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Movie Comments

skibutt 07/08/2016
This is an amazingly hot film. Jay has always been a favorite and Hector is one to fall in love with every time! Love seeing him fully suited in the pool...he looks f'king hot in a wet suit as we know from an earlier film. Love that he keeps his suit on the whole time, receives a load of Jay's cum all over his tie and then gets back in the pool still fully suited. This is a wet fans dream!!! Thank you Matt!!!

Suitman63 07/11/2016
Will someone give Hector De Silva a medal. He tops, he bottoms, he does everything and does it suited up with style. Swoon...

Jo2chris4 07/11/2016
I agree! Hector is looking soooo hot in his suit. I melted away, when he is going the stairs down to the pool ... Welcome back Jay Roberts to MAP! He is soo hot and handsome ! Jay and Hector - the perfect couple - and I cum twice -watching this film! And it will not be the last time watching ! ... Thank you Matt and MAP!!!

Suitsfan 07/12/2016
I could not agree more! Seductively handsome Hector has become one of MAP's 'go to' guys for erotically messing a suit, and paring him with horny Jay in a swimming pool is my kind of dream sequence! LOVED seeing Hector being thrown back in again after taking all that cum over his suit & tie; I only wish I could have joined both of them for a fully suited swim. This is not only a wet fan's dream, but a fitting celebration of MAP's recent 14th birthday, as it reminds many of us long-term members of the kind of erotic, wet & messy suited play that first attracted us to this unique site. Great job, guys - and here's to many more outstanding years ahead!

shughie 07/13/2016
Hector in a suit is sex as hell. ..but wet is almost too much to bear. To be with him in a wet suit is a real fantasy. Thanks MAP. Any possibility of seeing him wet without the jacket? A wet white shirt is my ultimate turn-on! Jay too, such a hunk. Matt, you led the way with the wet play. How about you show them how it's done? Just for old time's sake. Thanks for the turn-on with this film. More please.

Suitsfan 07/14/2016
I would certainly second the idea of Matt joining a 14th birthday wet & messy 'special', in which he shows us and his co-stars just how erotic watching handsome men messing smart suits can be! Perhaps a bit of paint fun, followed by a failed attempt to shower everything clean, after which the suits, shirts & ties all get ripped to bits, enabling the players to suck each other to climax, could be worked into a script? Just an idea; feel free to amend as appropriate, Matt! ;-)

raven 07/15/2016
Enjoyed your production with Hector and Jay. They are authentic, good looking, hot and horny! Would not mind at all seeing more of this attractive, mature pairing. Thanks MAP. RAVEN

Alann11 07/18/2016
I expect to see the guys naked by the last position fucking... what's the sense in having hot guys fucking if you never get to see them naked?

Suitsfan 08/01/2016
What's the sense in subscribing to a suit & tie porn site if what you want is naked fucking? There are loads of other gay porn sites catering for that.

musclefucks 09/12/2016
Cool sex guys :) Jay is such a star performer

beck2 04/12/2017
Love men in wet suits.

Tristram20 06/19/2017
Agree totally

msspbr60 04/14/2018
Is Jay Roberts, David Anthony's brother?...