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Movie Comments

Sorry not that impressive for a weekly film.He's better in "RED"

Did'nt care much for the suit but I love to see a hairy guy in sock suspenders! Fred has got lovely hands and a desirable cock so next time let's just see him, in a sexier suit give someone (Carl or Steven or Pablo) a damn good shag!!! Dare I suggest anot

Rainer75 07/29/2011
Wanted to keep quiet for a while but I can't! This vid for me is absolutly impressive, breathtaking, fabulous - whatever a positive attribute you want! Makes a hard on at once and is such an unbelievable jack off vid I seldom saw - even at MAP's! It needs

Why all the big hairy guys lately who look about as comfortable in a suit as a "bear"? I long for the days that MAP highlighted men that actually looked like fashion models who were born to wear suits...Neil, Max, Arthur, Steve, Carl...just to name a few

How about a follow-up with his manservant/butler/valet coming into the room in mid-wank, being shocked, and finally joining in, with that delicious spike impaling a tight young hole. Wilfried in suit, valet in black trousers,, tie and waistcoat. Oh, yes -

OK, call me stupid but what on earth is wrong with hairy men? While I like the stars you mention, there are others here who are hairy and just as sexy and hot. And, for what it's worth I LOVE a nice treasure trail down an ass crack.

Gorgeous cock, balls and ass. I want some! All of it. Grrrr.

Rainer75 07/30/2011
Can't stop: second comment: just read some gay blogspots. Unique decision is " P h e n o m e n a l ! "

magnificent! would love to see him with alex marte!

Aaaaaah... much more like it!! Always love it when your guys wear pinstripes and white shirts. So sexy! The firs bits when he is stroking his suit were great. The slow stripping was amagin, too! A great video, MAP!

I LOVE it when a man slips his 4skin over his cock head. Gets me so fucking hot. Would lick that cum right up. YUM!

wow,wow,wow,That was before I even saw the film.

I would love to be with you!

Gorgeous suit (where did you get it?) and Wilfried could becum the new Steve Hooper methinks.

probably one of the best: erotic, horny, geogeous man!

What's the point in watching him play with his ass when you can't see anything because his goddamn jacket is in the way?!?

It took 9 minutes before he took his shirt off!!!!!,,,,,I love that hairy chest

Matt Jordan 12/12/2011
thats because we specialise in suit and tie porn - the clothes are just as important as the men

klaus 01/21/2012
Der Wilfried ist doch eine total geile Sau. Der ist unglaublich toll behaart. Seine Arschvotze ist wunderschön. Wow!!!

Rainer75 01/28/2012
Instead of most positive comments he seems to be underrated (look at the red stars!). Sometimes users of MAP are a miracle for me. This is one of the top guys in world porn business and shows why. Would please anybody be so kind to mention his incredible

rabelais 05/31/2012
que du bonheur !! cocorico !! un français de plus et un poilu barbu super sexy un pur moment de communion avec lui hahahahahhhhhhhhhhhh

Hairy chest, hairy gut, beautiful hands, great cum shot. Work that cock!

Beautiful hairy body and a handsome face. Wish I had one of these at home. Would give a new meaning to "weekend"!!!

77mojito 01/07/2013
Outstanding performance ! awesome sexuality. Beautiful cum. love that hairy body and that bushy pubes.

77mojito 07/04/2013
cant help it but see this video of Mr. Wilfried Knight again ! Man this guy is so HOT so SEXY so Huggable ! LOVE his beard and his body HAIR ! This man has awesome sexuality. i wish i could HUG him.

chaggai 12/04/2013
What a perfect man. Such a shame he killed himself.