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Movie Comments

Rainer75 08/20/2010
Axel with longer hair is totally sexy and the veiny hands of Marco are legendary. Only the aspect of suits comes too short. Ok - next time better luck!

The lovemaking in this video is incendiary! Marco eats Axel out like a champ. Axel's long hair is sexy, sexy, sexy! One of MAP's finest productions!

smoking hot!!!!! loved it ...every bit of it.

It's a pity that Marco didn't wear a suit and a tie in this production. I'm a bit disappointed that it was more the kind of movie we saw elsewhere. MAP could do better than this

I love Axel Brooks he's one of my favorites, but something seems off with him.

ok for this opinion... Axel is not very interssant as an elegant guy. He is an actor for porn film only without suit and tie. very desapointed by this film

And Marco should have been in suit and tie. As far as I'm concerned I do not see what I am looking for from MAP in this production. MAP is a suit and tie fetish website and this movie is not that at all. Movies from the last few weeks were far better than

Marco Wilson 08/20/2010
Hope you Enjoy this Scene I really enjoyed making it......Nothing better then eating a nice ass. Marco wilson


flyerguy2002 08/20/2010
I guess X-POSED isn't for the pure MAP suit members. ...It may not be what members want and Axel may not be elegantly suited for all. But the sex WAS hot!!! ...and I wouldn't kick Alex out of the office ... maybe drag him by his tie into my boardroom. Hel

Dirty, real, intense- wow I love Marco already but Axel - wow - he looks like some character out of Dickens- Like a sexy Bill Sikes- you can see hard living on his face. That only compliments Marco's polished boy band look. Hot very sexy-great build u

otc_socks 08/21/2010
Why did not Axel wear long black socks?

Hmm, well I suppose after last week's "my god, the entire suit stays on all the way" this was to be expected. I am a huge fan of Marco's - besides his other charms, he's one of the few models on here who can genuinely act a bit - and I was actually quite

Axel Brooks looks awesome...the new look of this Spanish guys is super cool...I love the hair. Axel needs to keep shirt, tie and socks for flirting and sex. I will love to see him doing an scene with the greatest Ludovic Canot, both wearing sexy TNTs (she

Probably because he didn't really wear a suit either, ha!

I agree with you. It is a pity, Marco looks great in a 3 pieces suit.

tmr1307 08/21/2010
two very hot guys in a very hot video. this may well be the best film on the site. i believed they were actually enjoying what they were doing and did it with intensity. that is just the way two sexy guys should go after one another. we need more of th

CMan 08/21/2010
So Totally Incendiarily HOT !! Marco Wilson is Good , but Axel Brooks is a Fucking Incredible Bottom Fuck !! I could watch him ALL DAY !! Axel rides Marco's cock like Roy Rogers rode Trigger !! "RIDE ! RIDE !! RIDE !!!"

I agree wholehearedly with their comments. These two totally loved sex with each other & vividly showed it in every movement the made. It was almost like being there with them. Thanks, guys!!!!!

It was HOT seeing Alex bottom..but for me Marco wasn't up to the job...Marco is a goodlooking guy, but it didn't work for me...Sorry

after watching x-posed I went to Alex and the barber.... for me (I sure can be wrong) the chemestry between the guys worked a lot better.I still LOVE this site it's the best in gay-porn!

Cassie 08/27/2010
I would love to see 2 cameras on a cum shot. One where we can see the guy cum and another on socked feet as they cum ESP if they cannot help but wiggle their toes in their socks. Prefer them to be completely naked with cocks out but for socks. Your recent

loudcrash 09/12/2010
Axel Brooks looks like crap in this video. His hair is weird and he looks fat.

Rainer75 09/12/2010
Don't be inpolite! He looks not mainstreamy with his longer hair (and that's ok so, I love it) and he is well built, not "fat"! He acts in front of a camera and made a lot of us happy. Are you Adonis himself and able to fuck with watchers? Come on, make i

passionatescorp 09/27/2010
He looks incredible - this is one of my favs!

passionatescorp 09/27/2010
He looks incredible - this is one of my favs!

GREAT sexual chemistry between these two. The lead-up to their kissing is as hot as the sex itself. Axel is such a fine sexual actor.

I agree with you baby

These two really connect & put on a great shoe especially of how to make & enjoy male sex!! Loved it! Thanks!!!

wehosox 11/03/2010
I love that your showing more sock feet action... i just rejoined becasue of it. keep them sock action cumming.....

A flirty, compliant Axel who just loves being objectified. Great!Could a man be sexier in that pin stripe and tight, tight trousers? Him and Marco are a volcanic combination, loads of saliva and wet wet kisses.Axel is very inventive and noisy in his love

I agree. Also even though marco Wilson is very desirable, axel seems to be interested only in his own gratification, which gives video a one-sided dimension.(I mean that I agree with the hair and overweight bit, not with the comment that slipped in betwe

the jeans boy is the real stuff

Axel and Marco know how to kiss, suck, and fuck. They are white hot! One of the best.

I agree.

Marco is fucking hot in those jeans and it was super that he got his beautiful ass licked for a change.

axel you are the bestttt your butt is wonderfull


FUKN A~~!! Marco KNOWS how to eat hole. I LOVE Axel's cock and ass. All that foreskin. YUM LICK SLURP SWALLOW ....

FUKN A~~!! Marco KNOWS how to eat hole. I LOVE Axel's cock and ass. All that foreskin. YUM LICK SLURP SWALLOW ....

klaus 01/02/2012
Super, da möchte man mitmachen, geile Ärsche und Votzen, wow...

This is HOTTER the 2nd time around! Alex is one awesome cock rider. Love those uncut cocks. Would drink from their cum filled 4skin. More like this one!!

juicer 11/04/2012
Hot the jeans were sexily tight but Axel's bum is gorgeous and the cumming was so juicy

Why do you crop the foot fetish part?!

Okay 04/26/2013
Liked the end with the tie, should have ued it to dry off

WHITE UNDIES 03/28/2024
Much better if they put that fucking white undies on their mouth while fucking