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Movie Comments

musclefucks 09/23/2016
Lovely young guys doing the deed, excellent chemistry - gracias, boys! Major cock on Philip, which Massimo takes like a star ...

actor117 09/24/2016
more otc dress socks please---

Rainer75 09/27/2016
A hearty welcome to Mr. Zyos! He is young but very masculine and doesn't look disguised wearing a suit. Love his massive cock and the impressive amount of sperm he is able to produce. Please more of him. But you have to teach him to stay inside his suit up to his climax. This has been the "old disease" of MAP: half the film in lack of suits but only ordinary porn.

rickdick 09/27/2016
HOT thin nylon socks make them smell and taste them the next time :)

xiaohuasheng 10/04/2016

robicart 10/13/2016
MORE of Phillip Zyos please!

LORIS 11/14/2016
Massive cocks drive me wild and Philip's piece of menmeat is awesome ! Love it !

MBigny 12/02/2016

Sherman 12/30/2016
Phillip has such a large thick cock & Massimo took it all the way. Ouch. Good performance guys. Phillip had a good cum shot with that thick cock.

Sherman 02/02/2017
Phillip, you have a "thick" large cock, a beauty, I must say, with some pubic are enjoyable to watch. Not many men could take that thick cock into their ass, but Massimo handled it well and he enjoyed. Great presentation by both of you.

NylonOTCs 03/12/2017
this was wonderful . somehow missed this one!..Massimo and Philip are delicious!...and the socks are "over the top"!!!...Five Star gents! The dick on Philip and "cum ...yum yum" !!!...Perfect!!!

Sherman 03/16/2017
Phillip , you have a a beautiful thick large cock. Enjoyed your motor. Meet you in any lobby anytime too suck your thick large cock. Good video & good surroundings.

Sherman 03/17/2017
Massimo has a beautiful tan body and takes Phillip's large, thick cock all the way. Massimo, you were great to handle that large motor. Missed seeing your large hairy cock. Maybe Phillip should have suck yours at beginning of video. Great cum shot Phillip.

hotdud12 03/17/2017
This dud is hot.

hotdud12 03/17/2017
This dud is hot.

Sherman 03/24/2017
An enjoyable early morning video to watch these two "gentlemen". Very pleasant and show respect to each other. Did enjoy Phillip's large thick.cock and Massimo tan thin body. Ending with Phillips great cum shot. Pleasant to enjoy.

Sherman 04/06/2017
Another good moving video and story and surroundings. Phillip, you have a great thick cock but Massimo needs to know how to handle it. He needs to learn how to take that thick cock and suck it all the way to his throat. Massimo, you have a great tanned need practice how to suck a thick cock like Phillip's or Mike's...........4-6-2017. Great cum shot....Phillip......Thanks for sharing.

Sherman 04/12/2017
Phillip, you have a great "thick" large cock. Wow. Both men are handsome.

robicart 04/13/2017
Phillip Zyos and his big cock are really awesome.

Sherman 04/14/2017
Phillip, you are a lucky man to have a large, thick cock. You must enjoy it Dailey. Keep up the good work.

Sherman 04/23/2017
Phillip, I would meet you in a lobby anytime to be able to suck that late, thick cock of yours. I would have preferred you have a thick hairy bush so I could place my face into it. have a beautiful cock. Massimo, you have a great tan body & in great shape. It is obvious you must have a great ash hole in order to handle Phillip's large, thick cock. Both of you are handsome gentlemen.

Sherman 04/23/2017
Phillip..........great cum shot from that large, thick cock. Great are good.

stevenh83 04/26/2017
PHILIP ZYOS needs to be back

Sherman 05/07/2017
Philip, you have a nice "thick, large cock with hair around your cock. You are a sexy man for all of us to enjoy. See you soon again.

Tristram20 05/19/2017
more videos with Philip Zyos please

[email protected] 06/03/2017
Massimo! What a sexy fucker! Love that chest, and those pierced nips! DAMN.

santiagokraus 06/05/2017

joeystar 06/28/2017
I love Philip Zyos . He should be in more movies.. When ou find a cock like that, you use it to your best advantage,...!! I think he's powerful actor.!..Sooooo hot...!! I'm in love with his cock. The story was great, very clever situation...!

Sherman 06/29/2017
Phillip, you have a beautiful large, thick cock. Loved it. Enjoyed your large hard on. Happy to see you have a little hair around your cock. To make you sexy. Mike has the best hairy cock on Men AtPlay. You and Mike would be a good combination on Men At Play with your large, thick "cocks"...... Great job Phillip. Loved your cock.

robicart 07/11/2017
More of Phillip Zyos, please!

Sherman 08/08/2017
Phillip, you have a handsome large " thick" cock with some hair around your cock, Sexy man. Loved to watch your chemistry with Massimo. Good clean video. Thanks guys for a great performance. 8 August 2017.

robicart 03/21/2018
Phillip is so goodlooking and what a magnificent big cock. And with Massissimo, so hot.

robicart 04/12/2018
Why not MORE Philip Zyos??????

robicart 03/13/2019
Philip Zyos, one of the sexiest men on MAP, ever, with one of the biggest dicks. And only one movie.

Steve 10/05/2022
PHILIP ZYOS is the most handsome man here!