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Movie Comments

jaime alfonso 01/26/2018
que asco los tatuajes y tan pelados cada vez peor. pronto abandono

Rainer75 01/26/2018
A new guy - after all. With all intensity you have to think away the horrible hand-tattoes, but at least he has a remarkably beautiful cock! A well hung average guy - why not. Otherwise porn on a uniform scheme: kissing, blowing, rimming, fucking and in the end without a suit. A little more subtlety and fetish-relatedness, please.

sockswpb 01/27/2018
a little too much ink. ink and suits don't match .

Dan1762 01/27/2018
Awful. I have to agree with others about the tattoos, which have become a real plague. Very dull.

superslim456 01/27/2018
not feeling the tattoos everywhere...

stardusted 01/27/2018
More new faces, how bout Wesley woods?

Suitman63 01/27/2018
On average you are producing one decent movie a month, if that, you need to buck your ideas up

Matt Jordan 01/27/2018
Lets take a look at that idea factually. Take for example the last 20 films from September to the end of January. If we agree anything above 70% score would be a well received film? So of the last 20 films 14 are hits! 14 high rated films in 5 months is an average of 2.8. Though I would agree it seems we haven't hit the mark the last couple of times, and we do need to keep improving, Im not sure that one good film a month is entirely accurate or fair.

kevdesu 01/27/2018
Matt, ignore the haters. I think Geordie is quite sexy, someone new and British for a change. I didn't find this movie to be quite appealing because I'm more into the suits factor but it was a good movie overall and better than some other ones. As I said before, you can't ruin a suit every week but maybe cleaning up the cum with a tie or pocket square would be nice. Or even just wrapping a tie around the Geordie's cock while Klein is sucking it.

Matt Jordan 01/27/2018
Thanks Kevdesu, I'll keep those ideas in mind for filming next week. A bit of tie play sounds good!

musclefucks 01/27/2018
Chunky Geordie has the most superb cock! Nice fucking, thanks guys

brisgay 01/27/2018
Hmm I'm liking Geordie! What a nice arse!

rontype 01/28/2018
too many tattoos. completely ruins the suit fantasy.

NylonOTCs 01/29/2018
I love Geordie!!!...He is cool and HOT!!!...nice ass and super nice COCK!!!...mmmmmm yum yum!!!....more of "Geordie" Ps. put Geordie and Klein in some nylon TnT ribbed OTC socks soon!...Klein is totally awesome and delicious also!!!....what a nice Sunday afternoon snack those two would make!!!...Thanks MAP!!!

alexwag5 01/29/2018
I would say you are being too harsh. I think your quality is really high, just because not every man is my cup of tea does not make you a failure. When I look at comparable sites in terms of presentation, content and listening to your customer base you are well above average bordering on excellent!!

loosetie13 01/29/2018
Great job guys - really liked Geordie! Especially when he loosened up his tie - more of that please :-)

eiswirth821 01/31/2018
It's unfortunate Mr. Jackson is covered in such horrid ink; I just can't watch him. When are these models going to stop destroying their looks? Tattoos are boner killers, and don't belong on this site.

Suitman63 02/01/2018
I understand that having your work criticised is not nice but much of the critique people offer (or at least some of it) is constructive and clear, suits on more, less tattoos, etc. Given it is very rare for movies to rate under 50% and historically many rate at well into the 80s and 90s I don't think 70% is a fair average to use here. If you take it up to 80 a mere 10 out 24 of the recent crop make that, if you take it down to 75 you can add on another 4 which still means only about half are making that kind of grade (whereas Hector suits on type movies will hit the 90s). I will agree I was being a bit too harsh and things boom and slump but I stand by my point that there is a bit of a problem here particularly when you are told a lot of what people like and don't like.

Rainer75 02/01/2018
Other porn site users simply cancel their subscription if they no longer like the content. MAP subscribers tell the management what they are missing or particularly are interested in. A stroke of luck for MAP! Of course you can not always and comprehensively make everyone's needs and wishes right. Some are even completely wrong with their fetish and are annoying with "proper" socks, etc., but it seems the majority complains about the too short wearing time of the suits, superfluous "contrasts" such as jeans and leather, extreme tattoes and grisly hairstyles and, above all, little variety of performers and the sequence of sexual acts. And that does not mean that you have to reinvent pornography and fireworks come out of the actor's ass! A high level obligates just. But this is exactly what MAP can and must do - then everything will be fine and MAP will not only be one of the best but also the longest running studio! Cheer up, Matt - we love you and your work. So all the well-intentioned criticism - you just have to listen and stay the "one and only" suit fetish site in the world!!!

Sherman 02/02/2018
Just another boring video this week. Will see what next week brings.

masstiehemd 02/02/2018
I m ok with that and I don't like tattoo all on the body . for me it's incompatible with getting dressed suit tie.

masstiehemd 02/02/2018
ok ok ok a thousand times ok for this opinion

blotski 02/05/2018
I love Geordie. His arse is fantastic. He has ruined his body with too many tattoos (less is more, Geordie) but if he kept his suit on it would be fine. Formulaic and uninspired camerawork. I would have liked to see a full shot of Geordie's ejaculation so we could see his face and his cock.

Suitman63 02/25/2018
I agree. On another note, I am not clear what is going on with the management of this site - one of its founders seems to have disappeared completely and the other is spending a lot of time in the US - perhaps a bit more a hands on (rather than getting defensive on the website) approach would help

peewee 03/19/2018
I'd like to see klein kerr and Massimo piano making a loving passionate sex.

axel800 11/28/2018
This one is a little better than usual. There are a couple of minutes where you can actually see the bottom guy getting fucked, although they're often interrupted by the horrible close-ups or bad "dramatic" camera angles. The characters and set-ups are fine but the point of these videos, for me at least, is to see a good-looking guy get fucked and there's frustratingly little of that to enjoy here.

MAX 01/13/2020
Amazing, Tattoo guy is HOTTER

MAP 08/22/2020
I really enjoyed this scene. In fact, horny one night with my cock out, it is why I joined. Geordie doesn't look like he should be in a suit but the scene worked for me. He delivers dialogue well and the scene was soo hot. Loved the angle of the camera looking up at his ass and thighs as he fucked the guy on the table and the cuts to the video camera recording their time and the way Geordie kept looking into it. I love guys in suits but for me at least one of the guys has to be almost naked by the end. I don't mind socks on and shirts open but I need to see a chest and morethan a hint of body underneath. For me, scenes where one guy has his cock hanging out of his fly for the entire scene and we never see him naked at all are a turn off. Same way I find scenes on other sites with no story a turn off. I need the sex to be an encounter of some sort, not just a here is Billy. Here is John. Watch Billy fuck John.