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Movie Comments

topsuitedgam 06/30/2017
Why Dani took his suit off? Would love to see him full suit being fuck :)

joedoe1000 06/30/2017
Dani looks perfect when suited from waist up and just wearing garters and long sheer socks (pants and shoes off). He is the perfect suited-sheer-socked executive in an office!

musclefucks 06/30/2017
Nice fuck guys, thanks. Mick is such a hunk! (Dani has ALL the luck)

explorer310 06/30/2017
Dani is perfect...nice cumshot from him. I liked the fact that Dania was fully disclothed in the end except for his socks (love his bod). Mick however was a little disappointing in his performance. Should have fed Dani his cumshot or done a facial instead. Still not too bad of a scene with Dani in it.

jeremy_hunk 07/01/2017
Absolutely love this scene. Dani is so hot as he gets naked towards the end. His tight muscle body, hairy chest, nice cock ... perfection. His cum shot was absolutely HOT.

everhard12321 07/01/2017
Mick Stallone is clearly a strict bottom, and that's great. Despite his slim hips and rather flat ass, I enjoy a well-trained, greedy, suited-up bottom. The problem is, he's a strict bottom who's trying to prove himself flip-fuck worthy, but can't. Unlike Denis Vega, Alex Mecum, Alex Marte, or other versatile MAP studs, Mick Stallone is not a true vers porn star. Perhaps time and more appearances on the site will prove me wrong; we shall see. Judging from this lackluster debut, however, Mick Stallone couldn't throw a hard fuck--like Rogan Richards, Spencer Reed, or Tomas Brand--if his life depended on it. And Dani Robles is way overdue for retirement. WAY overdue. My assessment of "Yes Sir": Nah.

joedoe1000 07/01/2017
Dani...way overdue? Mick is the one that should retire with this terrible performance of 2 drops of cum.

Suitman63 07/01/2017
MAP was rather picking up it's game up to and including the scene in the dry cleaners - more suits on, more imagination, more stains... but has since lost the plot. This is at least suit relevant but I do think Dani ought to try being a top just once...

Sherman 07/01/2017
Boring, not to much excitement. Poor plot.

masstiehemd 07/01/2017
moi aussi c est bien de le voir recevoir le sperme sur son visage et sa cravate. On l a deja vu mais je ne m en lasse pas

ScuffedShoes 07/01/2017
What a waste of a great load at the end. Dani should have remained suit and shot that big messy load all over his coat, tie, and shirt. As for the other guy - blah. Time to ramp it up MAP and come up with some new scenarios. You've played the office scene out. Take it out of the office and maybe throw in some dock workers, mechanics, farmers, laborers. Get our guys in suits hot and sweaty, dusty and dirty, scuffed and abused from head to toe. This is supposed to be a fantasy fetish site. Tired of the suck and fuck routine with little or no plot or when there is a plot it isn't developed or is just abandoned in favor of getting the guys naked and doing the routine porn shoot.

mtmslg 07/01/2017
Love Dani, always the pro and he looks great in a suit. But everything else about this was . . . blah!

stardusted 07/02/2017
More Mick

joedoe1000 07/02/2017
It is time to see Dani Robles as a top at Menatplay. It is a discrimination to mark actors as "only bottoms" , all actors have the right to demonstrate how versatile they are. The voice of customers is critical for the success of porn studios, without our membership the industry will not survive.

joedoe1000 07/02/2017
Dani Robles is the best as suited-sheer socked executive stallion ...we need that look back to menatplay

joedoe1000 07/02/2017
What? Ok...before coming back needs better nutrition and hydration ...we need to see tons of cum from him

Matt Jordan 07/03/2017
Erm, discrimination? HA! It is the actors and not the studios who decide if they will be top or bottom. Get your facts straight first

NylonOTCs 07/08/2017
Def. "More Mick"... Dani is just the sexiest sweet love machine!!!...Both have beautiful Buns that just drool "fuck me" on them!!!!...LOL!!! Nice long Sheer TnT ribbed Socks on both next time!!! Very Great MAP!!! Thx!

barneylincoln 07/17/2017
sexy Dani again in one of my favorite suit and tie combo's.BUT what a terrible hair cut. grow it back please! and of course more of Mick the d**k. I like to see a condom placed on the penis, some actors make it look very sexual and of course Dani was extremly passionate in this one. another hit for MAP!!! Barney.

RQUEST 03/25/2018
Pls Do A Big Favor; more movies with Mick Stallone and this time with suit and sheers and lace-up oxfords. Mick looks more like a HOT bottom to me. MAP can you make it possible. I like this film so much BUT want Mick on bottom or sucking hard.

RQUEST 03/25/2018
Dani is the man. Where are his sheer TNT?? This Spaniard is so sexy!

intern2016 12/22/2018
The haircut has to go Dani. By the way your hot as fuck.

Skiier 08/09/2019
These two really need to make more movies together!

underwear alert 02/10/2021
in the movie that is ,sweet! no pictures in the gallery however? STRANGE