAY!!!...put some OTC's on Massimo next time and maybe le

robicart 08/08/2015
Hector de Silva is quite hot and this movie with Massimo Piano is extra good!.

hugo2014 08/08/2015

pamelanil 08/09/2015
where to get Massimo suit ?please

Matt Jordan 08/09/2015
It was from Marks and Spencer in the UK Matt

craigdb 08/09/2015
do you not ever do a movie again when both men end up naked???????

Matt Jordan 08/09/2015
Erm yes!! Take the Bait, Waiting Watching, Lawless, Beef next Door, name but a few in the last month or so. Also, in this film both men end up naked right? Im not sure what you're missing. Menatplay built its reputation and following on suited sex s

joedoe1000 08/09/2015
The scene is perfect: one actor kept watch and socks on and the other kept pants and socks on....both remind us during the scene that are powerful executives with money and love to play hard with sex. Tanks Matt!

joedoe1000 08/09/2015
Both men are not fully naked.

ronylh 08/09/2015
The actors' efforts acting/chemistry, nevertheless the type of the kept on socks is a such a let down... it is becoming a treat, week after week that at least a partner goes without showing his (the one kept dressed). Sorry to say the "upgrade" is partial

stud622 08/12/2015
loved it. gorgeous guys - spectacularly sexy pairing!

joedoe1000 08/13/2015
I meant to say that this is the right naked and the other half naked...great balance!

Suitsfan 08/13/2015
Both actors are very handsome, with great bodies - and it was good to see de Silva remained fully suited for most of the video! Nice chemistry between them, too; lots of hot kissing and eye contact. Would love to have seen de Silva take a handful of Pia

LeoMap15 08/16/2015
love the kissing in this video. it was more of a turn on than the sex!

loosetie13 09/04/2015
How did I miss this one over the summer? Super hot, with two smokingly sexy actors. Loved the tie loosening too - whilst he's giving Massimo a fucking, Massimo reaches up and loosens Hector's tie. So fucking sexy! More!

raven 09/10/2015
Just a great pairing of two great looking models who know how to give and receive.Let's see them together again! Nice work MAP. RAVEN

raven 09/10/2015
Just a great pairing of two great looking models who know how to give and receive.Let's see them together again! Nice work MAP. RAVEN

Getcrossed 09/13/2015
Héctor da Silva, just one word, Grandioso!!!

Jgland24 10/22/2015
Loveeeeeeeeeee u

rohan 12/23/2015
Super hot... loved it... I'm from India... Hope to see an Indian man...

paul9999 01/02/2016
Hector is such a handsome and sexy MAN. Love seeing him fuck gorgeous Massimo.

robicart 02/05/2016
One of MAP's absolute best with two of my favorites.

uncledaddy 09/24/2016
Love when the bottom cums with the top guy still inside him

Sherman 01/26/2017
Handsome men with great surroundings. Enjoyed the video with men with class. Great fucking & beautiful cocks.

Sherman 03/28/2017
Beautiful surroundings with two handsome men. Massimo and Hector have handsome bodies. Nice cocks ( not large)) and very little hair around their cocks ( not sexy men)).....good moving video and a great story. For once Hector is all your videos, ". Why d

Tristram20 05/19/2017
It takes too long for Hector to get his kit off

[email protected] 06/06/2017
Massimo Piano! SMOKING hot. Love his chest, the bit of hair and those pierced nips drive me insane. Sexy bottom.

musclefucks 03/09/2019
Nice to see this again, lovely guys. Like the way Hector can undress while fucking :)

robicart 05/06/2019
One of MAP's best movies. Wonderfully directed and beautifully filmed. With two of the hottest guys at MAP, ever!

robicart 05/06/2019
Great introductory scene for what was to come later. Two of MAP's best actors. Wonderful!

Kelle68 12/16/2020
Nothing hotter than a man just fuckin out of his pants ! Keep it up, mates!