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Men / Jose Quevedo

Jose Quevedo Vital Stats:

👍 61
Body Type:  Muscular
Eye Color:  brown eye
Hair color:  brunette
Nationality:  Spanish
Sexuality:  Gay
Sexual Role:  TOTAL Bottom
Age:  1985-03-10

This heavy set chunk of beefcake has a carpet of hair covering his thick pecs and abs and a manly beard and tache to match. Jose is the sort of guy you cant decide whether to bear hug or fuck. Those big brown puppy eyes and paw like hands make this spaniard one of strong sturdy types you just know is willing you to take him from behind. His mild submissive demeanour draws you in to pump that big meaty butt at your pleasure. Watching Jose Quevedo get roughed up in "Lawless" and getting his ass fingered and played with in "Malpractice" are such a turn on for those of us who enjoy seeing a muscular masculine stud brought under control and dominated. If you like your muscle boys big, hairy and submissive, Jose is the one to watch.

Jose Quevedo Updates



Felipe Ferro, Jose Quevedo
Aug 24, 2015 19:02 min