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Movie Comments

Johnny did a perfect video for suit, bright tie, dildo, and gold-toe-faded-ribbed-socks lovers. MAP pleased them very well!. I will wait for next Friday's action early teaser will not be a bad idea for this weekend.

Pleased to see models going commando trend continuing and great cock play by Johnny under his suit trousers. Well done to all. Would have been perfect dildo play without that huge tattoo, what a shame!

Rainer75 01/27/2012
Mr. Hazzard is a real pro and gives a fine example why he is yet a super star in porn business. There is something special with this guy - a boyish look but nasty as hell. But what about Matt and Rico? Do they want to wipe the winter away with shrieky c

no screencaps?

klaus 01/27/2012
geil ...

suitstudda 01/27/2012
No screencap. Otherwise super video

otc_socks 01/28/2012
I must say I like his nice hairy body and nice cock and a plus is his long black otc socks so masculine and sexy. But I do not like his gold toe socks they are too predictable this shows the man is not used to wear knee-high socks and that he borrowed

So hot -- love the tie. Now let me lick that little spot of cum off it please....

Another solo....ho hum

Another solo....ho hum

Rainer75 01/28/2012
My dear, will you really go on and comment every vid about your meaning of the socks? Obviously the MAP-team never can satisfy you, the hard they try! OK - I understand your fetish and I accept it. I know about the desires and the trouble and disappointm

Not bad, not good. Perhaps a bit boring, like the model that almost goes to sleep............

Suitsfan 01/29/2012
Johnny's hot, with an impressive cock (and I love his hairy legs!) I'm very glad, though, that he kept enough of his fine clothes on to conceal most of his distracting tatoos - and to ensure that some of his cum ended up on his tie! (Like DanielB, I'd h

tiedupsuit 01/30/2012
Nice touch of cum on that beautiful tie. Too bad more didn't get on the suit jacket

I'm glad to see, first off, lighter suits. The darker suits do not show as clearly as light suits do. After all, it starts from the well dressed man whose body we can see clearly......a dark suited man, at least on my computer, is difficult to see. Als

Rainer...eberyone use socks...let him express his opinion. Focus on giving ideas on suits...we need those!

Is Friday! Where is the new movie to celebrate? MATT, also we can't wait for next Friday trailer. This will make our weekend.

Matt Jordan 02/03/2012
yes its Friday and we post the update usually toward s the end of the day. Soon you'll be asking for next weeks film two weeks early lol!

Handsome lad; handsome cock. Handsome is as handsome does.

Need to see him in other films. I adore this man !

Matt Jordan 04/08/2012
Did you see him in the duo with Jean franko yet? Caught out?

77mojito 10/22/2012
Handsome dude w/ a gorgeous cock and a lot of sexual personality. sure knows how to use the dildo and enjoyed it so did i ! a sweet charmer !

LORIS 12/14/2012
Nice solo, very nice, loved it ! Mr. Hazzard is handsome, he has kept his shirt and tie on right to the end and he plays well with his dildo - I had to use it myself while watching this movie...